Checkout These Yummy Yoruba Delicacies That Are Worth Trying (Photos)

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The best way to most people’s heart is via good food and entertainment. This is one thing the Yoruba tribe are very good at doing. Yorubas have a number of mouthwatering and finger licking meals that will leave you demanding for more. So, when you find yourself in any part of South West Nigeria where the Yorubas are populated, Gistmania shares some cuisine to try.
Pounded yam and egusi soup

Pounded yam is mostly eaten with egusi (melon soup). Pounded yam is made by boiling yam unsalted and pounding it when it becomes soft. Ondo and Ekiti people are known to be fond of pounded yam.

Ewa aganyin

Ewa aganyin is made up of cooked beans and pepper sauce. It is a delicious beans dish, well-known for its softness and tasty sauce. You can eat Ewa Aganyin with bread to savour and appreciate the meal.


Adalu is a combination of beans and corn, pepper and palm oil cooked together with seasoning and spices. It is quite delicious.

Moin Moin

Moin Moin is a Nigerian staple food which is very rich in protein. It is a cooked bean pudding made from a combination of grounded peeled beans, pepper, and onions. It can be eaten with rice, pap and bread.

Eba and efo riro

Eba serves as an alternative for pounded yam. People who do not want to go through the stress of pounding yam prefer eating Eba. Eba is usually taken with Efo Riro (Vegetable soup) which makes the meal more delicious and nutritious.

Amala, ewedu and gbegiri soup

Amala is made from yam into flour and Ewedu is a leaf blended into watery soup. This delicacy is a local dish of the Oyo state people. Amala is better enjoyed alongside Ewedu and Gbegiri.

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Mykie010 at 03:26 PM, 22/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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ndi ofe nmanu
ngfineface at 03:49 PM, 22/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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Since  when did Ewa aganyi and Moimoi became Yoruba food? Its Benin Republic ( Togo/Cotonu) food. Moimoi is general. Sorry to say this, Yoruba's don't have varieties  like the Easterners when it comes to food.
slimber at 04:04 PM, 22/02/2018 (10 months ago)
(12068 | Hero) (f) just laughing tribe thing don start
chukkychukky at 04:18 PM, 22/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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sharrap yoruba is not d owner of egusi, moi moi and porridge beans and corn
gogoman at 05:23 PM, 22/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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pounded yam my food
cypanyahucha at 06:07 PM, 22/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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Ofe ose
kacylee at 06:35 PM, 22/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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amala, ewedu and gbegiri is da BOMB! Grin
KennyFidel at 09:02 PM, 22/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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That amala and ewedu plus gbegiri makes sense, proudly Ibadan
Bebold at 11:55 PM, 22/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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Yoruba only get 2 or 3
K-anchor at 07:54 AM, 23/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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Hmmmmmm, yummy, Yorubas get swag!!
xspraise at 08:30 AM, 23/02/2018 (10 months ago)
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