NOT AGAIN! Ebola Outbreak Hits Democratic Republic Of Congo For The 9th Time

Published 1 year ago by: kacy lee
at 9-05-2018 07:45AM (1 year ago)

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Ebola outbreak has been declared in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s north-western territory of Bikoro.
There are two confirmed cases of the Ebola virus in the affected area and 17 deaths where it is suspected, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

According to BBC reports, The incident comes more than a year after an outbreak in the country killed four people. A 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa killed over 11,000 people as it tore into Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

According to the World Health Organisation, the outbreak declaration was made after laboratory results confirmed two cases of the Ebola virus out of a sample of five suspected Ebola patients. The ministry says it has identified 21 people showing signs of haemorrhagic fever.

The international health organisation says it has released $1m (£738,000) from an emergency fund and has deployed more than 50 experts to work with officials in the DR Congo.

This is the ninth time Ebola outbreak has been recorded in the country. The virus was discovered in the DR Congo (then known as Zaire) in 1976 and is named after the Ebola river.

Ebola is thought to be spread by fruit bats, which can host the virus without dying.

The last outbreak in the country saw teams of WHO experts, including epidemiologists, biologists and hygiene specialists, dispatched to the country’s north-east.

ruthie at 9-05-2018 09:24AM (1 year ago)
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked AGAIN....
kp45 at 9-05-2018 09:41AM (1 year ago)
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God help us all.
Wazubia at 9-05-2018 10:14AM (1 year ago)
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NOT AGAIN Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
fineboy77 at 9-05-2018 10:29AM (1 year ago)
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make dem contain am o

WhaleDog at 9-05-2018 10:54AM (1 year ago)
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Ya stop eating bush meats!  It’s destroying environment and destroying ya health

celebritygee at 9-05-2018 11:37AM (1 year ago)
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Because Congo DR refused the west from milking them deeper that's why Ebola break out from there again. God will judge the west 
nature7888 at 9-05-2018 12:01PM (1 year ago)
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Mehn this is no good for anyone o... I beg o
crocatum at 9-05-2018 12:34PM (1 year ago)
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I warned them don't eat chimpanzee, don't eat gorilla or monkey. The gods are not happy
proly at 9-05-2018 04:58PM (1 year ago)
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Haba Ebola again
slimber at 9-05-2018 08:28PM (1 year ago)
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Lord help your people
EDDYPRINCE at 10-05-2018 06:50AM (1 year ago)
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Lolzzz Ebola Don come again