Checkout What This Nigerian Lady Wore To Celebrate Her Birthday (PHOTOS)

Published 1 year ago by: success Xenab
at 20-06-2018 06:57AM (1 year ago)

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Any Advice for this Aunty??

Well see some reactions in her comment section:

ewere1212 Soon all ladies will be given out on hire purchase. It’s a taboo those days to get pregnant before marriage but now sins are been painted , what is baby mama? Slaymama? Girls been Nudde for fashion sake? That’s why women dnt have value anyone is free to destroy their life ..celebrating birthday wearing pants..hahahahahaha

royal_bee007 She’s my friend and this birthday was months ago. She’s currently on a vacay abroad with her bf. Lizzy is a decent girl. This must be the handwork of her frenemy in cohort to tarnish her reputation. God gat her #drinkwaterandmindyourbusiness #ilovemygirlfriend

iamugochinyere I think she should’ve done a proper lingerie shoot, if that’s the concept she wanted… this whole picture is off… the ones judging her, weldone ooo… Her life, Her choice. At the end we will face our judgement!

fineboy77 at 20-06-2018 08:43AM (1 year ago)
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dis one na lesbian party na

felicilin at 20-06-2018 09:33AM (1 year ago)
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its a sorry case for you
kacylee at 20-06-2018 07:09PM (1 year ago)
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all i see is association of lebos

slimber at 21-06-2018 06:32AM (1 year ago)
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Am just passing by not my bizness