Army Graduates 152 Repented Boko Haram In Gombe State

Published On: April 4, 2019, 4:11 pm
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The Nigerian Army on Wednesday graduated 152 ex-insurgents undergoing 12 months de-radicalization training in Gombe State. Martins said the programme was a clear attestation to the Federal Government’s action against using combat in depleting the manpower of Boko Haram. He said the programme would enhance the acceptance of the clients in the society having been subjected to several vocational pieces of training that would make them more useful and self-reliant. “The Federal Government is using this programme to cut the abilities of the sect to recruit more members and also ensure defection into the programme by other insurgents. “By the time this is achieved, the government will be able to reduce the numbers of free hands the sect recruits to fight it. “Based on the assessment, the programme has done a lot in reforming the fighters against the government. “The programme has achieved more compared to other similar programmes in Somalia and Saudi Arabia, where de-radicalization programmes are being implemented. There are no records of de-radicalized members going back to the sect,” he said.
Martins said the government was employing other non-combat approaches to fight the insurgents. The programme coordinator said with sustained efforts and partnership with international organizations, the end of Boko Haram was in sight. Mr. Abba Umar, a member of Bama Community,  commended the federal government and the Army for the love shown to their brothers. “We are happy that the federal government is doing this. If not that we are here, it will be difficult to believe what we have seen. We are satisfied with everything here. “We thank the government for the rehabilitation and vocational training that will make them breadwinners after leaving the camp.” Mr. Zanna Yakubu, who spoke on behalf of  Bama Community,  commended the federal government for equipping the ex-insurgents with the skills to be self-reliant. Yakubu said the training would help in debunking criticisms in the foreign media on government’s efforts to end the insurgency in the country.

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I hope this is truly coming from their mind. This one they said they have repent like this.
Meanwhile, see what talk about the repents boko haram
-- Bebold (m) at 4-04-2019 04:37PM
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Nigerian governments are very foolish for this their stupid decision to add psychos on the military
-- EDDYPRINCE (m) at 4-04-2019 04:46PM
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OH HOW I WISH  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- WhenYouThinkAboutIt (m) at 4-04-2019 04:49PM
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 Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley okay progress
-- Wazubia (m) at 4-04-2019 05:07PM
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-- WhaleDog (m) at 4-04-2019 05:13PM
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And in your heads  one calendar year is enough to rehabilitate and reintegrate these cows ? I’m convinced only the human in flesh is guaranteed such a no time reformation. The FG better watch its back and should refrain from deploying these time bomb among the army contingency.I would suggest the military deploy these guys into the Boko Haram terrain without the military asset and resources .Let them go fight on the war front to test their loyalty .It is wise to use them fight in the terrain they were once familiar with . Iron should be used to sharpening iron

-- Henrybobo (m) at 4-04-2019 06:13PM
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Na Buhari people...
Total nonsense.. well it's Nigeria.. the govt can do wat ever de want
-- SweetDaddy1 Online (m) at 4-04-2019 07:14PM
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Boko haram terrorist group is the militant wing of the CPC brought to APC, now transfered to the Nigerian army as graduates repented haram. When the army chief of staff handed Buhari the boko haram flag in Aso Rock, it was clear that the group sponsors had sent a coded message to Nigeria. Which Country of the World have ever handed a terrorist flag to a president in his office and later transfers terrorists into the National army ?