Nancy Iheme Celebrates Her Birthday With Cleavage Baring Pics,Recounts How She Lost Her Twin Brother

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Nollywood actress, Iheme Nancy, should be celebrating her birthday today with her twin, but death already deprived her of that joy. Recounting how far she has come and how people have rejected her in the past,the actress took out time toexplain her past! Read...

‘'I was born into this world in two forms.A male and a female,15 years on earth;I lost my other me(my twin brother)...I felt I wasn’t going to make it alone cause I was so attached to my other being.

Well,look at me now...,I became the two all in one(myself in appearance and my brothers strength within)...I became bold,courageous and daring...people made fun of me,threw hateful words at me,rejected me,told me I wasn’t good enough,said I was never going to amount to anything..I smiled,I gathered all the negativity and boxed them,moved on and proved them all wrong.

It was only the grace of God that brought me this far.i am forever grateful and will never seize to adore him.

Today! I begin a new journey...a new phase and a better story.

As I mark my birthday today in adoration and gratitude to God,I urge you all to help me say a big AMEN to all my prayers cause it has been my source of strength..


I am @ihemenancy the girl with a different vibe.''

I am the Queen of beauty,my aura fills the atmosphere and sends a sizzling spark whenever I make an entrance..I don’t need to blow my trumpets cause my glory speaks for me....i have been through ups and downs,I have felt like I wasn’t going to be great...i have been broken and sad,but never for one day have I seized to keep pushing.
Call me PARAGON,yes PARAGON OF BEAUTY cause God made me beautiful in a magnificent way.
+1 feelings got me looking fierce and Sasha . I am @ihemenancy
Allow me crush on myself cause I know I am amazing
Creative director and fashion styling

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Happy birthday to u
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Amen, Happy birthday
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Hbd to you. But you reveal too much flesh

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