Show Of Shame At Eagles’ Camp: Kanu, Etuhu Escape Head Blows, As Officials Clash

10 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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-- Online (m) at 14-06-2010 07:25PM

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The Federal Government of Nigeria better act fast otherwise the infighting between some officials of the national team may scuttle the progress of the Super Eagles at the ongoing World Cup in South Africa.

P.M.Sports watched in awe, how two prominent officials, ASP Gideon Akinsola, the Camp Commandant and Eagles’ Coordinator, Emmanuel Attah exchanged hot words right in front of the players this afternoon.

The show of shame, which lasted for about ten minutes around 1.30 p.m at the entrance of Eagles’ Waterfront Hotel camp in Richards Bay, was almost getting into physical blows when Skipper Nwankwo Kanu and Dickson waded into the fracas.

Kanu, who did not feature in Eagles’ opening match in Johannesburg on Saturday, almost received head blows as the feuding Akinsola and Attah tried to hit each other in the face.

‘‘Hey brothers, stop this now, what’s up now? This is not good for us at this crucial time. Please Etuhu hold Akinsola’’, Kanu said as he separated the officials. As Kanu was pushing Attah away from the scene, Etuhu, who plays for English Premier League Club, Fulham urged Akinsola to go to his duty post. Both players, who were on their ways out to the Mall, spent extra minutes to stop the ranting officials, who threatened to continue with the personality clash later.

P.M.Sports investigations revealed that Akinsola and Attah have personality clash and have been fighting over who should be in charge of the squad’ daily routine.

Bola Omilabu, The Nation Newspapers Sports Photographer, who witnessed the clash expressed disappointment over the unending crisis between Akinsola and Attah, saying: ‘‘This is too bad for our nation. The officials would have gone into the Hotel to settle the issue quietly instead of disgracing themselves in the presence of the players’’.

The FIFA officials and South African security personnel attached to the Eagles also expressed shock at the open crisis.

It would be recalled that Akinsola and Attah had a similar quarrel during the African Cup Of Nations in Angola in January this year.

The officials of Nigeria Football Federation, NFF are yet to react to the crisis, but Kanu promised to take the case to the body before their next training tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Kanu and his teammates spent today, their rest day to visit Shoprite and The Mall in Richards Bay, to do some shopping as the coach wants the squad to get down to serious business from tomorrow ahead of Thursday’s second Group B match against Greece.

-- ayedom (m) at 14-06-2010 07:50PM
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Waitin be this? Upon say they no deliver well, these ones who call themselves officials con de disgrace themselves for public. Who go tell them say no be personality tournament be this; say na Naija na'in them come represent so. May them put their acts together deliver well for this Thursday match oooooo. NFF, watch out!!! Embarrassed
-- scream-peter (m) at 14-06-2010 10:23PM
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na dem sabi
-- scream-peter (m) at 14-06-2010 10:26PM
(96 | Newbie)

na dem sabi
-- ceejay58 (m) at 14-06-2010 10:40PM
(8392 | Hero)

what else can u expect from dogs? hssssssssssssssssssss
-- Mazimum69 (m) at 14-06-2010 10:50PM
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I am not suprise, while other nations are fighting tooth and nail to win the cup ours is diffrent fighting over the crumps God will see us through in this tournament
-- sproduction (m) at 14-06-2010 11:40PM
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naija na everywhere una go dey show una colour (green white green)
-- mallorca (m) at 14-06-2010 11:47PM
(20417 | Addicted Hero)

na dem dem

-- orland (m) at 15-06-2010 01:29AM
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Make dem give officials 12 lashes of mopol each...then bring them 2 my house immediately!
-- ndjoe (m) at 15-06-2010 06:52AM
(2235 | Gistmaniac)

adults with the spirits of chilren
-- edijana394 (f) at 15-06-2010 08:03AM
(124 | Upcoming)

Hmmmmmm, an not surprise they are big fools, they fight every they go they fight in the house of rep, aso rock everywhere so is not a big deal that is why we are giant of africa my foot. useless people that called themself leaders leading us to failure.
-- nwakama (m) at 15-06-2010 08:30AM
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Big shame to the two that call themselves heads. I am begging NFL,, NFA ,PTF, to please immidiately return them back to Nigeria in other to avoid distractions.
-- esonu (m) at 15-06-2010 08:58AM
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na their bizz

-- Bismack (m) at 15-06-2010 08:59AM
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Kanu phyuk up,em 4 leave dem make dem fight nah! arrhhhhgg,see as dem ugly like expired loaf of bread....wetin dem call demselves? Officials? Mmmschew.kanu and ehuru 4 act like officials,while those guinea pigs dey least if dem give each oda injury,dem deport their bones back 2 naija.
-- Miss_precious (f) at 15-06-2010 09:12AM
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hahhaahha....kai na wah

-- omobendel (m) at 15-06-2010 09:35AM
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make u una see how the two of them be like comic figure,this ones them be armed robbers.look there face,very very iretating.i beg kanu and etuhu next time if them fight make una call those south african zulu boys make them carry them go flog some lashes of cane for there buttocks,even if monky wear suit na still monky him be,hound dogs like attah and akintola
-- soj123 (m) at 15-06-2010 09:51AM
(16 | Newbie)

Dem Mama
-- ktalent (f) at 15-06-2010 09:53AM
(934 | Upcoming)

Shameless agbayas.

-- martins26 (m) at 15-06-2010 10:01AM
(1 | Newbie)

Ise ile
-- waco (m) at 15-06-2010 10:21AM
(9995 | Hero)

Just look at how they carry id plenty id card for neck
like lost but found goats in the market.
They are only fighting over who gets more share of the 700M
realised by the by FG.

criminals thats what they are. see the other one head like the ball wey dem dey carry play world cup!
The police man no dey shame. on uniform for that matter!

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