In South Africa, Homosexual Student Wins A Beauty Contest

Published On: August 16, 2019, 8:39 am
Author: opemipo adeniyi
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A student from North-West University (NWU) in Mahikeng, South Africa, Hope Nokuthula Bhuda, was elected … “Mr NWU 2019”. This triggered a lively controversy on social networks.
As every year, the contest of “NWU Mr and Miss 2019” took place on the Mahikeng campus of the North-West University (NWU), in the northwest of South Africa,  on 10 August 2019. This year, the competition focused on themes of sexuality and gender. The school management had also launched a call for applications from students, with the hashtag …  #BreakTheCode . The code was indeed broken …

The posters of the competition asked in particular: “Are you a member of the LGBTI + family?” . And more curiously: “Are you a human being?” …
“Young king, the crown is yours”
As for Mr NWU, it is  Hope Nokuthula Bhuda , who declares herself a lesbian, who was finally elected. After the announcement of the results, she wrote on her Facebook page: “Young king, the crown is yours, you have been chosen!”


His victory sparked a lively debate online. On Twitter, many also declared their support for the student for the courage she showed.

NWU wants to make the public more tolerant, university spokesman Louis Jacobs  told Sowetan , a South African online daily newspaper. “Gender and sexuality awareness is an essential part of the NWU’s policy (…) and we respect the right of our staff and students to express themselves in the way that suits them. the best, “ he explained .

“Management has taken note of the issues raised by some stakeholders at Mr NWU’s coronation (…) and is awaiting a report from the organizers of the event,” the spokesman said.

Source: South Africa Cable News