Video:Former Guinean Muslim Lady Who Converted To Christianity Flee To Nigeria Over Persecution

Published On: September 19, 2019, 11:06 pm
Author: Olusanya Akinrinola
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A Guinean lady identified as Saran Kulibaly, who now goes by the name Grace after her conversion to Christianity from Islam, has reportedly fled to Nigeria to seek protection for her life over claims that her family members are trying to take her life following her decision to renounce her Muslim faith.

Grace, 20, took to Facebook on Thursday to share videos of herself as she narrates her present ordeal.

In a lengthy post on her Facebook page where she narrated her ordeal, she claimed to be living in the United States with her family where she got converted to Christianity three years ago, at the age of 17, based on personal conviction.

Grace claimed she has not been at peace with her family since they became aware of her new faith. She said this led them to trick her back to Guinea where they seized her travelling documents and tried to enforce her old faith on her.

She said the actions of her family forced her to flee to Nigeria where she believes she would be safe.

“Since I had no passport to take a flight, I traveled by road for 6days from Guinea to Nigeria for safety. I came to Nigeria because it’s where my church is, and my life in my own country was in danger,” she added.

She wrote:

“My name is Saran Koulibaly, also known as Grace. I am a Guinean and a permanent legal resident of the United States. I am an ex Muslim. Three years ago, while in the U.S. I converted to become a Christian. I didn’t convert to Christianity because anyone forced me to, I chose to become a Christian based on a revelation I had of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“When I became a Christian I informed my family (who are Muslims) about it, but they were not pleased with it, they did everything for me to revert to Islam, which included physical abuse. I had to run away from home and stay with a friend for a week. When I left home, my family called and told me they wanted me to come back home, and they were sorry for treating me they way they treated me, they told me they were ready to accept me as a Christian, so I came back home.

“In July, my entire family decided to come back home for vacation in Guinea, so we all came for a vacation in Guinea, but it was actually a plan to force me back to Islam. Three days after my arrival in Guinea, my family took away my International passport, green card, social security, all other forms of documents, my phone and all the money I had. They told me, they brought me back to Guinea to force me back into Islam, they said they couldn’t do it while we were in the United States because they knew they were going to be arrested for imposing their religion on me.

“As a Christian, I declared my stand to the whole family, I told them I cannot go back to Islam, and they shouldn’t force me to believe in something I no longer want to believe in, I have made up my mind to stand for Christ and nothing will make me go back. They were furious, they told me there is no such thing as a Muslim becoming a Christian, they told me it’s either I do it their own way or I get killed.

“I was talking to a Muslim priest, who advised me to come back to Islam or he would force me into it. I told him I can’t renounce Christ, and I am ready to die for Him. So the man used force, he told my parents to go out of the room, he pushed me against the floor, he held my mouth, and my nose for so long I couldn’t breathe I almost die, at that moment I told the Lord, “if I die, please forgive me of all my sins and receive my soul into your kingdom” I didn’t think I was going to come out alive. but Grace will not die until my assignment on earth is over.

“Afterward, I was able to escape, when I had access to a phone I contacted my church, Rapture Ready Endtime Ministry, and told them I was in captivity that I needed their help to escape. By the grace of God, they helped me to escape. Since I had no passport to take a flight, I traveled by road for 6days from Guinea to Nigeria for safety. I came to Nigeria because it’s where my church is, and my life in my own country was in danger, my church didn’t or my pastor didn’t abduct me, they only helped me and provided a safe place for me when my life was in danger.

“As I am writing this, I am actually hiding somewhere in Nigeria, the police and the Guinean embassy are looking for me to take me back to Guinea. They have filed a case of abduction against my pastor, which is FALSE, I was not abducted by anyone, I decided to flee to Nigeria for safety. As of now, they have detained him and falsely accused him of abducting me.

“They said, if I don’t come out they will not release him. I am sure once they lay eyes on me, they will detain me and take me forcefully to Guinea. I am afraid because if I come out they are ready to forcefully take me back to Guinea. All I know is that if I find myself back in Guinea, it is over for me. I need to bring this out to the public notice because first of all, I don’t feel safe anymore, secondly, my rights are being violated. What’s happening to our human rights?

“Many are being killed silently and nothing is being done about it. Share everywhere until it gets to the authorities that will stand up to defend our rights.

“Jesus is still on the throne. His name will be glorified in all the earth.”

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Vision...story story.. Grin
-- kaposky Online (m) at 20-09-2019 12:33AM
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please lets share her story b4 the islamic govt in Nigeria helps her family to kill her. Kaposky,i am so disappointed in you for saying this.

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She really need help, this is where Nigeria senior pastors and C.A N suppose to come in,  there is something i notice she said, there is no way a Muslim can become a Christian but Christian's can become a Muslim right?