"I am Taller and Better In Bed Than Yahaya Bello" - Dino Melaye Tells Voters During Campaign

Published On: November 10, 2019, 1:15 pm (11 months ago)
Author: Daniel Bosai
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In developed countries, campaigns are run by manifestos, intellectual debates and factual evaluations, however in third world countries like Nigeria, politics run slightly differently in an unorthodox manner. Campaigns are more entertaining and rudimentary to enable the politician get his point across to the electorate in the most effective manner that does not involve any critical level of reflection or thinking. Dino Melaye is a veteran Nigerian politician and has been on numerous campaign tours, so this campaign thing is more of a second nature to him, he knows how to work the electorate with his catchy jingles and his captivating dance steps, these are all the little things the locals can relate to. In his latest campaign, he took a dig at his arch rival, Governor Yahaya Bello of the state when he asked the electorate to vote for him because he is taller, finer, more educated and better in bed than Yahaya Bello.

Such tactics can be seen as outrageous by many, but this is the reality of Nigerian politics, this is the language the masses undersatd, you can watch the video below:

-- Baye77 (m) at 10-11-2019 01:39 PM
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Na so...my naija people...I present to u one of those  that make laws for u...
-- olowoinlionsden (m) at 10-11-2019 02:02 PM
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Unfortunately, it us Bello that is campaigning to hold on to his Post, and Not you.
-- maxzy277 (m) at 10-11-2019 02:12 PM
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See as already brainwashed People are jubilating with their senses out of place.
-- Psalmbes (m) at 10-11-2019 02:41 PM
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Quote from: maxzy277 on 10-11-2019 02:41 PM
See as already brainwashed People are jubilating with their senses out of place.
Exactly! na POVERTY dem go die put!
-- dopygenius (m) at 10-11-2019 03:45 PM
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Nigeria is full of poverty illiterates zombie humans,that their brain is so different from a white man brain that is why this idiots polithieficans in that country keep using and decieving them so easily

Nigerians should wake up from their slumber isn't really want a better Nigeria for their future offsprings in the future
-- willyking (m) at 10-11-2019 04:13 PM
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At list he has a reason why they should vote him, at list he can make hooker business boom once he win anyway Dino have been doing that lavishing money on prostitutes, if you ask me why do nigerians vote for Buhari?? Because I know very well that, that man is not good at everything..is simply useless even Aisha is wife hate him
-- sweetypweety (f) at 10-11-2019 11:50 PM
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This man is a confirmed bastard
-- kellyonly (m) at 11-11-2019 02:29 AM
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Dino hav been dancing nd singing thru out his campain, wen next he is comin to court, u will see him on stretcher or been supported to walk