Tacha Fans Slam Kemi Olunloyo For Disrespecting Tacha Again After Posting an Old Photo

8 months ago by: Daniel Bosai
-- (m) at 19-11-2019 11:15PM

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Madam Kemi Olunloyo has added Tacha to her long list of people she has had dispute with on the internet, this list already include Davido, Linda Ikeji, Iyabo Ojo, Toyin Abraham, Busola Dakolo and many more. Kemi Olunloyo shared an unflattering photo of Tacha (See photo below) which was taken from a video still and asked a rhetoric question if fans loved the "Old Tacha" or the "New Tacha".

Photo shared by Kemi Olunloyo

Tacha and her fans (who are fondly called by the name "Titans") were quick to reply Madam Kemi. One fan in particular took out time to compose this interesting response:

Some new photos released by Tacha

Dear #Tacha, you know what they say about respecting old people in our society? Even when it’s obvious the person is acting like an unbalanced mental person, you still have to keep your cool and not lash out to them.

I want you to believe in yourself. At 23, you have achieved what Aunty Kem Kem could not achieve even with all the money at her dad’s disposal. You are just but the daughter of a commoner who has strived and still striving hard to make a living for yourself and your parents. Kemi, was sent to school in abroad at the expense of the poor Nigerian tax payer but came back with?. I’m sure the older women in your family love you and they are proud of you because nothing you will do can amount to the shame and embarrassment Aunty Kem Kem is giving her family right now. At her age, she is using you to obviously clout chase. It’s unfortunately sad but hey, we can’t throw her away. She is part of society. And she will forever remain in our history as the former politician’s daughter who was sent abroad to study only to return back to Nigerian full of hate because she missed all the usefulness of her prime age. There was no single time Aunty Kem Kem had ordinary serious boyfriend in her life so picking on these young girls Chioma, Toyin, Tacha etc is justified in her books. Aunty Kemi, how can you stoop so low by trolling a girl your children’s age? Why am I not surprised? You trolled and bullied #Seyilaw’s daughter when she was barely one. Bow your head in shame, woman!!

Pharmacist indeed. You are a huge disappointment. At your age you are here clout chasing smh. All your father’s political affluence and American accent could but only earn you the position of a clout chaser on IG? Gosh! . Seriously? Wow! Linda the daughter of an ordinary citizen is breaking deals back and forth with the same job you claim you even started in USA with Top American celebs and politicians. Aunty Kemi, use your head!

What do you think of this cold war brewing between Madam Kemi Olunloyo and Tacha?