IK Ogbonna's Ex-Wife, Sonia Morales Reveals She Has a New Nigerian Boyfriend

Published 1 month ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 19-01-2020 05:25PM (1 month ago)

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Sonia Morales has revealed she has a new boyfriend and he is not like her ex-husband, IK Ogbonna whom she has a child with. The Colombian beauty travelled down to Nigeria to marry the stunning actor after flirting with him online. They indeed got married and had a son together before the relationship went south, the Colombian beauty then shared this on her instagram page on her birthday:

My BF got me emotional today I didn’t see it coming, she literally dragged me out of bathroom to surprise me , I CLEARLY WASNT READY lol [swipe to see more] In this life I have experienced both true friendship and true love , everything else that’s coming my way is just gon be an icing on the cake . Thanks fam

... and there goes IK Ogbonna's sweet heart, she has been taken by another, who is much more richer!

Kormeijama at 19-01-2020 05:57PM (1 month ago)
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You're a liar. By  this time next year you'll be telling us other silly stories about him Good luck, save Jonathan.
ikpotokin at 20-01-2020 11:57AM (1 month ago)
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Why don’t you follow Columbian men if you are good yourself. Why doing internet scam to get men? Prostitute