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Revolution will soon happen! That was my utmost believe that Nigeria will be great country one way or the other. In fact, it is in that line of thought I have tried to show an example of a good Nigerian but now I have come to the realization that Nigeria will never be great for following reasons.
1.   God doesn't even want it to be great or else what else will He be doing?
2.   Satan doesn’t even want it to be because he is currently amusing himself through our politicians who have reduce human blood and part(s) to daily rituals before sitting in their plum offices without remorse. (kill or be killed).
3.   Nigerians don’t want Nigeria to be great or else how can you explain a public treasurer looter being garnished and adored with National Honours and Chieftaincy titles where in a place like China, they are publicly shot.
4.   Non Nigerian prefer us not to grow in order not to discover our ingenuity through unsolicited loans, grants and financial aids. For instance, am sure some of us are reading this forgetting the noise our generator makes outside. The combine smoke of all these generators throughout Nigeria is more the two or more coal power stations & financially cheaper in fueling and maintenance. Not to mention the importation of items like rice, toothpick, etc. Just imagine?

We will not all be here forever, Well think Nigerians, Think!

-- ndjoe (m) at 22-07-2010 10:46PM
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hmm poster u dey vex ooo
-- Umbrella (f) at 24-07-2010 12:14AM
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Hey...i understand where ur comin from but dnt be so negative. there's hope;)
we jst need suicide bombers to help us get rid of the ppl in charge...or maybe loads of rat poison
-- judeylive (m) at 25-07-2010 06:15PM
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How will Nigeria be great? Your profile pics pretty testify to that!
-- ndjoe (m) at 25-07-2010 10:12PM
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-- mat-James (m) at 26-07-2010 04:39PM
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Quote from: judeylive on 25-07-2010 06:15PM
How will Nigeria be great? Your profile pics pretty testify to that!

-- blueboy_whale (m) at 27-07-2010 01:48AM
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Ur pics as realy proof ur statics. But u should know that all ur claims can be solved. One of the most problem of this country is tribalisims. And the cos of this was unwanted Democracy that our lider claim frm the breatished. Nigeria is not ripe for democracy during the time it was giving. Cos is only litle Nigerians are educated then. So to my own best of knowlege if we are unable to capture this stupid elders of us, we can get a way to let the tribes gos. It will happen miraclelos. Fashola is one good example of that kind of miracle.
-- Bazemaster (m) at 27-07-2010 12:26PM
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-- frenzeecool_08 (m) at 27-07-2010 08:55PM
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Terrible post, we can make dis country great if and only if u and me wants it to be great
-- enc4life (m) at 3-08-2010 06:15PM
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I can see that you are not in your right frame of mind. I believe ur option one wasn't predicting to the Almighty creator on how to recreate your country? Demn, you sounded so disrespectful to your maker ok? Keep pleeding to this great God for a change