Are Nigerians smart enough?

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Now before you start throwing bombs or threats at me... Let me point out that am a Nigerian too & proud of who I am and this poll is an eye opener to all Nigerian youths here so please am not trying to insult anyone or my fatherland. I just felt enough is enough and we have to make a stand & make changes starting from us as an individual.

My years of living & mixing while still growing up shows tht if we all keep on like this, things can only get worse for us all and below are things that we see & experience daily that made me conclude. But before I finally accept my conclusions, I would like the involvement and enlightenment or opinion of others. Whatever your answer may be, please do be kind enough to post your reasons. Here are what I observed with myself & my fellow masses in general:

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- Thomax at 19-08-2010 04:13 PM (13 years ago)

  • Badly rigged elections since independence 1960 - the people alws knws but does nothing. instead we'll still register once another election period comes. Not that we love to but just because the Government threatens us about having a voters card to enable us get around & somtimes, pastors or imams do asked us to register & most of us listens to these religious leaders more thn our parents.
  • Money laundering by the presidency & house of reps - I can't even start telling the world the kind of money these tyrants moves around amongst themsleves cos we all knw abt it. I've witnessed live coverage of fist fighting & stuff including the once loving & gentle women among them. come next election, one of them will be picked as a minister if nt as a president.
  • A Governor imposing three toll gates on the people simply bcos he added one single lane to a once 2 lane major express road of 49km. People living around this local government complains bt still drives to their offices 5 times a week without protesting. the only people protesting ar the area boys while the big boys drives their big SUV's past them.
  • Fast food restaurants have now increased their food prices to 120% on the Island & its axis and their customers still visit to buy just to prove they are big boys/girls even though their account balances are below $50 each. the food didn't even worth it. Fast foods are claiming that its the Governors heavy taxes bt I question why can't they drag the government to court?
  • Graduate practicing scamming - note that I said graduates nt students. Why spend close to 7 yrs in school only to end up like this? why nt use your smartness or knowledge to start a low business enterprise or at worst, find a good pre-school & start your life teaching? I guess its still down to foolishness.
  • Still on scamming - the 1st time I got a scam call was 2004 & till now, the scammers till use the same method or scope to scam. What a bunch of losers!
  • Kidnapping - am sorry to say this but what are some igbo boys doing these days? kidnapping? Cos of what? oil, land, bad Government? Oh common drop dead jor! hw cud u justify kidnapping a trader, journalist or artist to protest ur frustrations after demanding N50m ransom? Please give me a break.
  • Nigerian Police - Do I need to start here? Av u ever seen one? oh am sure u might av seen bt u definitely mistook him/her for a tout. check out their pot belles (including their ladies) and u will break down & cry. harassing innocent masses, drivers or trucks, extorting money frm thm for too much beer & pepper soup wit bush meats... oh thts their constitutional duties. som don't even report to their barracks or unit areas again cos they've attached thm to private billionaires. Wht a shame we still fear thm.
  • NEPA. oops! i meant power holders - for hw long ar we going to put up with these existing parasites. why ar we still paying their bills for CHRIST SAKE?
  • G.S.M operators - they already realized tht we tends to be slow in acting so they've followed suit wit the government in treating us like dirt. av u ever bought any of their internet modems b4 and it fails to browse or open som sites? i bet u av. imagine these thieves selling to us a cheap flash drive called modem for N8,500? wht a rip off. with their disastrous billings & all tht bt people still feel 'maybe they will fix the problem 2moro'.... bullsh*t! worst part, they failed to improve their technology bt tends to make so much noise abt their products just to drag traffic (which they can't control) to their network.
  • Bank scams - I was once a victim of a N180,000 scam on my account. till date they didn't write me any letter stating their concerns nt to mention refunding my money. i tried to do somtin bt lots of people failed to blive its their fault. they are nw trying to impose debit cards on their customers even if u dnt need one. its a plan to be able to rob u so tht they will claim u expose ur pin no. or card to som1 else
  • Bad products - China is nw everywhere and even the gsm operators ar buying them & selling as their prototype for their stupid prepaid or internet plans. bt my major concern really is individuals buying these Jacky Chan phones even though they knw tht their battery doesn't last 8hours without calls. No consumer union & even if there is any, the goal will be to impose special fee on the importers for product worthiness
  • some Fridays or weekends, i try to kill the weeks frustration off by visiting bars and blive me, people complained here & there abt hw we ar getting ripped off by Government or any major companies (even maybe their bosses etc) bt at the end of the nit, they drink & chase women at clubs or bars afterward. and the following week, they carry on wit their frustrated lives and do nothing abt the things killing thm gradually. Personally I dnt care hw much am getting paid by my company, if my service is been abused, i oppose wit everything i gat.
  • Church communities - am a christian bt at tht does nt meant tht i must be blind to anything wrong around my congregation or church. as a child, church normally distribute bulletins to the members or congregations stating our accounts & hw its been managed or hw much was made the month before. but these days, things like these are no longer applicable which brings temptation to the overseer or pastor. i tot church shud be a family union of people wit same interest, why nt share the income report with members who work so hard to keep it running. shhhh! u dare nt say this in church.
  • To prove my ultimate point right - any PDP candidate will be our next president whether we like it or nt bcos of course, we will all fold our hands & do nothing to make sure it doesn't happen.

Am so ready to follow any options to make this great country better.

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Dis is not a Discussion dat's worth any Contribution

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Quote from: Kennee on 19-08-2010 04:43 PM
Dis is not a Discussion dat's worth any Contribution

and why is that?
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Your points are not bad especially that of graduates...
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Guy you have made great points

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i dey come
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i'm not through yet, still reading
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Quote from: qunodinga on 23-08-2010 10:10 AM
i'm not through yet, still reading

OK when u finish

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