VIDEO: Senator Dino Melaye Spends N0.8 Billion On 2 Bullet Proof Cars

at 18-02-2020 11:25AM (1 month ago)

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Ex Nigerian Lawmaker, Senator Dino Melaye has reportedly acquired two bullet proof trucks and both are the latest high tech bullet proof trucks. The two trucks are worth $2million (N726,000,000). The cars which appear to be a customized G-Wagon and a Toyota Land Cruiser were imported from the USA. Nigerians have always question how Dino Melaye is able to afford such luxurious cars considering that he has no other source of income aside being a Nigerian politician and lawmaker!

You can watch video of the cars below:
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leykelvin11 at 18-02-2020 12:02PM (1 month ago)
(14 | Newbie) (m)

What is all this madness about? Men who are truly rich don't display their wealths the way all this opportunist are doing. Men of very low mentality !!!. I wonder why EFCC has not really trap down this guy call Dino Melaye to explain to Nigerians how he got this money as a common Politician. How long will all this guys continue to ruin our beloved country?  Shame shame shame.

Movik039 at 18-02-2020 12:30PM (1 month ago)
(49 | Newbie) (m)

Instead of this stupid man called melaye use the money to open a company where people can work .shame!!!!!!!!
smart61 at 18-02-2020 12:39PM (1 month ago)
(1706 | Gistmaniac) (m)

2m$ just for two cars. Dino must be dealing on drugs secretly. Many keeps fighting for him but of what use is he to them? It would have been better to be an industrialist with this huge money instead of buying cars upon cars.  Nigerian politicians are truly heartless.
okpokpo at 18-02-2020 01:31PM (1 month ago)
(210 | Upcoming) (m)

he try
Richman1969 at 18-02-2020 02:41PM (1 month ago)
(312 | Upcoming) (m)

pein his senetorisl district are cry from unemployment,poverty,for 2 cars $2m.You just bought your coffins
crusita at 18-02-2020 04:22PM (1 month ago)
(581 | Upcoming) (f)

Nigeria were is the EFCC pls arrest this guy ,the country is broke because of leaders as this idot melaye and beter bring him toUN.the government is asking from loan from IMF while Dino steal the country dry.
kacylee at 18-02-2020 07:38PM (1 month ago)
(26055 | Addicted Hero) (f)

e be like say this guy use big sack pack Nigeria money commot for senate

crusita at 18-02-2020 08:04PM (1 month ago)
(581 | Upcoming) (f)

This car company should be report toUS senate then all hidden things will come out in truth light.