I Can't Remember Number Of Persons I have Killed - Repentant Boko Haram Fighter Confesses

Published On: August 2, 2020, 7:39 pm
Mister Jay Wonder
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A repentant Boko Haram fighter, Abdulwahab Usman, has said that he can’t remember the number of people he had killed while in still with the terror group.

Usman is one of the 602 ex-Boko Haram members, who completed a de-radicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration programme in July, according to a report by Saturday PUNCH.

Thanking the Nigerian Government for giving them a new life, Usman said, “None of us was killed during the de-radicalisation process. I really enjoyed my stay in the camp because many of us were not expecting such hospitality from the Nigerian Government. We were well taken care of.

“They taught us different trades. In the camp, we were exposed to skill acquisition such as welding, barbing and carpentry etc. But I chose to learn barbing. When I return to my hometown, I wish to continue with barbing. I will not go back to Boko Haram.

“We were given the Quran because of our assurance that we would become good citizens. I will not return to that group (Boko Haram) no matter the suffering since the government has chosen to be responsive.

“I was forced into the group for about five years.  I can’t remember the number of people I killed as a Boko Haram member because they are many. Boko Haram people came to our village looking for those who are of school age and that was how my friends and I were forced into the group. Eventually, we escaped from Boko Haram hideout, so soldiers took us to Giwa barracks in Borno.”

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And the mumu federal government is taking care of them offering them international scholarship
What a useless country with fools everywhere!!!
-- Henrybobo (m) at 3-08-2020 08:11AM
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Can u imagine and someone who just stole food just to survive is dying in prison while this one is free and being cared for by his bastard senior brother
-- kacylee Online (f) at 3-08-2020 09:57AM
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Yet Boohari is giving them amnesty

-- SweetDaddy1 (m) at 3-08-2020 10:42AM
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Please stop calling them REPENTANT Boko Haram. They are Mohammadu's terrorist boys...herdsmen and boko haram terrorist groups.
-- Abadiba (m) at 3-08-2020 03:18PM
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Many families communities he displaces are still in IDP camp very hungry, Many orphans he killed their fathers and mothers are still roaming abt on the street, widows and widowers he made are still mourning bt suddenly he has been welcomed with broad hands, taken care of and thought a new skill amidst of all these realities. Nebuchadnezzar got reincarnated in Buhari.
-- sanababa Online (m) at 3-08-2020 03:37PM
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Repentant or not God will fight you and give you what you deserve. also to those who freed u they will get what they deserve for freeing killers and murderers