Interior Decorator Ehi Ogbebor Expresses Her Shock On Why People Think She Use Juju To Get Rich

Date: 27-01-2021 4:49 pm (1 month ago) | Author: Giwa bayo
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In an entertaining interview, she talked about many things, about her former marriage her children, and if she would get married again. she also commented about how people always think she use juju to make money. here are a few excerpts from her interview.
''The one that shocks me most was when people said I'm doing juju, I follow men for money and I'm just wondering. To the glory of God I don't know what a man can give me again. If I follow a man it's because I like him.

My name is Ehi Ogbebor, Anything you show, they would say I'm showing off, left for me, if not for my job, after building my house i would have just stayed inside and lock the door.
If I buy new car tomorrow they will say it's a man that bought it for me, if i go on a flight, they will say it's a man that bought me the ticket.

I started small and God started blessing me, with jobs then I bought my first house and opened a showroom.
They say I'm dating this one and that one.. who I want to date shouldn't be anyone's business. I've been married twice and it didn't work, at the end of the day everyone wishes for happiness. Even with money happiness is needed.

If you are in a marriage and it doesn't work, doesn't make marriage bad. Marriage is a beautiful thing when it's ordained by God, but some few people don't have luck for it.I have luck for other things, God gave me beauty, I have a good height, I'm smart, I'm rich. Since marriage has not worked, I will still be trying.

When my marriage broke it was so painful because I was unaware, I was there but didn't know my marriage was breaking, he was telling me nothing was wrong. But I was seeing on blogs that we have broken up, then I will ask him about it and he would say no he didn't say so. The one that hurt me so badly was when they said he wasn't my child's Dad.

The problem with women is that they like to gossip about themselves, they don't know it could happen to anyone.

You can't be running a business for almost ten years and still depend on a man, no, that's unreasonable. I'm a mum of three, I pay their fees and I have almost 10 domestic staffs.

I already have a lover, yes I will marry him as long as I love him. And I hope marriage works out this time.

Two of my children will be going to university by next year, and I will be left alone with my baby who needs a companion, a brother or sister. Everybody needs it, I will get married of Course.

*Wow her kids are already going to University next year?They are big enough,omg!...So,why did she buy someone a car for taking care of her kids when she travelled during the first COVID time?......

From what i hear,this woman up there has a LOT of money,I wont tap but i wish her all the best as she enjoys her money....Anybody wey no like am make e take head hit wall......
And hey Ehi,all women gossip oh,even you..LOL

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with dis ur eyes u go dey do juju
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