Ghana Saves $3.5M A Month After Replacing Chinese Engineers With Ghanaians

Date: 10-05-2021 9:58 am (1 month ago) | Author: Giwa bayo
- at 10-05-2021 09:58 AM (1 month ago)

Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Gas Company Limited, Dr. Ben Asante has disclosed that the company has been saving $3.5 million each month since the decision to replace Chinese engineers was implemented. Initially, technical operations of the company’s plant which is located in Western Region of the West African country was run by about 50 Chinese nationals who received exorbitant amounts from the state.

In a bid to deal with the excessive cost of managing these Chinese technicians, a consultation was held on the issue with necessary authorities which resulted in the tough replacement decision. The company then recruited and trained 50 Ghanaian engineers to take up the task; the CEO revealed during a recent tour at the facility that Ghana gas has successfully replaced all 50 Chinese expatriate staff.

Describing the performance of the locals so far, the CEO said “they are brilliant and so far we have not had any incidents at the plant”. He is Highly optimistic that, they will maintain the efficiency moving forward.

African countries have over the years spent huge sums of money recruiting expatriate technicians, contractors, and other professionals whilst the large number of graduates they produce in these fields remain idle or flee to Europe and other places to seek for jobs. Do you think other countries should emulate this measure?

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- taypetdun at 10-05-2021 12:05 PM (1 month ago)
Government who listens to her citizens, and respect the human rights, have conscience, kept religion aside and reasoning in the right direction were able to come to part of solution to their dwindling economy.
Nigeria is after looting and negotiating and paying ransom to insurgents.
No reasonable thinker in the government to look inwards, with with zero-negative national assembly, toothless bulldogs
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