Nigeria First Lady Makes Another Bad Grammatical blunder

9 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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-- Online (m) at 25-12-2010 12:19AM

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Even if she doesn't read Naijapals, shouldn't someone close to her ought to have advised her on this issue? Our dear first lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan made another pathetic grammatical error on LIVE TV!!!!!!

"My husband, Dr Goodluck Jonathan and Sambo is a quiet people" - Pateince Jonathan on NTA Network News, 9pm, Tuesday Dec 21, 2010

ENGLISH is Nigeria's official language, is it worth having a first lady that cannot speak the official language??

-- Pointzero (m) at 25-12-2010 12:29AM
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Abeg make u leave d woman.Na her

-- popo2009 (m) at 25-12-2010 12:38AM
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hahahah LOL
Honestly this is embrassing, is that how she
speaks when she is amon other first Ladies from other Countries.
-- mercylad (m) at 25-12-2010 12:51AM
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What a shame
-- mayorbrown (m) at 25-12-2010 12:54AM
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Hmmm,this is really bad,at times the way she expresses herself seems as somebody who has not entered the walls of a secondary school,anyway thats her own life style!
-- marvins (m) at 25-12-2010 01:02AM
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-- larredy (m) at 25-12-2010 01:19AM
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-- rosecraig24 (f) at 25-12-2010 01:30AM
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na whom dem catch 4 thief naim be thief,na true say d poor woman dey break ogor but what about some of una wey dey laugh her nko now?na una dey better?imagine popo2009 sef wey dey laugh our first lady no fit spell wa ooooooooooo. Grin
-- princedafe (m) at 25-12-2010 01:33AM
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Quote from: Pointzero on 25-12-2010 12:29AM
Abeg make u leave d woman.Na her

wellsaid and supported
-- morrisony2k (m) at 25-12-2010 01:41AM
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why be say na soso yeye tins nai dis guy dey post self, na u still the lesbian stuff, again u don post first lady wrong speach. na grammer be our problem for niger? i beg uu ur leave her alone, soon na lesbian u go call her oo. u noy get work this man.
-- sheikhAneke (m) at 25-12-2010 01:42AM
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it is just a minor mistake...
-- obiomauche (m) at 25-12-2010 02:15AM
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she phyuk up!!!!
-- noorseman (m) at 25-12-2010 02:16AM
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it is a disgrace to present a woman like this as the first lady of nigeria in 2010....The president must put a team of people around her to polish up her public relationship skills..Just imagine her addressing an international body or other first ladies from other countries on behalf of will be a very sorry  signt..
-- blackface079 (m) at 25-12-2010 02:20AM
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chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this woman is a complete wash out, n we nigerians go say we get 1st lady.  Tongue Tongue Tongue
-- worldlife (m) at 25-12-2010 02:31AM
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shame to u mr poster if she is yr mama?
-- seenaija4u (m) at 25-12-2010 02:38AM
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Look why do you post disparaging statement about others without checking yourself?
Please check your own English and be the first to be ashamed.
Check yourself first and leave others alone.
-- yettyness (f) at 25-12-2010 02:58AM
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It's no big deal...Other people in other countries sometimes make silly mistakes. A frenchman can make a mistake with his english...No biggie.
-- mediaexcell (m) at 25-12-2010 03:06AM
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poster, i thank u for keeping us informed of wats happening in naija..but please no b everything u go post, them dey pay u? search ur family well u must find person wen this woman better pass. let her be.busy bee
-- sirdonclemo (m) at 25-12-2010 03:16AM
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Abeg make una leave the woman jo ....afterall English is not our first Language and moreover na pigeon i dey scatter for here .........make una free her
-- anitanosa (f) at 25-12-2010 03:28AM
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dats just a minor mistake for CHRIST sake,no ane is above mistake.Or ar u above mistake? Huh?
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