Recurring Words in Academic Writing

Date: 20-04-2023 5:47 pm (1 year ago) | Author: Divine Nwachukwu
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The use of the same concepts, words, or phrases repeatedly in academic writing can become monotonous and redundant. However, there are techniques you may take to prevent this recurrence in academic writing and improve the readability of your work.

In academic writing, there are two ways that repetition might be incorporated. One is when a writer keeps repeating concepts even when it is not necessary to do so. The other is when the author uses the same words, phrases, or sentences across different sections of the research report. These two factors might reduce the attraction of a piece of literature.

Reading aloud
Read your writing while putting yourself in the reader's position. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance the message you are conveying to your reader. To check for any unnecessary repetition, read the passage aloud or silently to yourself as if you were a reader. Finding repetition and fixing it is best done in this way. The practice of reading aloud has additional advantages, and it is the most effective way to spot errors.

Edit three times more
I'll advise you to revise your work as many times as necessary to ensure your satisfaction as a writer and as a possible reader. Some students finish writing the first draft of their essay by kicking back and doing nothing, which is significant. because they believe that the work they must complete has already been done. But that's not the case! After finishing the initial draft, make sure to read it several times more to check for errors and duplication. Usually, this takes a lot of time since, as you read, you notice errors that weren't as clear when you were initially writing it.

Use a thesaurus.
Utilizing synonyms will help you avoid using overused words repeatedly. Even though it may not always be the perfect match, sometimes we manage to squeeze one word throughout multiple paragraphs. For instance, the word "study" or "to study" can fit in one spot, but if you write it again, it will not fit in all of them. The words analyze, interpret, examine, examine, know, etc. can be used in place of the words study or to study. Some pupils choose the same word even if they are aware that it is not the greatest choice. To find better possibilities, it is therefore best to use a thesaurus.

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