Man Reveals How Woman False R@pe Accusation Against Her Husband In Canada Forced Him To Nigeria

Date: 01-12-2023 8:00 pm (2 months ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
- at 1-12-2023 08:00 PM (2 months ago)

An online causes reactions online after narrate how a woman’s false rape accusation against her husband in Canada forced him to move back to Nigeria after losing $7k to lawyers.

Check out his post and reactions below;

d_amah98; So why is he in Nigeria if the charges were dropped? Was he deported?

getmatchedotcom; I don't have a problem with people lying to me, but lie INTELLIGENTLY!!!

liquid__fire; "All charges were dropped against him"...yet his life got ruined simply because he paid Lawyer $7k? After living in Canada for 11years?... Story teller that cannot arrange the storylines properly, is an otondo story-teller.

srigeorgeom; I Will Like To Hear Both Sides Of The Story.

ojiims; This story seems strange. Has details issue but yeah let’s pretend like it’s true and say some eyah here and there

z.e.n.g.e; Looks like there is an inconsistency in the story. Firstly, allegations were dropped and he is cleared, so he has a chance to start from there. Secondly, $3K for child support...isn’t child support based on how much you earn or they just apportion an amount without considering his salary Rewrite the story abeg.

funmie_houston_realtor; The danger of a one sided story. So you think your bolt passenger will truly admit to wrong doing??? You think the law enforcement don’t do their own due diligence? You think his lawyer can’t defend him? You don’t think his wife changed her report of rape because lots of Nigerians in the community begged her??

neeyarh; We know it’s a lie but ehya

dr.kozzantie; It’s funny that all the marriage Wahala from Japa series is from the woman. I will need twitter people to take it easy with their lies. Anybody can see the loopholes in this story so make una take an easy with lies

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- gogoman at 1-12-2023 08:07 PM (2 months ago)
Divorce doesn't cost any sensible man anything!!! just be self employed!! they can't get what u don't have!!! within 5yrs they will take eyes off u and the evil women will move on!! i no get money i no get  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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- kp45 at 1-12-2023 08:10 PM (2 months ago)
 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
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