Singer, Teni Expresses Her Preference For Her Polygamous Upbringing

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Teni, the Nigerian singer and songwriter known as Teni the Entertainer aka Sugar mummy of Lagos, shared her experiences growing up in a polygamous household during an interview on the Zero Conditions podcast. She also revealed her preference for a polygamous family setting in her next life.

Teni spoke fondly of her late father, who she credited with maintaining harmony within the family. She also expressed gratitude for the protection and care she received from her siblings.

Despite having nine siblings, Teni revealed a close bond with all of them, acknowledging different levels of closeness.

“I grew up in a polygamous family with a lot of people, so you couldn’t get away with nonsense. I was very protected, loved, and well taken care of. Ten children, three wives. Big shoutout to my bloodline. I’m close to all my siblings, but there are levels of closeness,” Teni explained.

She further expressed her comfort and preference for a polygamous family structure. “I don’t know any other way; it’s boring. If I come back to this life again, I want to come back to the same family. How can I be in a house with one mother and one father? No way, then all of us would just be sitting around bored. There’s no chaos,” Teni asserted.

While acknowledging the unconventional dynamics of her family, Teni emphasized the love that prevailed. “In my house, there’s love, but we also have our crazy moments! Because, you know, the person who gave birth to us is a bit crazy. Do you know what it’s like to hear gunshots and go towards them? That’s not normal,” she shared.

Teni also credited her father’s foresight and planning for maintaining family cohesion after his passing. “My father was very wise. He planned his future and then his death. So, before he died, his wives knew about everything. He taught them everything – one of my mothers even knows how to shoot. He taught them how to be, and when he passed, they used the skills he imparted. That’s how our family was still able to remain intact even after my dad passed,” Teni concluded. Instagram selection of commit to post King Gainey major headache, and keep guessing.

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