Veteran Actor, Zack Orji Gives Update on His Health After Undergoing Brain Surgeries in UK

Date: 20-04-2024 6:49 pm (1 month ago) | Author: kacy lee
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Veteran Nollywood actor, Zack Orji has provided an update on his failing health following a series of successful brain surgeries.

Zack Orji’s health ordeal began when he collapsed on December 31, 2023, and was subsequently hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the National Hospital in Abuja.

The 64-year-old actor underwent two successful brain surgeries and required additional evaluation overseas.

Unfortunately, amidst Zack Orji’s recovery, unfounded rumors of his death circulated on social media platforms.

The President of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas refuted these baseless claims, condemning those responsible for spreading such falsehoods.

Zack Orji departed Nigeria for a post-surgery evaluation in the United Kingdom (UK) on March 29, 2024, as confirmed by photos of him at the airport that circulated online.

In a recent interview with Channels TV, Zack Orji who is still in the UK for post-surgery assessment, spoke about his ongoing recovery process, saying that “I feel alright. My memories were back”.

Addressing the rumors surrounding his supposed death, Orji denounced the people who spread these “fake stories,” labeling them as originating from the “pit of hell.”

He highlighted the irresponsible nature of such actions, noting the unnecessary concern it generated among his colleagues and friends.

“I do not know who originated that lie. I call it a lie from the pit of hell that, not myself, they had passed away.

“I saw it and I started receiving all kinds of calls, even calls from people I had not heard from for years, most of them were just concerned. They wanted to find out if it was true and all of that.

“I can only say that sometimes social media has made people to be so reckless and callous to the point of spreading fake news just to grow their page. I believe that is what that person did.

“And it happened at a time when we lost some of our colleagues when somebody started spreading this lie about me.

Thank God that our lives are not with men. Our lives are with God. It is God that is the keeper and strength of our lives.

“I will just let it go because I have more important things to do with my time,”
the actor said.

Reflecting on the challenges posed by his surgeries, Orji shared the difficulty he faced in recognizing visitors during his recuperation period.

Orji said due to the magnitude of the surgery, “it took quite a while to recover” and that he could not recognise the people who came to greet him on his sick bed.

He said his wife played a crucial role in helping him reconnect with reality, particularly when he regained awareness of the date during his hospital stay.

Immediately before the surgery, I could not recognise people. The people who came to the hospital to greet me, even though they came and we were talking, I could not remember them. It was my wife who told me that this person came, this person came.

“But immediately after the surgery, when they brought me out, the question I asked what day are we today? My wife said ‘New Year’s day’ and I started wishing everybody a happy New Year. She said that was when she knew that I was back.

“But because I needed some time to recover because there were stitches done all around here (head), bandages and stuff like that. So it took quite a while to recover. But I was feeling alright. My memories were back,”
he added.

Zack Orji remained resolute, acknowledging the support of his loved ones and emphasizing the importance of focusing on his health and well-being amid such trials.

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