Doctor Recounts How Married Woman Was Sent Home From NYSC Camp For Having Affair

Date: 20-05-2024 3:17 pm (1 month ago) | Author: Bayo Nelson
- at 20-05-2024 03:17 PM (1 month ago)

A Doctor has narrated how a married woman was sent home after she was caught having s3x after arriving NYSC camp. The doctor known as @the_beardedsina took to X to share his experience from his service year at Rivers state camp.
He wrote:
“During my camp at Non-wam Gbam Tai in Rivers. Apparently I think it is a NYSC rule that you must not be caught having s3x on camp. If caught you’re sent out Day 2, A married woman was caught having s3x with a camper. She had to be sent home. Imagine being sent back to your husband for having s3x with a stranger 24 hours after traveling to another state for Nysc.”
The doctor shared his experience in response to a tweet that said … “Now I understand why some men don’t allow their wives to go to NYSC camp.
Why did you get married if your eyes is still outside?”
Other netizens also took to the comment section to share similar experience…
@chisomholic said: “We surely didn’t serve in the same year but this happened during my time. First 2 days and this fine woman was caught with one upside-down boy.
Oya, time to call Next of Kin to inform them of their relative’s dismissal. Next of Kin was the husband.
Other women like her, when I asked why they took of their wedding bands, told me they did so, so that guys would approach them and spend on them in the Mami market. Imbecilic behaviour! I’ve told this story everywhere I went for 7 years. I’m still in disbelief! ”
@ucheychukwu0 said: “2days in obubra even soldiers were caught with married women and single men.. A married man whose wife just gave birth to twins the day after was caught doing threesome.”
@nkemdiii shared: “Same thing happened when I camped Nonwa Gbam Tai…
Most married women voluntarily went home on day 1.., a few got caught and were sent home… by end of week 1 almost all married women in my room had gone home”

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ok o

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only a foolish men go believe any women!!  any chance like this na cheating women dey cheat!! that is why den dey always tackle man because they are guilty  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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Isn't it foolishness Huh? Just 24hrs, only God knows what will happen after one month.
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