"I Have No Intention To Re-marry Or Drop My Husband's Name" -BBN Ka3na Opens Up

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The statement issued by Ka3na, "I was legally and traditionally married to Mr. Jones, and I am now his widow. I have no intention of remarriage or changing my marital status by dropping my husband’s name," serves multiple purposes. Here are the key points and possible reasons behind this Public Service Announcement (PSA):

Affirmation of Marital Status:

Ka3na is reaffirming her status as the widow of Mr. Jones. This declaration emphasizes the legitimacy and recognition of her marriage, both legally and traditionally.
Intentions Regarding Marital Status:

By stating her intention not to remarry or change her marital status, Ka3na is making it clear that she wishes to remain identified as Mr. Jones’s widow.
Retention of Husband’s Name:

She explicitly mentions her choice to keep her husband’s surname. This may indicate a desire to maintain her connection to her late husband and honor his memory.
Clarification and Preemption:

The PSA may be aimed at preempting any rumors or speculation about her personal life, especially concerning her marital status or potential remarriage.
Public Image and Identity:

This statement helps manage her public image, ensuring that she is seen as a dedicated and loyal widow, which may resonate with certain cultural or personal values.
In summary, Ka3na’s PSA is a clear and public assertion of her current marital status, her commitment to maintaining it, and her choice to continue using her late husband's name, likely for reasons of personal identity, respect, and tradition.

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