“It’s Better To Date A Struggling Man Than To Date A Millionaire Who Sold His Hands In Blood"

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Zubi Michael's statement, "It’s better to date a struggling man than to date a multimillionaire that soiled his hands with blood," emphasizes the value of integrity and morality over wealth. It suggests that character and ethical behavior are more important in a partner than financial status, warning against associating with individuals who have gained their wealth through unethical or violent means.

Reflections on the Statement:
Integrity and Trust: Building a relationship on a foundation of trust and mutual respect is crucial. A struggling man with integrity may offer a more stable and honest partnership than a wealthy individual with a tainted past.

Long-term Happiness: Wealth does not guarantee happiness, especially if it is associated with negative actions. Peace of mind and ethical alignment often contribute more to long-term happiness in a relationship.

Societal Values: This perspective aligns with societal values that prioritize ethical behavior and the well-being of the community over individual wealth accumulation.
Role Models: People often look up to public figures as role models. Promoting the idea that integrity is more valuable than wealth can positively influence societal norms and behaviors.
Broader Implications:

Character Assessment: It's important to evaluate a partner's character and past actions when considering a long-term relationship. Ethical behavior, kindness, and honesty are critical traits.
Social Responsibility: This statement also touches on the concept of social responsibility, suggesting that individuals should not support or endorse those who have harmed others for personal gain.

Economic Struggles and Resilience: Valuing a "struggling man" acknowledges the reality that many people face economic challenges and that their worth is not diminished by their financial status. It highlights the importance of resilience and perseverance.

Zubi Michael's statement advocates for the prioritization of ethical values and character over wealth in relationships. It serves as a reminder that true wealth lies in integrity, trust, and mutual respect.

See his post below;
“Everything is not about money , the multibillionaire you are admiring might have a temple in his house for diabolic things . He might have scammed someone and the person out of depression took their life but you want to have a beautiful life and family with the person ? It is impossible. You might be giving birth and the kids dying . Just date and marry people who you see working hard and growing . Money is not everything “

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women won't listen!!! they want to die for money
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