Polls: Okotie Rejects Results, Calls for Interim Govt

Published 8 years ago by: don uche
at 12:20 AM, 22/04/2011 (8 years ago)

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Presidential candidate of the Fresh Democratic Party, Reverend Chris Okotie, has rejected the result of last Saturday's election which returned President Goodluck Jonathan as the winner.

 Addressing journalists in Lagos on the outcome of the exercise, Okotie alleged that the polls were rigged in a subtle and scientific manner to create an ambience of credibility so as to favour the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate.

 He said after a careful review of the election result and the post election violence in parts of the North, his party has come to the conclusion that the presidential election result “is unacceptable and should not be allowed to stand because it does not reflect the true wishes of the people.”

 Okotie, therefore, called for the cancellation of the polls and also advocated the setting up of an interim government to review the entire democratic process and organise credible elections that will be acceptable to the generality of the people of Nigeria.

 "The interim government should determine the future direction of the nation, in view of the circle of corruption, election rigging and discontent that characterise the polity at the moment," he added.

 He faulted the current constitution, which, he said has two versions in circulation, and insisted that only a genuine national reconciliation instituted by a new interim administration composed of people of integrity nation-wide to create the enabling political environment, could move the nation forward.

 The Pastor-politician, who had contested for the presidential office in 2003 and 2007, said beyond the elections, leaders of thought throughout the country ought to renegotiate the terms of the Nigerian federation, saying the current structure was not ideal.

 He also decried the violence that greeted the declaration of Jonathan as the winner of last weekend's election, urging Nigerians to be calm and explore due process in seeking redress to any grievances they may have against the outcome of the elections.

 "We must not continue to allow innocent blood to be shed for whatever reason. Any loss of life is sad, and I send my condolence to families of the bereaved,” he said.

 He vowed to continue to fight on, adding that part of his mission is to liberate the country from "tyrannical claws of the PDP."

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donuche at 12:45 AM, 22/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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this are the out burst of people for what the stylish man of GOD said
....................................................http://www.nigeriamasterweb.com/paperfrmes.html or http://www.thisdayonline.com/


From: NIYI

Chris Okotie is an *** who is dragging the name of God to mud. He is just making noise to keep his name in the press.

From: JeC


From: preye

i dey laugh oh....

From: ken ejiofor

Why don't you just shut the phyuk up boy, and go back to music if your "divine call" is not fetching you enough money. You are just a recurring decimal in Nigeria's election. I am sure nobody is taking you serious in this quest.

From: Loghofela Ayoola

Okotie should shut up.He has no political relevance and as such not in the position to advise Nigerians on which way forward.This is a man who could not get a single vote in his immediate family structure.Common,cant you stop the ranting? You should have known that your essence is gone politically.You are a political clown who comes out when the stage is deserted.Can somebody tell you to stop creating more fool out of yourself.We have shared enough of your drama.The thing that is keeping your interest is the money shared to the political parties.THAT MONEY IS GOING TO BE GONE and we will test your appearance again.You don't have any political structure even in a ward, throughout the federation.Your party cannot impact on any election outcome.What is your noise all about.


why do you media give this confused and most self centered idiot free publicity.he is just a show man who relishes any publicity he can get.for a man who can't even get elected as a councilor in his local ward to have contested as a presidential candidate is comical.

From: marc

Thought you were God's servant. people dey talk u dey follow put mouth. u reach?

From: wise

Pastor is a foolish man

From: Sam

Okotie,! Okotie,!! Okotie!!! Face your Church business. Your statement is inciting! Am disappointed.

From: Ocharley

This is an idiot pastor definitely not working for God but evil.

From: moses John

Okotie is a business man using the church as the easiest place to get money for funding political and marital infidelity. How would you expect someone who calls himself to be a lies, after what he said at the polling booth? Okotie is a disgrace.

From: Eldaer

Pastor you are not different from all other politicians. You have no political base to support your ambition to be president. Where and where did you campaign? Go back and seek God's confirmation and clarity on your ambition. Has he anointed you like David? As self professed man of God you should able to recognize His hand in the affairs of men, but it does appear that the self in you is what is driving you rather than the Holy spirit. Ask the Holy spirit more proper and more divine direction. Do not fan the embers of hatred pls. There is no perfect union as you will have observed from your first marriage, you only make the best out of what you have. This means you have to be tolerant and continue to improve on the areas for which improvement is required.

From: AHO

Rev or brother Chris Okotie, for once put an end to your gallivanting in the murky waters of Nigerian politics and face your supposedly calling ... you are better off with your dictionary and big grammar on than this please...

From: Nonny

Posted: 16 hours ago

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pastor,you need to rest,do you understand what's in your bible? i think you need wisdom oh. abi you want talk make e bi say you talk?

From: Victor

what do you call you self ? money pastor .foolish man. go and do your 419 pastor

From: ugonna

Pastor Chris, I beg you in the name of JESUS to please take it easy on your statement. Millions look up to you....Don't let them down...I felt so bad when Pastor Bakare join them now see the effect. How would you feel if your church building and some members were burnt in the NORTH? Or Is it the sign of the end time that pastor will be part of the destruction?

From: Anokam


from ..n

Reverend Chris Okotie appeared to have misplaced opportunity in his guest to agitate for some fundamental changes. If the election process and result were free and fair it might be a good gesture of humility and maturity to acknowledge that achievement made this time around by Nigeria and Nigerians. Though he could also take the opportunity to highlight other areas of weaknesses rather than mixed up things. Misinformation of followers by their leaders was the direct effect of crisis in some northern parts of Nigeria after realise of presidential election results.

From: Taiwo Ajose

This was how Bakare started and could not deliver the votes of Christians to Buhari.Unfortunate you this guy man called pastor want take us back into confusion.Heavens,will confuse your mission and ministry because as a 'Man of God' even if people are reacting idiotic you should be calling for calm.Or you want to punish Nigerian for not acknowledging your presence on the political scene.

From: Wande

God's name should not be used in vain. You will still come out to context again but next time, don't say God said you should. Na waoh!.

From: Chima Ufomadu

Were the agents of Fresh at the polling stations? Did you really campaign and sold concrete plans on what you'd do to strengthen the Nigerian economy?

Fact is, your party had no convincing message to sell to Nigerians and therefore, it performed poorly. May be your language and communication strategy also need reengineering -- your choice of words disconnects you, most times, from your target audience. Remember, the essence of language is communication -- to express, and not to impress!

The polls were transparently conducted and I voted, spending hours in the hot Lagos sun to exercise my civic right. Such was the case with many Nigerians. Not minding what the courts might do eventually, I think you, like other presidential candidates, did not do enough to win our confidence and vote.

God bless you and God bless Nigeria!

From: Biodun BAba

Old boy, Nigeria is not music that you just get up and start singing like ABC, 123, doremi you and me. Be mindful of what you sing this time. Did the election say that everyone voted for PDP? No, the results said some millions voted for the opposition, but that those millions were not enough to beat the millions that voted PDP. Please you are the one who is not speaking the minds of those greater millions that have put JEGA - Jonathan Ebele Goodluck Azikiwe back on that sit. For your information most of those millions voted JEGA not PDP. Go back to your music. Thats where it seems your calling really is cos thats where you can live in a world of your selfish own and form stanzas like "ABC, interim. Doremi, Government"

From: Derek

i like to inform Okotie that he should know that majority of his church members did not vote for him ,talk more of the others. Our supposed leaders in this country do not know what to say in public, when to talk or when to keep quiet. He said leaders of thought should come together to renegotiate terms of Nigeria federation, but forgot to tell us who are the leaders?. Are they not the one we know or we are still waiting for them to be born. If a suppose church leader, who claimed to be guided by God to contest, do not accept the outcome of a free and fair election, i wonder who will.

From: maxwell agboufa

The number of Men of God who have lost focus is daily increasing. Leave Politics for Politicians. God has placed you far above and ahead of politicians and political class but you have decided to denigrate yourselves and smear your image with politics. Imagine how people talk to you as a man of God. This is most unfortunate. Please seek Gods forgiveness and face his business. Men of God should be King makers and not players in the political terrain. Think!!!! Think !!!! Thank!!!! and seek God purpose fo your calling.

From: David Duruji

Pastor chris this goes to shows that you are a true man of God. Because you spoke the true.

From: sade

It is a pity. The person who should be preaching peace is preaching violence. May God have mercy.

From: Oluwakemi

This 'Pastorician' who is at best a regular 'pretender' rather than 'contender' for the post of the Presidency of this country should shut up his tiny mouth and focus on deceiving his blindfolded followers with big grammer devoid of spiritual content

From: Choky

Pastor, though the elections cannot be adjudged to be 100 free and fair, and nowhere in the world you can get that, your comments non the less could be inciting with probable bad consequences which is not good for our nascent democracy. All I can advice is that any political party that felt aggrieved by the outcome of the election should approach the Law courts to seek redress. Let us allow the sleeping dog to continue sleeping. Congratulations Nigeria on the successful conduct of the elections, though there were pockets of rigging here and there by the ruling PDP we have to accept it for now and allow peace to reign.


Pastor please let the sleeping dog lye. The best thing for you to do now is to seek the face of God for peace in the North.

From: loveth

Pastor Chris Okotie...Please, stop all these your nonsense vituperation! Face your God, your Church, your wife and your music. You don't preach homilies in church and then come out to contest election conducted by INEC. Stop all these your foolish talk. Please, stop it. I watched you on Channels tv when you drove your hummer jeep with your and came to vote. You said the election was free and fair and now you are talking rubbish. Please, STOP! Abeg, chill. Please, stop talking nonsense...Please Stop. Don't become involved in rubbish talk. Please, consider your beautiful wife and top embarrassing her with nonsense talk. Consider your church members and stop all these trash you are talking.

From: rolchi

Someone should please caution this self acclaimed rev. Let him stop insulting our sensibility. He just come every four year to rant and disappear into thin air. How on earth did Okotie hope to win presidential election? What kind of preparation has he put in place?

From: Aaron

who is talking ? please, go get yourself busy. wen elders are talking children go on hideout. since 2003 to 20011 you never tired.

From: no name

Yeye man

From: Austin

i want people to stop calling you pastor,because you are a confusionalist am sorry is too late to cry.

From: victor

The biggest fool of the century. I thought you are only stupid, I don't know that you are retarded..

From: Goodwill

Rev. Chris you once denigrated Prophet T. B. Joshua as not being a true man of God, now see and hear what the people are saying about you. You want to win the presidential election just by displaying the poster of your fine face, better wake up and mind your pulpit.

From: Presley Enyia

"Even bad men praise consistency.... When you know where to find a man, he has one good point at any rate; but a fellow who howls with the wolves and bleats with sheep gets nobody's word unless it be the devil's" - Rev C. H. Spurgeon (culled from men with two faces -John Ploughman talk plain advise for plain people). Pastor Okotie think on these words of wisdom

From: Chibuzo

Posted: 12 hours ago

Pastor please in the name of God allow peace to reign in this country.we expect people like you to call a spade a spade and pray for divine intervention instead of causing problem.nigerians have spoken their minds you cant reverse it not even northerners. Be careful its divine

From: pPraise God



Okotie should take his church to the north let him tell them we need interim government foolish man

From: best

Its so unfortunate that not one of these "commenters" can see the truth in what pastor is saying. Nigeria is indeed heading for trouble. For all your information, Pastor has said the truth

From: Saliu Momodu

I use to think this man is sane. I dont think so anymore

From: Chinedum

Methinks Okotie has lost it completely. He should shut up and not incur the wrath of God any further.

From: Joseph Coker

okotie is a fool, period.

From: joseph a

well, failed musician and wannabe politician looking for relevance...hopefully the economy will improve and all the simple people who attend your church will find a better avenue to dissipate their energy...interim government ko, interim government ni.

From: Tunde

Okotie,i really don't know what to say to you.So this is how you will lead in heaven,charity begins at home,it shows you can even tell Baba God 2 set up interim government.This dictionary went you read wan make you turn the bible upside am abeg make you no carry your reggae spoil the blue wen we they play for this country,face your church even if you bi anti--christ,so that people wen wan become christian go become christian before u make them fear us and make us stop church and disrespect pastors.U JUST THEY DO ANY HOW 4 THERE U THINK SAY GOD NO THEY SEE U.


Please you people should stop calling this mad man a pastor or Reverend. Who made him pastor or Rev? He is just masquerading him as a Reverend but an apparent devil indeed. Please stop adding pastor or Rev to him because he has nothing to show as a man of God. Let him go to hell to form his interim govt. Foolish man.

From: Leonard

You are confused in your life. Idiot.

From: Adaka

Posted: 10 hours ago

I would, under all normal circumstances, not read other people's comments and opinions before expressing mine. However, the pronouncement of this 'man of God' is so ethereal and unreal to me I had to first check what others made of his folly. All the comments and opinions without any exception, have expanded mine in several ways and I rest my case

From: Earnest Olawale Fasan

I think Mr. Reverend should go and sleep and try as much as possible dream for a new direction for his life and ministry......I think He's more relevant there than political serene in the country..

From: Beecrown


From: NAN

This is my fear from the beginning. When 'Men of God' leave their primary calling to dabble into the murky waters of politics, this is what happens. Reverend sir, can you honestly say, by the comments following this article, that God's Name is being edified? When you went to the Polling Unit, wearing a JESUS' T-shirt, you openly declared that the Electoral process was free and fair. How come you have come out again 72 hours later to say it was rigged? In your heart of hearts, I know that you never hoped to come anywhere near winning. I know this because your preparation was less than shoddy. You did not have any structure on ground. You did not campaign - maybe you did, in your bedroom and managed to convince your wife to vote for you and she did. But you know full well that, not all the members of your congregation gave you their votes. This is because most of them know that you have fundamentally left your calling - if there was any. Why can't you follow the example of JESUS whose ambassador you are supposed to be? I know why though: 'Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted, neither tempteth He any man: but every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed' James 1:13-14 (KJV). Consider your ways sir and repent.

From: Frank Ebizie

By their fruit you shall know them. figs tree cannot produce apple neither apple produce figs. Jesus says I know my sheep and My sheep knows Me, if Jesus do not play politics so do His follows.

From: chy

I'm really saddened by the comments made by the Reverend. I will not question your integrity and character as a man of God (that's not in my place to do), but rather i will like you to wake up, smell the coffee and know what time it is.
Some of these utterances can destabilize the polity and that's not what the bible says;please do not make a joke out of us Christians, we are not fools...sir.

From: falax

Just stop phyuking yourself up! Is it your 2 times paid stagarred daily TV ad titled: "I'm Chris Okotie" you think that will make you Nigeria's President? I pity you ABC - 123 singer. You're just a disgrace to the christendom. We use to cherish you before, but by calling for the cancellation of the freest, fairest, orderly and most credible election and install an Interim government shows clearly that you're living in the past.

I'm sorry for you oga rev (are you one at all?). Your inciting statements clearly shows that you're a desperado who just want to rise to power on a platter of gold of your ABC-123 music of then.

Now there is no proof to show that you're called of God. I believe one day you'll be exposed and be disgraced openly. When good parties are talking, Fresh Party or what is it call self - 'Dry Party' will always bury its head in utter of shame.

You've to give your life to Christ and be bornagain after you've confessed all your sins including your call for the cancellation of the freest and fairest election that brought God's ordained leader to Nigeria and your so-called interim government you intend to head.

It clearly shows that you've nothing to offer to church members let alone other million Nigerians you intended seeking their vote. Where did you even campaign self? Can you tell Nigerians the cities of States of the federation where you have your political office except your church?

My brother Chris, I won't call you REVEREND because you still need to give your life to Christ again, then go through a responsible man of God to watch your christian (new-birth) growth to see if you can be call by God to be a pastor.

Have a wonderful Easter celebrations with this piece plus other well-meaning commentators on this topic!

From: Francis Ovegho

why do guys have time to respond to an idiot pastor. he is not even a real man of God as he claims coz by their seeds we should know them.he better go and run his church business.he is a big fool!!

From: B

I am wondering where the rigging would have taken place or who would have rigged massively. Lagos the largest state in Nigeria struggling to have 1.5m voters while Gombe which was carved out of Bauchi and has only one small town Gombe which used to be smaller than Epe about 10 years ago is struggling with Lagos in terms of number of voters or Katsina , which you can drive through about 10-15 years in less than 10 minutes is now boasting almost 2 million or more voters. Questions for CPC to answer. I enjoyed Pastor Chris description of the scientific abracadra that only his special vision can see like for a camel to pass through a needle.

From: Ray

Pastor wey no get direction, that couldn't keep his first marriage, ended up marrying a divorcee with 3 grown children. it's obvious he's a confused, arrogant and egocentric clown, he unintentionally entertain people with his rethorics. now we know why his first wife left him. grow up Chris, stop acting a fool for the entertainment of the world.

That is Nigeria politics for you as Okotie boasted that no presidential candidate is more popular than him. Interesting things are happening in our country. And Okotiie pastors one big congregation of a pentecostal church yet he cannot be truthful to himself and his flock. I can assure you that not all his family and church members voted for him . I did not even see him campaign outside Lagos, infact he didn't even cover the length and breathe of Lagos and he wants to be president. He is not serous at all!

From: Austine Uche Ejeke

Mr. Okotie, your only relevance was back in the days when you were into music........ now those days are long gone. Do not incur the wrath of God upon yourself and family.

From: eee

If only Chris Okote has congratulated the president elect, he would have gotten praise from Nigerians. It is a pity somebody of his status could think like this. This will definitely be a difficult time for his church members.

From: Monday Onyenenue

Chris Okotie is operating under curses from Pastors Chris Oyakilohme and T.B.Joshua. That just it.

From: Anietie Obiosio

419 PASTOR, I sorry for the people who are members of your 419 Church.

From: OSARETIN......Belgium.

Musician turn pastor and now a politician......Am not surprised this is coming from him................
better be thinking of another occupation..............."Interim Government" that's very dumb of you........if you have access to the internet read what people think of you............

From: kamsy

Inspite of all his grammars he has now proven to me that all those are shenanigans and he is the most stupid Presidential candidate Nigeria ever produced

The problem is not about rigging or manipulation, it's about the system of government we have. Naturally, it's hard to follow or abide by decisions made by someone you did not support, same thing applies to the regions in our country. Hypothetically speaking, the North has every right to object since the majority voted for CPC and vice versa for the South and S/W. This election represent the true natures of our differences. Presidential system would be a hard thing to work in Nigeria and our leaders should find a suitable system that would bring us all together.

From: Rabiu Ibraheem

"The leaders of the people cause them to err and they that are led of them are destroyed" - The Bible.

From: Anderson
donuche at 12:49 AM, 22/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(1765 | Gistmaniac) (m)

i am really getting confused about this rev chris okotie .
Commonsense at 01:31 AM, 22/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(769 | Upcoming) (m)

He got only 34,331 votes, shame on him. Even his followers in his church doesn't believe in him, if they do, he should have gotten more than 1 million votes. He came out and failed in 2007, he has failed again in 2011. He is sick in the head and should check into a rehab, foolish man.
BONZ at 02:05 AM, 22/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(458 | Upcoming) (m)

Rev why don't u just shut up. Besyds the fact tht it's impossible for u to win the election, ur proposing anarchy to the country. Mtcheww.

KINGJHOE at 03:00 AM, 22/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(3070 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Freedom of expression duh?You can reject the election results in Yemen,Egypt,Tunisia....who cares?
ugochuks at 08:09 AM, 22/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(848 | Upcoming) (m)

 Grin Grin Grin I BEG WAIT FOR ME JOR!  Grin Grin

monday3 at 11:54 AM, 22/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(814 | Upcoming) (m)

make this go face am church.
HearMyCry at 02:03 PM, 22/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(535 | Upcoming) (f)

I think the comments following this post have said it all, I got nothing else to add.  He needs to have his head checked, maybe it is an effect from trying to cram all the big big grammars contained in the dictionary in his small head.  Rubbish!


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