pals what will you do if you find out ur best friend is dating your ex-boyfriend

9 years ago by: wummzy
(f) at 5-05-2011 01:43PM (9 years ago)

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Wink Wink

Hixy (f) at 10-05-2011 10:11PM
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Just Pray for them so that what didn't work out for me may work for them.
U know the saying which says: "another mans meat is another man's poison!"
So as you pray for them God will show u where u belong!
whitedove255 (f) at 11-05-2011 09:24AM
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as 4 me i think is a bad idea to do such...we are all humans,d 2 babes will never be best of friends again  Grin Grin
segzydarams-- (m) at 11-05-2011 04:52PM
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whitedove255 (f) at 11-05-2011 05:48PM
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gimac (m) at 12-05-2011 06:45AM
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what did you call it ex...i will do anything not even be jealousy ,infact am not too much hold woman to heart
shawntyxl (f) at 15-05-2011 01:51PM
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Tell her its bad and if she doesnt stop, stop talking to her
momeh (m) at 19-05-2011 09:33AM
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let dem b
taqueen (m) at 19-05-2011 12:39PM
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i dont think this should even be an issue, if you dont know that life is not urs u live it as you see it
whitedove255 (f) at 19-05-2011 04:46PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin
ria2000 (f) at 12-11-2011 05:23PM
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for get them, there are not your problem move on.
Rantiayo (m) at 30-01-2012 08:44PM
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Wish them luck... It only means u re not where u where before... You re moving forward and that's good news.

mexiboku (f) at 2-02-2012 05:19PM
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ms poster u called him ur ex ryt?then wats d fuse again,d guy wasnt tied wt u so his found anoda gal buh am sure he will still dumb d gal again,pls ladies b wise cos men are not worth it
richi192 (f) at 27-07-2012 02:28PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Reggyblinks (f) at 14-11-2013 11:10AM
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@ first ill be upset thinking she master minded our breakup,but @ d second taught ill let them be & dat will nt affect my relationship with my frnd
PoliticxGuru (m) at 20-08-2015 09:31AM
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moralemike07 (m) at 20-08-2015 09:44AM
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Pray for them to last longer together.
dareper (m) at 31-08-2015 10:13AM
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Not a big deal