Goodluck Jonathan Cuts Salary Of All Political Office Holders By 25% (Page 4)

Date: 07-01-2012 9:40 pm (11 years ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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- henrykay247 at 8-01-2012 07:07 AM (11 years ago)
he wanna use all that sweet talks to calm everyone down.people has already started believing him.gej is a frustrated cow.
Posted: at 8-01-2012 07:07 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- DavyDapy at 8-01-2012 07:24 AM (11 years ago)
GEJ & FGN are senseless. They don't have the brain to rule the 150million people in Nigeria. They add more problems to their problems. Niger Delter, Boko Haram, Budget immplimentatiön, PHCN,  Agriculture on ground, nothing to show. Refinenaries is zero.
The best they could thought of is subsidy removal, & they expect us to be silent. 'Dan boro ba!' 'BARAWO BANSA!'
Posted: at 8-01-2012 07:24 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- abbajonahsani at 8-01-2012 08:10 AM (11 years ago)
hmmmmmmm is a gud one ma president.... lets wait n c hw is goin 2 end...
Posted: at 8-01-2012 08:10 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- johnstond at 8-01-2012 08:29 AM (11 years ago)
yes!but it is nt ok we naijans.reduce fuel pump price,tp fare, n do wat is good.
Posted: at 8-01-2012 08:29 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- kenneth33 at 8-01-2012 08:53 AM (11 years ago)
My People Lets us free this Man..everybody drinks Water, water is Life, but water Still have Enemy, what about human being, lets just pray that God will enter into there Mind and Work in Them for our own Good..Must of u saying war, war, when it will start u will be one to die, all of them and there relatives will fly Abroad, even Some us here talking about War don't have 8thousand Naira for Ordinary International Passport not talk of other things to make them fly out if the war start, and u there saying war, war,..How many of Us here has ever Witness War?? Even though we are shouting 4rm now till Tomorrow, its only remain in Naijapals..e no rich Aso Rock Gate..pls let Us pray and Give everything to God, God knows, he Understand and he will make things Beta, just one day..Me wey no  get common  Garry to drink..if the War Start what will i do?? Must of Us here Can't even Address a Family Meeting, not talk of a Big Country  like Nigeria..Bros e no easy..God Help Us...
Posted: at 8-01-2012 08:53 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- kelechiawurum at 8-01-2012 09:03 AM (11 years ago)
good luck is too poor to be a 9jia przedent
Posted: at 8-01-2012 09:03 AM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- ossaiiseh at 8-01-2012 09:18 AM (11 years ago)
pls i want to know how this have affected the price of items in the market, and hw it have affected the masses positively
Posted: at 8-01-2012 09:18 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- Mgbolahan at 8-01-2012 09:29 AM (11 years ago)
I believe Mr. President is not telling the truth!!! He is just looking for a way to make Nigerians forget about the oil subsidy removal by sweet talking us into what he knows he cannot do....cut salary of all political office holders by 25%.....ALL NA SCOPE...LIESSSSSSS!!!!!

Rememeber, he said ''I will cut....'' Nonsensical....he should do that first before coming up with nonsense he is doing. They want to tackle corruption and the only way is to remove subsidy....when they know all those that are in the cabal.....Is Mr. President saying he is void of ideas and ways to tackle few corrupt officials or mafias we have in government before inflicting pains on over 150million people!!!

Do you guys know how many FPSO vessels Patience Jonathan bought within 6 months!!!! Nobody is talking about that....

The most painful now is that Northerners are killing Christians in the North and nobody is doing anything about it!!!! Nobody is talking about it, all we are saying is fuel subsidy while people are dying....government keeps coming assuring us of security and each time they say that Boko Haram kills more people.....honestly this is a failed government....For those of you that voted for this man...cuz I remember people saying ''We voted for Jonathan not PDP...'' and those of you that voted based on sentiment and tribalism, this is what you have caused the country!!!!

This president is weak, clueless and confused!!! This guy is not worthy of being my class teacher talkless of my president.....nonsense
Posted: at 8-01-2012 09:29 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- senator83a at 8-01-2012 09:46 AM (11 years ago)
I assure you all that we will work towards achieving full domestic refining of petroleum products with the attendant benefits.

na today? every government talks about these refineries yet nothing happens. sincerity and uprightness means nothing to these bastards, they dont even try one bit to keep their words. anyways, lets see who is fooling who.
Posted: at 8-01-2012 09:46 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- Mgbolahan at 8-01-2012 09:59 AM (11 years ago)
Posted: at 8-01-2012 09:59 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- ossaiiseh at 8-01-2012 10:07 AM (11 years ago)
wake up on the 1st of january instead of this man to give us hope of improved security of lives and properties, na fuel subsidy him take wish us happy new year. what a wicked govt. even if they are not paid 6-moths salary it dosnt change dosnt change the price of items in the market,nor the price per drop of okada, school fees,and u dnt even wnt me to talk. somebody should pls call Jonathan back to order,if his advisers cant gv hm good advc cnt hs wife call her swthrt to the rght trck? na only to dey hammer our head with her grammatical error she sabi? ''even if Ojukwu is dead his manhood still leaves on''. is it not minimum wage of ordinary #18,000 they battled with for months which some state gov are yet to implement up till now? but fuel subsidy can be removed overnight with more than 100% y are these pple so wicked?
Posted: at 8-01-2012 10:07 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- kingsly4u at 8-01-2012 10:59 AM (11 years ago)
Posted: at 8-01-2012 10:59 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- Riverniger1 at 8-01-2012 11:34 AM (11 years ago)
slow and steady Jonathan Grin

Posted: at 8-01-2012 11:34 AM (11 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- travolta2812 at 8-01-2012 12:03 PM (11 years ago)
bastard president
Posted: at 8-01-2012 12:03 PM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- Imoking at 8-01-2012 12:07 PM (11 years ago)
Showing good example
Posted: at 8-01-2012 12:07 PM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- travolta2812 at 8-01-2012 12:09 PM (11 years ago)
John Bosco January 8, 2012 at 2:05 am JONATHAN 2012 BUDGET AND LIES
N280 million for two bullet proof Mercedes Benz saloon 600 E Guard at N140 million each
N356.72 million for new vehicles in the presidential fleet
5 Mercedes Benz 350 (semi plain/partial bullet proof) at N25 million each, 10 jeeps (assorted – Range Rover, Prado and Land Cruiser) at N10 million each, and accessories for these vehicles will cost N25 million
N57.43 million to upgrade facilities at the Presidential Villa
N127.50 million to overhaul power generating sets
N512.385 million to refurbish the family wing of the main residence
N385.35 million for land reclamation at the State House Medical Centre
N101.67 million for the rehabilitation of transformer substation in the villa
N97.95 million for extension/expansion of State House car parks (The more SUVs and cars you accumulate the more ground you need to park them in!)
N108 million for communication equipment at the Villa, Dodan Barracks and vice president’s guest house
N36.88 million to rehabilitate presidential/ministerial chalet at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, despite spending/budgeting N48 million for this last year
N52.87 million to rehabilitate 10 presidential houses on Ibrahim Taiwo Street, Abuja, despite allocating/spending N101 million
N530.57 million to rehabilitate the State House and Dodan Barracks, despite spending/allocating N628.64 million this year on the two properties
N357.731 million for repairs and renovation of the administrative building at the Villa, despite allocating/spending N302.29 million on this last year
N62.23 million for the rehabilitation of the banquet hall dome roof, despite allocating/spending N81 million on the roof last year.
N992.57 million for feeding the president and the vice president
Posted: at 8-01-2012 12:09 PM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- dickman2 at 8-01-2012 12:10 PM (11 years ago)
Quote from: FinlandGuy on  8-01-2012 03:03 AM
Pls Mr Presido,the hausa muslims fools are killing the Ibos because of you,because to took away power from them.Pls since you dont want to do something about it and do not divide this country so that the hausa will go and the Ibos and those who want to join the Ibos will go and have baifra,since you dont want to divide it,tell this boko haram that you are not original Ibo man so that they will leave ibo people alone and  face your tribe,maybe when they throw bomb for your village,you will be forced to do something about it.

Your state of emergency is not working out anything.There state of emergency,yet 20 ibos has been killed in Adamawa ATIKU ur PDP Opponent,the same person that says he will cause war to the country if he loose PDP's Presidential Ticket.All these ur long grammar,subsidy no subsidy,cutting salary no cutting is not my concern.

Innocent Ibos are dying in the same place you are calling one Nigeria,Nigerians.

good talk my brother..the man no bi am..please my people ,,make own come back home from the north ,,please ooo..their is a place for u all back home..the hausa are not our peolpe..igbo people make owner live their land for them and come back home please..
Posted: at 8-01-2012 12:10 PM (11 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- Rije at 8-01-2012 12:20 PM (11 years ago)
is nice
Posted: at 8-01-2012 12:20 PM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- DeLord-Sheriff at 8-01-2012 12:57 PM (11 years ago)
9ice speach. hope nigerians will listen 2 their president. I wish him d very best, he has my full support on this issue.
Posted: at 8-01-2012 12:57 PM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- hgfuo8d9gqq at 8-01-2012 01:20 PM (11 years ago)

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Posted: at 8-01-2012 01:20 PM (11 years ago) | Newbie
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