ignorance is worst than Evil

Date: 22-03-2012 3:46 pm (9 years ago) | Author: Josiah Omeiza Eniola Gabriel
- at 22-03-2012 03:46 PM (9 years ago)
Your major problem is not actually the devil, it is ignorance of the relevant truth of the solution to that situation. The devil is only taking advantage of your ignorance. The devil is not that powerful,your lack of knowledge on certain issues is what makes it look like the devil is gaining ground on that issue. You cannot kill the devil until the last day,but you can kill ignorance by the power of knowledge. God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.Hosea 4:6.

If you don't overcome ignorance through knowledge,the devil will always be your unwanted visitor. It is ignorance that opens the door for the devil to oppress you. Darkness is the same thing as ignorance, while light is knowledge. And the word of God is the catalyst for light.Psalm 119:130. In fact God's word is Light. There is what you need to know to get to the next level in your spiritual life, finances, job, family, marriage, relationships, career, ministry, business. You must hate ignorance the same way you hate the devil. Go for knowledge, read books, observe, make research, ask questions. The bible is the knowledge of the truth, you must take it serious. I see your level changing sporadically in Jesus name.

It is those that desire knowledge that gets it. The more you know, the better you live. For instance to prosper financially, you must give and pay your tithe, to live a healthy life; you must eat balanced diet in quality not just quantity, you must take fruits and vegetables regularly and you must do exercises daily. The devil will only attack your finances as a devourer when you don't pay your tithe.Malachi 3:10. So get knowledge and the devil will no more know your house address. Deliverance is by knowledge.Proverbs 9:11. Everything is by knowledge, and it is a common saying that knowledge is power.Your story must change this time, IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME.

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