How to forgive and forget

Date: 27-03-2012 9:43 am (9 years ago) | Author: Josiah Omeiza Eniola Gabriel
- at 27-03-2012 09:43 AM (9 years ago)
Many people forgive but not everybody forgets, you may think you have forgotten the issue, but until you see the person in contention or the place of the event and you no longer feel bitter, you have not truly forgotten.

Forgiveness is not complete without forgetting. You need to forget as a proof that you have truly forgiven. But How You May Ask?
You cannot truly forget as you cannot delete the event from your memory. That betrayal, heart break, disappointment will always be in your memory. But you can change the way you now see the issue. This is how to truly forget; you must laugh about the issue when you remember it. See it like it happened for the better. You know when Joseph finally forgot what his brothers did to him was when he told them that God arranged the issue so as to take him to Egypt to preserve lives. They thought they were doing him evil but God turned it to good. Genesis 45:5.

Give that person a call to prove that you have forgiven and forgotten, send a text, if you don't know how to reach the person or if the person is dead, you can write an imaginary letter; addressed to the person and burn it. Unforgiveness does more harm to you than your offender. So forgive him or her now, forgive them. You will make tremendous progress today in Jesus precious name.

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