How to recognise God's help

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It is so important to note that God sends help your way everyday. Psalm 68:19, but the problem is that you fail to see it or recognise it when it comes. By privilege and grace via this short message I shall be showing you how to recognise your help when it comes.

The reason why you do not recognise the helps from God is you are looking up to man. No man can help you except God first helps you. God is the source, while every other person or thing or event is merely a channel. If God sees that you are looking up to the man who is just a channel, He will withdraw the help or delay it. Because if the man does it, you will give glory to that man. Jeremiah 17:5-8. This is why even when you were so close to your breakthrough you missed it. Do not see any man as your helper, rather see them as channels. God is the source. Psalm 46:1. He is the very present help in times of trouble.

Beloved, If you must see God's help today then you must not look up to man, no matter their promises, look up to God, He can use people, things, policies and events to give you that help. But let it be that you are looking up to Him.

You can also facilitate God's help to reach you on time today by helping others. When you see a need that you can meet please meet it and God will meet yours. I SEE GOD'S HELP REACHING YOU ON TIME TODAY IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Amen.

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