Bloody revolution looms –Northern Christian Elders

Date: 01-04-2012 7:02 am (12 years ago) | Author: Rasta Bien
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   Abuja  Sunday, April 01, 2012

Christian Elders Forum of Northern States (NOSCEF) met yesterday in Abuja on the dwindling fortunes of the nation, saying that a bloody revolution is imminent in the country.

The group, however, said the nation does not need to head in that direction, saying that all Nigeria needs is Jesus’ revolution.
Briefing newsmen, chairman of the forum, Evangelist Mathew Owojaiye, stated that Nigeria is at a crossroads, adding that much prayer was needed to land at a safe destination.

He further stated that poverty, chaos, violence and corruption are not foundation stones for a great nation. “With our education system in shambles, youth unemployment rising, leading to frustration, crime and violence; a bloody revolution is not too far away.”

According to NOSCEF, “the Jesus revolution is all we need to halt the drift to extinction. A revolution of true patriotism, selfless leadership, care for the poor and the needy, will pull us back from the precipice.”

Owojaiye said a revolution of true love, good neighbourliness, good governance and accountability will take us to the right direction. The NOSCEF chair also said the nation needs to deal with corruption with zero tolerance, saying that “these attributes that can make Nigeria great are attributes that sincere Christians should possess.”
Noting that Northern Christian Elders had been quiet, standing aloof while darkness threatens to engulf the nation, the group said that “while Christians are not urged to join one single political party, our united voice would be a force to be reckoned with.”

On insurgency of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, the group said it believes that it is the responsibility of the Islamic leaders in the northern part of the country to call them to order. According to the Northern Christian body, “if Boko Haram is causing problem, we expect the Muslim leaders to say, ‘you are Muslims like us, let us sit down and talk’.

“If the Federal Government negotiates with them and thy that they don’t want Christians in one part of the country, will the Federal Government not be impeached for violating the constitution? So, we expect their Muslims brothers to talk to them.”

On where the Boko Haram insurgency is leading us to, the group said they were gathered because they are not interested in knowing where the rebellion is leading the nation to, but to find a way out of the situation

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- Parma at 1-04-2012 09:08 AM (12 years ago)
If there must be revolution, let it be. A common man is nt afraid of revolution; influencial people are. A poor man is nt afraid; the wealthy people are. The ruled are nt afraid of it too but the rulers are. If Nigerians are truly at crossroads and cannot go forward, why dont we go back to the starting point? 'If one could nt go forward in a journey, one should nt be too ashamed to go back to the starting point instead of merry-go-rounding on a spot'. Our leaders(traditional, political, religious) are afraid of revolution - peaceful or bloody - because they have defaulted in their roles. To them, revolution in whatever manner is unwaranted because it amounts to losing their hard-earned dirty wealth which ought to have been evenly distributed among all Nigerians.

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- Parma at 1-04-2012 09:38 AM (12 years ago)
''If Boko Haram is causing problem, we expect the
Muslim leaders to say, ‘you are
Muslims like us, let us sit down
and talk’'.
The pastor is raising a good point here. But I believe this boko haram sect is a group whose members are cut out for different missions far from propagating Islam. If their missions are for the benefit of muslims, why would they nt listen to the muslim religious leaders? Why is it that most of the people and sponsors linked with boko haram are political leaders and nt pure muslim leaders? So unfortunate those sponsors are muslims. Why are muslims in other regions nt killing and maiming like the bokos in the North? These are questions for discerning minds.
However, to the muslim leaders, the helpless masses, and even the Nigerian government, the fear of boko haram is the beginning of wisdom. Thank God, the federal govt is overpowering them. Maybe by July as Mr president promised to end the spate, Nigerians can sleep with both eyes closed.

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- summy4ever at 1-04-2012 09:41 AM (12 years ago)
Revolution is inevitable, the question is when?
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- FBI_CIA at 1-04-2012 05:45 PM (12 years ago)
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