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301  Forum / Relationships & Romance / A woman can also propose to a man - Pastor Sam Adeyemi on: 24-03-2014 02:43PM

Leadership speaker and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, while preaching on "Prepaper for the wedding", on Sunday March 16th, shared his opinion about women proposing to the man and also gave insight on how they can go about it. Below is what he said
"Some people may ask, Pastor is it okay for it to be the lady that will tell the guy about marriage? Well, is there anywhere in the bible that says a lady can't tell a man? The thing though is, a lot of time, it's better for the guy to pop the question because men become suspicious a lot of time when they are being chased. They like to eat meat that they chased in the bush. They don't like the one that falls on their lap dead. However., sometimes, all the signs are there that she is the one but he is not just speaking. Its also not healthy for the lady emotionally for the man to be so close to her and yet not say anything. So in such a case, a lady needs to prod him.
So how can a lady go about it? Ask him where are we going? I sense this is where the relationship is going, what do you think? Its either a yes or a no, but with that, you know where you are going instead of being on an emotional roller coaster and your heart is smashed into pieces at the end of the day".
Pastor Sam supported his position with the story of Ruth in the Bible who was taught to propose to Boaz whom she eventually married according to Ruth Chapter 3  in the Bible. He however emphasized the need for women to apply uttermost wisdom when proposing to a man.
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302  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Islamic cleric docked in Ogun over alleged defilement of 12-yr-old girl on: 24-03-2014 02:12PM

An 32-year-old Islamic cleric, Kazeem Jimoh, on Monday appeared before an Ota Magistrates’ Court in Ogun, charged with the alleged defilement of a 12-year-old girl.

Jimoh, whose address was not given, is facing a one-count charge of rape.

The prosecutor, Insp. Peter Molokwu, told the court that the cleric committed the offence on March 18 at 8.00 p.m. in an uncompleted building opposite Community Primary School, Iloye in Ota.

Molokwu said that the accused lured the girl into the building and had unlawful carnal knowledge of her.

He said that police investigation revealed that the cleric had previously engaged in the act with the girl.

The prosecutor said that the offence committed contravened Section 218 of the Criminal Code Vol. 1 of the Revised Laws of Ogun, 2006.

The Magistrate, Mrs Titi Bello, admitted Jimoh to bail in the sum of N200,000 with two sureties in like sum.

She said that the sureties must be resident within the court’s jurisdiction and show evidence of tax payment to the Ogun Government.

Bello said that one of the sureties must also be an owner of a developed land, while the other should be a civil servant not below Level 14 in the employment of the Ogun government.

The case was adjourned till May 23, for mention. (NAN)
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303  Forum / The Buzz Central / Magazine Lists It's 5 Celeb Couple Who Show That Love Is Still Alive on: 24-03-2014 01:55PM

They are Annie Idibia and Tuface, Peter Okoye and Lola, Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz, Toke & Maje Ayida and Pastor Adeoye and Sunmbo Adeoye.

Do these couple really prove that love is still alive? Check out the full cover after the cut.....

Female Gospel Singer, Efe Nathan’s Sextape With Her Band Drummer Leaked [PHOTOS plus FREAKY/EXPLICIT VIDEO]
304  Forum / The Buzz Central / The Popular Female Activist Set To Run For Governor on: 24-03-2014 01:40PM
Kemi Olunloyo, daughter of former Oyo Governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo who is known to make controversial statements and outbursts has declared her intention to run for Governor of Oyo State in 2019.

The Controversial activist who once revealed that if President wins in 2015 she would commit suicide "phyuk president Jonathan. If he wins in 2015, I'm committing suicide" said nobody will stop her from becoming the governor in 2019
According to Kemi Olunloyo who prefers her fans address her as ‘Her Excellency, Madam Governor said:
“I will be running for #Governor of #OyoState in 2019. My campaign begins now. I think I need at least 4years of #ACTIVISM in this country and see how community works with Government and thus I will be even more active in several Ibadan and Oyo state events and continue my community rallies in Ibadan which I started since 2012. A new page will open where we will only talk about Oyo state politics.

L-R: Her father, Ex- Oyo Governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo, Governor Abiola Ajimobi, kemi Omololu Olunloyo
Beginning today pls refer to me as #HerExcellency #MadamGovernor on Facebook and on the streets which many already do anyway. I’m changing Nigeria in these parts. NOBODY, I REPEAT, NOBODY but God can stop me! Don’t mess with the G thang! S/O to Governor Abiola adeyemi Ajimobi who told me that a woman can be Governor around here! So you sexists better get ready!! You are looking at the PAST, PRESENT and the FUTURE! Party will be announced then. I wanna only focus on Oyo state in Oyo state now. No Abuja!!”
The Outspoken Kemi Omololu Olunloyo who recently called RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye   a gay pastor and cultist who needs to have sex with some of his church members is well known for attacking Chistians, Muslims, and doesn't hesitate to lash out and publicly embarass  critics who challenges her or questions her opinion.
Female Gospel Singer, Efe Nathan’s Sextape With Her Band Drummer Leaked [PHOTOS plus FREAKY/EXPLICIT VIDEO]
305  Forum / The Buzz Central / You Just Can't Miss New Sexy PHOTOS Of Actress Iyabo Ojo on: 24-03-2014 01:22PM
A prolific actress/producer, a loving mother and a beautiful lady Iyabo Ojo has shared the new hot photos of herself.

Popular mostly in the Yoruba genre, Iyabo debuted as an actress in 1998 in the movie Satanic. Since then she has featured in more than 50 other films.

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306  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / The 10 Real Tips To Becoming A Rich Man Like Dangote on: 24-03-2014 12:57PM

I was recently called to approve of a very handsome advertising offer from the D. Group in a magazine I edit. It was really good money. I told the online magazine to politely reject the offer. It will be better we stay broke and poor than partake in his filthy wealth and lose our principles and dignity, I told them.

On one condition can we accept to run his ads — if he promises to reduce the extortive price of cement for all Nigerians by just 20%, we will run his ads for free for him for one whole year.

Nigerians have a problem. We praise and appraise anyone with wealth without realizing and questioning the source of their wealth...whether or not it is from our inheritance and stolen from our suffering and dying parents. This sycophancy and celeb-worship renders us — as a society — hopeless, worthless, deNoodd and condemned to a second-class life of misery, begging and poverty.

To explain my position, I here present the 10 secrets to being a successful Dangote, the true edition:

...The problems Nigeria faces today with the oligopolistic cabal were faced by the United States earlier in its history with the Robber barons and the rise and wars of the labour unions. One only hopes and prays that Nigerians wake-up now, and Nigeria will not be saved from its Robber barons by a tortuous and arduous, bloody and luck-dependent process as happened in the United States. If you know our government is evil, what do you call the cabal—who literally own the evil government and work behind the scenes to ensure the government protects their interests and their ventures to our permanent detriment? These same cabal were behind our worst dictators and again selected, sponsored and have been behind our terrible politician regimes including this one...

1. Get a powerful government friend, preferably the President. Aliko Dangote got Obasanjo. Not his second term but since his first term at the head of the government. It was during Obasanjo’s military rule in the 70’s that their partnership was kindred and Obasanjo first gave Dangote sole-importation rights.

2. Ask your government friend to give you sole importation or manufacture rights. Dangote first got this through Obasanjo in the seventies. Choose an essential commodity, not a luxury. Choose food, cement, roads, cars, mobile phones/internet, anything Nigerians cannot do without so the government can impose your monopoly on the people and they will have no choice. A dollar-a-head multiplied by 168 million Nigerians. Voila! World billionaire!!!

3. Ask your government friend to also give you zero-barest minimum import tariffs on all equipment and materials you wish to import. Dangote practically owns his own ports.

4. Next, get your government friend to promote and secure your company to be the only ‘business’ allowed to manufacture and sell whatever product you are engaged in. Cement, rice, etc. Dangote according to reports admitted that the Nigerian government once got him to import so much rice, it crashed the local market. Do this and you are on your way to your first billion.

5. Secure your position by sponsoring and collaborating with all governments, military or civilian. When it comes to politics and political parties, as Dangote does, sponsor both sides, whoever will take your dirty money; so whoever wins, your oligopoly is secured.

6. Privatization: Buy state assets at a fraction of the price from your government friends, who are by now secret investors and share-holders in your business. Have the government refurbish these assets for trillions and sell them to you for one-tenth of the price.

7. Kill Competition: Now that you have benefited immensely from the generosity of the government and nation, have the government permanently ban all competition. For instance, ensure that there is now a very high tariff on the import of cement so no one can compete with your monopoly.

8. Be ready to blackmail. Anytime a competitor successfully imports even a single bag of cement, close a small branch of your company and announce in the papers that 1000 workers were laid off/sent to rest because the import of that bag of cement 'crashed prices' and so there will be an unemployment crises. Dangote loves this one. Anytime Yar’Adua or other President pushed him to reduce his exorbitant prices that defied the laws of supply and demand, he quickly temporarily shuts a plant down to blackmail the president with the fictitious unemployment crises.

9. Set your prices triple the price for that commodity before you got involved and triple the global average price. For instance, sell your cement at $12/bag when everywhere in the world it sells for $4-5/bag. Even imported cement sells for $4-5/bag in Nigeria. But since your monopoly is protected by your politician friends in power, you are free to set your prices as you like to crush and deplete the masses of their money while declaring double quarterly profits for your government and foreign share-holders…as Dangote always does. People will believe it is the cost of doing business in Nigeria. Fool them, though you know that every other businessman who likewise does business in Nigeria, competes with global costs, keep declaring your double profits, enjoying cheap labor, free land and no tariffs. Get rich by making your countrymen poor.

10. Keep it running: Stay out of direct politics; do not make the mistake of Abiola. Stay on the sidelines, be the one to choose and sponsor candidates into the parties; publicize yourself as a charitable employer of labor. Keep sponsoring political candidates with back-door deals for them to handover the nation's oil wells, resources, land and the people's pockets to you. Help politicians invest and launder their money.

Two Islamic hadiths that Dangote wannabes can relate to:

Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet said: A time will come upon the people when one will not care how one gains one's money, legally or illegally. (Bukhari)

It is reported by Jabir that the Prophet said: The flesh and body that is raised on unlawful sustenance shall not enter Paradise. Hell is more deserving to the flesh that grows on one's body out of unlawful sustenance. (Ahmad).

The Dangote business model some are understudying can never make a penny outside Africa. Check his money making ventures—all are local. In America it takes ingenious thinking, brilliant ideas, discipline and skills to become a renowned millionaire. In Nigeria it takes shrewdness, dirty bloody money and corrupt connections.

Unfortunately for those who have been reading the recent out-pour of press by Dangote, supposedly teaching them how to be successful entrepreneurs: know now that your ‘teacher’ is your worst enemy. Dangote will block you from establishing any business in Nigeria. We all will ultimately soon be his glorified slaves (employees) until and unless a true Nigerian civilian or soldier leader breaks the cabal monopoly. Our current administration as with those in our past, is more evil than is easily seen. We do not notice and there is little press when they lock us in binds to be openly robbed and extorted by the cabal. The government never supports healthy, necessary competition to protect the interests and prosperity of the masses; and the cabal are so heartless they will usurp every advantage given by the desperate and insensitive politicians they bought into office.

Till we are delivered or deliver ourselves from the claws of these government-partner monsters, we must all say no to the cabal. We must avoid their goods as much as we can and patronize competitors even if their prices are a bit higher. It will pay in the long run if we do so. A little hunger today will secure food for our children tomorrow. This is our only chance.

by Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian
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307  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Future Nurse Unaware Of Pregnancy Delivered Baby On Toilet Floor on: 24-03-2014 12:45PM

A 18-year-old British girl had been unaware of her pregnancy until she gave birth on her parents' bathroom floor.
Photo: Jessica Elikowski had been unaware of her pregnancy until she delivered a baby
It has been gathered that a future nurse woke up to go to the toilet, where feeling the pressure she started to push. Fifteen minutes later the delivered a healthy baby girl.
Jessica Elikowski confessed: "I had no idea I was pregnant - which is amazing considering I'm actually studying child care and pregnancy at college."
According to the young mother, she though that she had had problems with her knee and back because an injury she suffered in 2012. She even underwent a key-hole surgery to realign her knee cap.
Now, 3 months later, it turns out the pain was caused the baby located close to her spine.
"When I went for my surgery, the doctors didn't do a pregnancy test because I was on my period. But they tested me for just about everything else."
Jessica and her mother are very happy with the birth of little Lexi, who they call a "miracle".
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308  Forum / The Buzz Central / D’Banj Opens Up On Genevieve Nnaji and Kenya Moore (video) on: 24-03-2014 12:34PM
D'Banj denied the rumours of dating a popular Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji on Tim Westwood show.
When D'Banj appeared at the Tim Westwood show, he was asked to comment on his relationship status.
He replied "no" to all the questions regarding whether he was dating any Nollywood actress, the question was most probably aimed to confirm or deny the rumors of his rekindled romance with a Nollywood star, Genevieve Nnaji.
The Kokomaster also insisted that he was just friends with Kenya Moore, of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Watch a funny interview here:
<a href=";v=AUtNw4zS8vE" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">;v=AUtNw4zS8vE</a>

Female Gospel Singer, Efe Nathan’s Sextape With Her Band Drummer Leaked [PHOTOS plus FREAKY/EXPLICIT VIDEO]
309  Forum / The Buzz Central / Nigerian Designer 'Attacks' Paul Okoye, His New Bride & Other Celebs on: 24-03-2014 12:07PM
Nigerian fashion Designer, Emmy Collins who is known for always criticizing celebs has taken a swipe at the second half of Psquare, Paul Okoye's who got married to his heartrob on Saturday, 22nd of March.
Apparently Paul is not his only victim as his brother, Peter who got married last year has had his own fair share of Emmy's insults.
Emmy Collins put Paul Okoye, his wife, singer, Iyanya, Nollywood actres, Monalisa Chinda, Uche Jumbo on a blast with their outfits.

Anita Isama:
Apparently Paul Okoye`s wifey is gorgeous. On the picture below she looks great in her traditional ensembles but the last dress fall my hand, kpomkwem! Sequins and big birdy fabric? Yeah, right. She was never gonna make it to the winners list on that one, mbanu.

Anita Isama

Paul Okoye:
First and foremost, I must congratulate Paul who happens to be the intelligent and quiet one of the duo. Now that we have gotten that out of the way I must declare that it is official now that the Okoyes don`t do quality, PERIOD so I`m never gonna pick on them ever again. Considering the polyester drama that ensued during Peter`s wedding not quite long ago, it would have been fair to imagine that Paul would never want to be caught dead committing the same sort of fashion harakiri but alas he just fell into the same trap like his twin brother did.
He wasn`t decked up in polyester but from what I can see from my screen right now, he might as well have had a polyester themed wedding. I`m done with these chaps.

Peter Okoye & his Polyester Crew
Peter Okoye & his Polyester Crew:
As if that wasn`t enough to wreak havoc to the style credibility of the Okoyes, Peter and his polyester crew showed up with the same style of Kaftan they wore at Peter`s wedding with the only difference being the colour. I can`t confirm if the fabric was polyester or not due to the colour but I will find out. Can anyone confirm if Polyester was all over the floor once again?
Couldn`t they come up with something else to wear? Music is a creative industry so get creative boys! Phewwwwwwww. Looking at the trousers, I`m tempted to declare this fabric as polyester. REALLY? WHATTTT! Why do these guys employ obioma tailors to fix their pieces? Aba tailors would have been better albeit slightly more expensive. Should I believe that money is the issue here or someone`s lack of comprehension of the word style and quality?
And oh, the MOPOLS definitely encourage me to take my next vacation in Port Harcourt hahahaha. On a serious note, the security issue isn`t peculiar to PH but I must opine that I feel relatively safe in Lagos Island even at nights as I haven`t heard any case of robbery on the Island in a long time.

Lollllll,how did those sleeves make it through Iyanya`s biceps?

Uche Jumbo
Uche Jumbo:
This is the best I have ever seen Uche Jumbo EVER. Perhaps it might be advisable for her to buba ati iro it to the red carpet events. I don`t see where it says NO buba ati Iro allowed. Joke Silva rocks her traditional ensembles to events and kills it each time but I guess she has a different personality and poise compared to Uche. The truth of the matter is that you can`t be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result, Madam so I hereby advise that you port to Buba ati iro level.

Ini Edo, Monalisa Chinda, Ebube Nwago
Monalisa Chinda
Lobatan, who carry afia iwu aka contraband enter here nah? I been think say we don hit the nail of the coffin of Chanel Lego bag since Sindodo made appearance with it. Nah you hit us with this one Mona aka Lisa? Make your head correct o,abeg.
Emmy Collins has also insulted some Nollywood actresses, the likes of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji, Rukky Sanda, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, Chika Ike, OAP, Toke Makiwa.
Female Gospel Singer, Efe Nathan’s Sextape With Her Band Drummer Leaked [PHOTOS plus FREAKY/EXPLICIT VIDEO]
310  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / UN Questions Jonathan Over Poor, Expensive Electricity Supply on: 24-03-2014 11:49AM

A "Joint Letter Of Concern," sent to the government of President Goodluck Jonathan by the United Nations back in November 26, 2013, has recently been made public. In its message to the Government, the UN expresses concerns over problematic electricity supply to Nigerians and raises a number questions for Nigerian authorities to answer "within 60 days."
The letter was sent following a petition lodged last year by a coalition of human rights activists, journalists and lawyers led by the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP). It was composed by two special rapporteurs, Ms. Magdalena Carmona, Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, and Ms. Raquel Rolnik Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing.
The letter raised concerns over the fact that by the end of 2012, Nigeria, with a population of over 160 million people, only generated about 4,000 megawatts of electricity - which is ten times less than some other countries in the region with less population.
Less than a half of registered electricity customers in Nigeria have access to electricity meters, the rapporteurs note, and subsequent inaccuracies on measuring electricity usage also continue to hinder fair electricity access and exchange.
By failing to provide basic services to Nigerians as beneficiaries of the right to adequate housing (such as electricity for cooking, heating and lighting), the State violates the right to health.
Female Gospel Singer, Efe Nathan’s Sextape With Her Band Drummer Leaked [PHOTOS plus FREAKY/EXPLICIT VIDEO]
311  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Checkout the Restaurant built on top a cemetery ..with coffins everywhere.. on: 24-03-2014 11:31AM

Wow! A restaurant owner in India bought an old grave site and is running his business on it.Instead of ripping them out, the owner who calls it "New Lucky Restaurant" Krishnan Kutti chose to preserve the coffins and place tables around them.The coffins are the remnants of a Muslim cemetery which explains why they are not buried deep in the ground and the cafe has now become a popular hang-out for both young and old.
According to the owner
"The graveyard brings good luck. Our business has been flourishing because of these graves. It gives people a unique experience.We have maintained the graves as they were. Our customers don't seem to mind.We begin our day by paying respects to the graves. We wipe them and cover them with cloth and also shower flowers on them. It is important to respect the dead,'
However he doesn't even know who are buried there but some locals claim they contain the remains of followers of a 16th-Century Sufi saint, whose tomb lies nearby.
More below

Selena Gomez Goes Nud3 In New Instagram Pic [PHOTO]
312  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Terrorists will hijack a plane in Nigeria between April & May-Pastor Opeyemi Kay on: 24-03-2014 11:28AM

Here is another revelation by Pastor Opeyemi Kayode of Christ Renaissance Christian Church of God, Ogba Lagos .According to a member of his congregation, during his Sunday service today gave some frightening revelation about what will happen very soon in Nigeria,He said God showed him last night.

1.He said there will be a terrorist hijack of a plane in Nigeria between April and May which will lead to Plane crash,It will be very devastating.Please note,this man on the day the Dana Air crash occurred asked us to stop the service and pray seriously,that God revealed a plane crash to him as we were in the church that its the plan of the witches,we were all thrown into panic and started praying,i guess it was rather too late or was it that we didn't pray enough?or is it that there were few tongues that prayed,i still don't know why few hours after God showed my pastor,I saw the news about the Dana Crash.I almost ran mad.

2.He said God said some Governors will be kidnapped and its politically motivated..and in the course of it,if force is applied,lives will be lost
More below

3.He said ''God said The National conference is a Charade. that is not will good intentions,that he doesnt have a hand in it.The motive is not for the interest of many but minority

4.The 2015 Election is not Feasible,the person that will rule Nigeria will come from the middle belt.

5.Boko Haram will still die a Natural Death

6.When i asked what God said about the Missing Malaysian Plane,He said it was a diversion by a terrorist group.He didn't give me further details.

The person who sent this to me wrote down reasons why I should publish this...
"He always sees visions,they always come true,If i told you many more that he had seen and came to past,it would be as if i am advertising my pastor.
But you know why i want you to publish this?Its because this vision concerns Nigeria.We need to seriously pray because i know God is the only helper we have.if thousands
of tongues can pray on this,God can avert this evil awaiting to befall Nigeria.I know alot of people come to your blog,this is a way to save lives from perishing by encouraging people not to only read this for reading sakes but to let us pray.If you keep quiet and don't publish this and all these happened when you could have made a difference,would you be happy??
I kept quiet before the Dana Crash but i told myself it won't happen again,i don't want any guilt in my heart.
You can make mention of no 1 and 2 only.and wait if you will see any reasons to publish the rest after because even if
God will still answer our prayers,he will still show us the bigger picture of what could have happened if not that he intervened."
[email protected] number is08023269680
Selena Gomez Goes Nud3 In New Instagram Pic [PHOTO]
313  Forum / The Buzz Central / Adetunji Adediran,aka Zakurajah,the Magician (Photos And Video) on: 24-03-2014 11:25AM

Meet Adetunji Adediran, a.k.a. Zakurajah The Great, is a professional magician. The Communication and Language Art graduate of the University of Ibadan, who also doubles as a journalist, currently works as the Ondo State Bureau Chief for the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

His interest in magic dates back into the early 80s, when, as a young school boy, he had the opportunity of watching the late Professor Peller on the stage.  Zakurajah, who is a devout muslim, maintains that magic is and has always been a performing art. He makes a distinction between mystical and entertainment magic. According to him, while people with mystical powers invoke the supernatural, entertainment magicians rely solely on their wit and dexterity to put smiles on the faces of people by creating illusions in their minds
More below

By the time Zakurajah was going for his mandatory one year Youth Service in 1992, his ability to entertain as a magician had so developed that he easily became the most popular corps member in Anambra State within one week on camp. He was able to achieve this feat by performing magic to entertain various interest groups and individuals on camp, including the camp commandant.

 Since then, Zakurajah has gathered quite a bag of tricks and has been entertaining various audience with his magic tricks across Nigeria in the last two decades. In the last two editions of the Abuja International Film Festival that was held at the prestigeous Silver Bird Cinema, Zakurajah was the sole entertainer that added colour to the events.

 Zakurajah is looking for a smart promoter who could exploit my skill and dexterity in the art of magic his or her advantage
TEL:08033510538   07082142787
E-MAIL:[email protected]

 Watch some of his mind blowing performances here
<a href=";v=C6UQnQ5Wqw0" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">;v=C6UQnQ5Wqw0</a>

<a href=";v=lRLEsSiqZqE" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">;v=lRLEsSiqZqE</a>

Female Gospel Singer, Efe Nathan’s Sextape With Her Band Drummer Leaked [PHOTOS plus FREAKY/EXPLICIT VIDEO]
314  Forum / The Buzz Central / Checkout Alicia Keys' flawless bikini bod during family vacation(Photos) on: 24-03-2014 11:20AM

 Alica Keys,husband Swizz Beats & son are on vacation at St.Barts where she flaunted her flawless bikini body..Her husband also carried her at a point..Despite people saying they are from different worlds,they look happy..
Seriously,her body is amazing.....

Female Gospel Singer, Efe Nathan’s Sextape With Her Band Drummer Leaked [PHOTOS plus FREAKY/EXPLICIT VIDEO]
315  Forum / The Buzz Central / Is Kcee's photo with Cristiano Ronaldo photoshoped ? on: 24-03-2014 11:08AM

The Limpopo master was at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium where he "met"World footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo..
Meanwhile some fans on his instagram page were asking him why he would stoop so low to photoshop the pictures...For real?
Cool.More pics below

Female Gospel Singer, Efe Nathan’s Sextape With Her Band Drummer Leaked [PHOTOS plus FREAKY/EXPLICIT VIDEO]
316  Forum / The Buzz Central / Check Out Tiwa Savage's New Slimmed Down Figure [PHOTO] on: 24-03-2014 10:24AM

Hot or Not?? Tiwa Savage shared the pic above of her fit body on instagram....and She looks amazing! This is a challenge for all ladies....hit the Gym!
See her post below...

I’m A Virgin: I Allow My Boyfriend Finger Me, I’m I Still A Virgin?
317  Forum / The Buzz Central / Spot the difference: Fast rising music star Cynthia Morgan on: 24-03-2014 10:17AM
I know what y'all are thinking but that's not what I mean...:-). I mean that she looks like a totally different person now...:-). Way cuter...!
Exposed: TB Joshua Paid Me $100,000 To Deceive The Church Members (Must Watch)
318  Forum / The Buzz Central / Estranged wife of Mercy Johnson’s husband speaks on: 24-03-2014 10:08AM

Lovely Okojie, former wife of Odianosen Okojie (Mercy Johnson’s husband) said she has moved on after the debacle that saw the father of her two children move on with very popular actress, Mercy Johnson. Lovely who is in her early 30s maintained the episode which made her husband go for another woman is now history. She had maintained a deafening silence for long until Saturday, March 15, 2014, when she spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly from her base in Canada.

“I have no explanation to anybody. Life is full of ups and downs. I have accepted my fate.”

How are the children doing now? We probed her further.

“The children are doing fine. I thank God for them.”

How have you been able to cope with the children’s welfare?

“Like I said, I thank God. I am coping well.”

But when Lovely was asked if her former husband (Odianosen Okojie) has been assisting in the children’s upkeep, she got furious, insisting the man in question is in her history.

“What do you mean? That is my past. Don’t ask me questions about my past. I don’t want to relate with my past. In fact, I don’t know what you are talking about,” and the phone went off.

A source close to her revealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that she (Lovely) is still very much bitter about what happened to her marriage to Prince Okojie.

“She is still bitter. She felt betrayed. She is not thinking of another marriage now, she is yet to recover from the past experience.”

Lovely came to public consciousness when she raised the alarm in 2011 that the man actress Mercy Johnson was planning to marry was actually her legal husband. At this time, preparations towards the wedding was going on with the super star actress shopping for her wedding in Europe. And when everything seemed to be going smoothly, Lovely dropped the bombshell with pictures of her marriage to Okojie to back up her claim.

There was a slight setback and when many had thought the setback would truncate the marriage plans, the lovebirds, Odia Okojie and Mercy Johnson presented a united front. They were married at the Christ Embassy Church, Oregun, Lagos on Saturday, August 27, 2011, amidst tight security. The couple have been blessed with a child (Purity) while they are expecting another one, according to reports in some section of the media.
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Popular actress, Patience Ozokwor who is known for her very tough roles in movies showed a softer side in this new interview with Sun. The 56-year old actress…(who doesn’t look 56 even for a second!) shared the story of her husband, her inlaws and her love for kids which drove her to adopt 5 more children in addition to her own biological 3 kids.

The interview showed that Mama G, as she is popularly called, is an entirely different person from the roles she portrays in movies.

Read the interview below: -

How do you feel about all your achievements as an actress?
Stardom has taking me to so many countries in the world. I have been able to meet presidents of different nations. And I appreciate the fact that people commend and appreciate my acting skills whenever they meet me anywhere in Nigeria and outside the country, which gives me a great pleasure and ability to work harder, knowing that I have fans all over the world is worth celebrating.

How has Nollywood helped to transform Nigeria?
Our movies have been able to affect people’s lives as well as make them happy. In fact, Nollywood has transformed Nigeria’s image abroad positively and I am delighted to be part of this achievement.

Has your profession affected your life positively?
I have been able to assist my family financially through my work, my children were able to go to school and they are living a comfortable life with their families as graduates by the special grace of God. In fact, the movie industry has affected my life positively in every ramification and I don’t have any regret being an actress and I give God all the glory.

Have you achieved all that you set out to achieve?
I have not yet achieved everything, personally there are things that I have in mind to do in the industry, but when I look back there is nobody yet qualified to take over the mantle from me. And I pray that God will raise someone that will be better than me, which will be a great achievement to have someone who will replace me, when I finally leave the industry.

Would you support any of your children to go into entertainment?
My second son is already into entertainment, he has a music record label. While my daughter ended up in the church drama. Though, my son acted in few movies before he left for the United Kingdom, hopefully he may do more in acting or movie directing in the future. And I will give him every encouragement if he decides to go into acting professionally, because he is passionate about entertainment.

While growing up did you ever think of becoming a movie star?
I have always been an entertainer from childhood, so getting to the level I have attained in the industry is by the grace of God, consistency and hard work.
Could you share some of the experiences you had in your early days as an actress that almost discouraged you?
During my early days, sometimes when I get to location with a script, they would tell me someone has taken my place, which was so disappointing. But I endured and believed God for mine, and He gave me what belongs to me. Today, God has celebrated me as an icon and I give God all the glory.

Your husband died in 2000, precisely 14 years ago, how is life as a widow?
God has always been on my side because without Him there is nothing we can do. Again, I lived in the village, maybe if I were living in the city, things would be happening to me and nobody will know what I was passing through. And my people in the village know that I am always on location working either in the eastern part of the country or Lagos and Abuja. But when I am not working you will see me in the comfort of my home in the village. I appreciate my people for all their love and peaceful co-existence which I am enjoying. My husband’s family loves me so much, even before I became a star; we were so attached to each other. Everyone in the family calls me Patia; they are fond of me.
Are you saying you still live in the village?
I don’t live in the city; I still live in my village. It is nice to live in the countryside where everyone is everybody’s business. (Laughter).

Not minding the fact that you are a celebrity?
If you see the way people appreciate me in my village, whenever I go to the market to shop everyone will be calling me ‘Mama G’, ‘Gee’ for general, in fact, you will appreciate me more. But my office is located in Enugu town. So, I enjoy living in the village, my hometown. I still live my life of simplicity regardless of fame.

How do you manage to shuttle from the village to other parts of the country?
I have a guesthouse in Lagos where some of my jobs are concentrated like soaps, endorsements, commercials and shooting of movies. I have a three bedroom flat in Asaba. Because I am tired of staying in public hostels, some are sub-standard; and sometimes you run into small girls that you know. So, I decided to rent an apartment each in Lagos and Asaba for comfort. I have adopted children who I take on holidays, so because I would not like them to grow up in the village without being exposed to city life, when they are on long vocation and I am in Nigeria, I take them to Lagos or Asaba for a change of environment.

Your son had his wedding in the United Kingdom sometimes ago and your daughter also got married in Nigeria, how many children do you have?
I have three biological children. But because of my love for children, I adopted five other children who bear my name and I am very proud of them as my children. But I intend giving two among them to my younger sister to love as I have been doing. I am grateful to God for their lives, my son in-law and beautiful daughter-in-law I love you all.

Your late husband was supportive of your career, would you say you miss his presence now that you have hit stardom, especially being honoured with the Centenary award?
I wish my husband were alive to witness my Centenary award, because he was highly supportive of my career. Though, he was sick for a long time before he died, I wish he were still alive. But God knows the best. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

What did you really miss about him?
I miss the togetherness, when two people work together trying to train the children, bringing them up in unity and love. And all the affection he showered on us. I miss the way he celebrated my children’s birthdays, he was a true father and husband when he was alive. I miss my husband’s companionship and love.

Have you ever acted any role related with your experience as a widow?
Of course, one or two things that happened to you as a widow will definitely come up in the movies, but I have not acted any widowhood role that has to do with my experience as a widow negatively. My in-laws have been very supportive and caring; we have always lived like one big family. I always visit them in the United Kingdom, United States of America and those in Nigeria are united in love with me. When my husband was hospitalized, my sister-in-law and I were taking care of him; she stayed with him at nights while I took over from her in the morning before going to location. On that fateful day, I was on location when my husband died, before my sister in-law arrived the hospital. Thereafter, they informed me about his death and they put him in the mortuary and asked me to continue with my job, because they understand my kind of job, but I blatantly refused. I took permission from the producer and stayed away for some days. I later came back to finish the production of the movie.

Tell us about your parents?
My parents were loving and caring, I miss them so much. My mother was a popular trader. I never had it rough as a child, I only had it rough when my husband fell sick, but my in-laws did not leave me, they took care of my husband’s hospital bills. It’s just that you don’t have to wait for people to survive; instead you struggle to make life meaningful for yourself.

You are looking younger and beautiful even at your age, are you thinking about remarrying?
It is not about my look but my age. I am not thinking about remarrying. Since my husband died, I have been rearing my children to the glory of God. And I decided to occupy my mind on my job and service to God to give my children the best in life.

How old are you now?
I was born on March 25,1958, so do the calculation.

At 56, you are looking elegant. What is the secret behind your healthy look?
God is the secret behind my ageless look, and I also eat what my body needs, I take a lot of fruits and exercise when it’s necessary. And most imperatively, I don’t drink alcohol because I have realized that alcohol does a lot of damage to the body and makes you look older than your age.

Nollywood producers have stereotyped you with roles that make you get bad remarks, how have these roles affected your life?
I don’t owe anybody any apology for the roles I play, because I get paid for them and it is my job. It is only people who don’t understand that acting is make belief that perceive an actor to be living his or her life the way she acts on set. If I could read my script and interpret the role to get the best production, it means I understand acting.

Who is Patience Ozokwor outside the set?
I am a very loving mother, nice, caring, jovial, understanding, and above all God fearing. But I don’t take nonsense because I am a disciplinarian.

You attended teachers training college were you nursing the idea of becoming a teacher?
I attended teachers training college in Afikpo; and then I proceeded to IMT, Enugu where I studied Fine and Applied Arts, specializing in Graphics. But I am a not a teacher today, because my interest is in acting where my passion also lies.
The Woman With The Most Famous Booty On Instagram Now Covers A Major Magazine [SEXY PHOTOS/VIDEO]
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Why are all these prophets now prophesying about celebs? I thought it was government officials and situations in the country? Anyway, Primate Ayodele, the head of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, (pictured right) whose predictions are said to always come to past, recently shared his prophecies for 2014 and mentioned Davido and D'banj.

About Davido, he said the singer needs to be a bit more careful and increase security around himself and his crew as a kidnap attempt is in the offing. Once again, we forbid this.

About D'banj, the prophet said he needs to be very careful or he would be defrauded over a foreign business deal.

About the Finance Minister & coordinating Minister for the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Primate Ayodele said she might bow out of office before the end of this administration
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