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81  Forum / Politics / BREAKING! Supreme Court Dismisses Davido's Uncle, Adeleke's Appeal, Confirms Oyetola As Governor on: 5-07-2019 10:07 AM

The Supreme Court has announced Oyetola winner of the Osun governorship election. The court dismissed the appeal by candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the election, Senator Ademola Adeleke. The Supreme Court, in a majority decision of five-to-two, read by Justice Olabode Rodes-Vivour, held that the failure of a member of the election tribunal, Justice Peter Obiora to sit on February 6, 2019 rendered the entire proceedings and the judgment given by the tribunal a nullity. The court upheld the majority judgment of the Court of Appeal, which upheld the victory Adegboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the Governor of Osun State.
82  Forum / Religion / VIDEO: Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Accused Of Rape Again, Second Victim Grants Interview on: 4-07-2019 09:40 AM

it seems the rape allegation battles of Pastor Fatoyinbo is far from over as another victim has granted a full length interview to Ynaija journalist who interviewed Busola Dakolo, the victim who had to remain anonymous claims that Pastor Mrs Fatoyinbo is aware of all the atrocities that her husband is committing in the church of God. She tells the story honestly, on the hope that her story will build on the impact of Busola Dakolo and Ese Walter’s stories and shed more light on the crimes of an alleged serial rapist and the system that enables him.

This interview is paraphrased, to listen to X tell her story herself watch the video below.

<a href=";v=19a70U8Ykp8" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">;v=19a70U8Ykp8</a>

The first time X was given a glimpse into the reality of the Fatoyinbo’s was in 2013. She was just a fringe member and church worker at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) Abuja, when the Ese Walter story broke, first on her blog, then on spreading like wildfire on the internet. X hadn’t started working closely with the pastor and his wife at that time and she remembers clearly waking up early to prepare for her day job. She picked up her phone to check the morning news and saw the story about Ese Walter and immediately felt the weight of its implications. Her infallible pastor had abused his authority, had an affair with a church worker and defiled his matrimonial bed.  She was shocked and struggled to make sense of the story because it didn’t mark any of the boxes about she believed constituted rape or coercion. Ese didn’t consider herself a victim in the traditional sense, her narrative suggested a tinge of self congratulation, she didn’t seem sorry about her part in the affair. X eventually dismissed Walter’s story, filing it away as some kind of bizarre smear campaign. And it was easy for her because she was the ‘average’ COZA member.

After 4 years of serving within the church, she’d come to share the near rabid adoration COZA members have for Fatoyinbo. They were bombarded with the message that their proximity to the pastor made them special and being chosen in this way made people who weren’t chosen jealous and vindictive. X felt encouraged to only follow other COZA members on social media and prioritize business and personal relationships with them. She felt encouraged to shun all outsiders, to see them as interlopers who didn’t understand the message and were looking only to sabotage Fatoyinbo and the church. Ese Walter was even worse, she was a member who had defected and wanted to tarnish the image of the church. It was easy to dismiss Ese Walter, especially as the church framed her testimony as an attempt to discredit the church, which was moving to a larger, permanent venue at the time. The Devil was trying to sabotage Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s ministry and Jesus would triumph. She pushed away the incident and allowed herself be consumed with immersing herself in COZA.

At this point X had spent 4 years in the church. She joined in 2009, this was in Abuja and the church’s only music team Avalanche offered her sanctuary. She had no relationship with the Fatoyinbo’s at that time but she was already in their orbit, as most of the church members who serve in public positions like the choir are. She had grown up in a conventional christian family but had never experienced the fervor and devotion to Christian doctrine that defined fundamentalist christians. Pentecostal Christianity was an answer to her questions she had and COZA met her desire for validation and awareness. There was a deliberateness in COZA, and attention to detail that was striking to X, and it was fascinating enough that she joined and stayed from 2009 to 2015, serving in the music group. She was comfortable but wanted more.

But in 2015, things would become more intense. Fatoyinbo’s wife Modele took an interest in her. She began to extend opportunities for X to work intimately with her, handing her small responsibilities in the church’s administration and graduating into the opportunity to care for the Fatoyinbo’s youngest son Ephraim. X and Ephraim developed a special bond; they would spend time together on Sundays ambling around Abuja, visiting child friendly parks and sharing all the experiences the city could offer to children. Sundays were especially hectic for the family and having Ephraim cared for in this way, was presented as a relief to Modele. X felt special, because it was common knowledge that the Fatoyinbo’s children were sequestered from the rest of the congregation and rarely interacted with them on a personal level. For Modele to grant X access in this way, first with Ephraim and then to the rest of their children was an impressive move to disarm her. She began to tutor them in their academics, growing closer with the children to the point where Modele broached the subject of if X would relocate outside the country and become a legal guardian for the children as the Fatoyinbo’s toyed with the idea of sending their children abroad for their education.

It was known across the church branches that the Fatoyinbos carefully guarded access to their children, so anyone who was granted access in this way was exalted. Women and girls chosen in this way were referred to as ‘choice daughters’. It was a term reserved for teenage girls X believes are being groomed but were also extended to young women. Being granted this access also implied that whoever was chosen needed to reciprocate with an increased level of loyalty. When Modele Fatoyinbo suggested X move across continents to become an au pair for her children, she didn’t hesitate. At this point, she had been caring for the Fatoyinbo children for a year (2015 – 2016) and had grown incredibly close to them. X believes had Modele had given her this access to groom her on Biodun’s behalf.

X didn’t see the red flags because the opportunity was in line with her desire to do more within the church and kept the bond she had made with Fatoyinbo’s children. Traveling abroad was an extra perk. X didn’t really consider the fact that relocating to another country with the Fatoyinbo’s and working for their organization put her entirely under their mercy. That gave them a significant amount of power over her, power that would eventually lead to her exploitation and alleged rape.

Before long, she was living abroad, in one of the cities where the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) has branches across the world. Modele had done the job of hiring her but X’s position also required her to work closely with Pastor Biodun, who visited her city regularly to minister to his congregation there and spend time with his children who were schooling in the city. The day the incident happened, she had found out that Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo had come into the country where she lived, working for the COZA branch and serving as an au pair for the Fatoyinbos. The pastor traveled the world as part of his duties as head pastor and she had spent many hours in close proximity to the pastor in the past, sometimes in her capacity as an au pair.

At this time she considered him a mentor and a father figure. So it didn’t seem weird to her to go see the pastor at home. She had come to the house many times, she was familiar with the terrain and had made many deeply cherished memories there bonding with Fatoyinbo’s wife Modele and their children, especially the oldest, Shindara. Pastor Biodun had started their meeting innocently enough, he talked about something to do with church. Things moved pretty swiftly from there. She was seated on a long couch, and he left his seat and came to sit on her couch. He moved swiftly, trying to pull her into a hug and kiss her.

She remembers thinking to herself, “I had known him, not only as a mentor but as a spiritual leader. I’ve heard him preach, I’ve heard him talk about God; and there I was, about to witness him do the complete opposite of what he stood for.”

She also remembers what she was wearing that day, a pair of navy blue jeans, and remembers him trying to peel them off her legs. She kept asking him to stop, appealing to his conscience as her spiritual father but he didn’t listen. He undid the buttons of her jeans and took off her trousers. It was a couch and there was space to wiggle, but she didn’t even think to grab anything she could use as a weapon. She was just too shocked to react, he had just put his hands into her underwear.

X was someone who has had to fight a lot of unwanted segxwal advances her entire life and up to that point she believed she had gained enough experience at spotting worrying behaviour. She felt guilt for ignoring her own instincts and felt like a failure for finding herself in the very position she’d fought so hard to avoid.

“Just relax.” He said, as he took off his trousers and forced her legs apart, convinced he had her subdued.

All through the period where he allegedly raped her, she tried to reconcile the person she called her spiritual father with the man on top of her. He was nothing like the charismatic, thoughtful and empathetic leader, who took his time to ensure she felt comfortable around him. This person was feral, focused in his attempt to subdue her. After, he switched seamlessly back into the pastor she knew, apologizing as though he wasn’t the one who had inflicted pain on her. He was so impassioned, so emphatic about not wanting to hurt her that she immediately began to minimize his actions, like she had done something to trigger this kind of behaviour, to inspire this kind of violence. He walked her to the door and sent her on her way, convinced she would not talk. And she didn’t, she stayed silent and he returned to Nigeria and his Abuja congregation.

After her alleged rape, it became starkly clear how much power over her life she had relinquished to the Fatoyinbos. There she was, at the mercy of the church, dependent on them financially for her sustenance, shelter and community.

The alleged rape happened in the last quarter of 2017, but she stayed on working within the church till July of the following year. It helped that Fatoyinbo had to shepherd his Nigerian congregation and could only spend limited amounts of time in the city in which she lived at the time. The distance gave her enough detachment to wean herself off survival mode. Her life revolved around the church, so there was nowhere to return but there. So she did, performed her duties, interacted with other team workers and volunteers, unable to admit to anyone the violent alleged rape she had just experienced.

Jolted into consciousness, the fervor of the congregation and other church members disillusioned her. She’d been one of them in 2013 and she knew how they would react to any kind of accusation against the pastor. The alleged rape had shaken her faith and forced her to reevaluate everything she knew about God and Pentecostal Christianity. The distance gave her time to process her circumstance and plan her exist strategy.

In 2018, when she still abroad, one of her friends from Nigeria called her out of the blue. They hadn’t spoken in a while and her friend seemed concerned. She told her Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo had called her to ask for X’s number, that he didn’t have it anymore and he had been trying to reach her. At this point, X hadn’t told no one about what had happened to her, and couldn’t explain that she hadn’t wanted her to give the pastor her number. 10 minutes later, Pastor Fatoyinbo would call her, conciliatory. He was somewhere in America, she didn’t have his number but caller ID put his location at Colorado.

‘I know you are angry with me,’

He didn’t bother to clarify, because they both knew what he was talking about. They had spent months without communication and his surprise call and the apology that would follow rang of dishonesty. He refused to address thealleged rape directly, instead vaguely referencing the act and repeating that X ‘knew his heart’. As soon as the call was over, she realised a couple of her other friends from Nigeria were calling her to tell her about a public post singer, Timi Dakolo had made in Nigeria, accusing an Abuja pastor of segxwal misconduct. It didn’t take much to connect Fatoyinbo’s call to his Instagram call out, and recognize it for the attempt at damage control that it was. If she had any doubts about Fatoyinbo’s nature, those events completely eliminated them.

It took her a couple of months but she raised her money for her flight back to Nigeria and funds to reintegrate and then sent Fatoyinbo a DM on Instagram about needing to have a work related meeting with him. He called her later, insisting that she find a place where she was alone before they spoke. She informed him that she was ready to move on, She was still a staff of the church, and wanted to leave on good terms. Fatoyinbo conceded but asked that she meet with him when she came back to Nigeria before she made her exit official.

By the time X returned to Nigeria, Timi Dakolo had made his second Instagram post accusing Fatoyinbo of segxwal misconduct. She heard about the post but didn’t know the details. Fatoyinbo insisted on the meeting, and ensured she put her phone away before he offered a third vague apology for molesting her and mentioned unsolicited, Timi Dakolo’s post, suggesting that Busola had seduced him and ‘something had happened’ but he hadn’t known she was a teenager and he had no idea why she was trying to sabotage his ministry. It made sense to her, her entire life for 8 years until that point had revolved around the church and many of the important people in her life she had met through the church.

‘Is there anything you want me to do for you?’ He asked.

From his tone, she could tell he was suggesting financial compensation as a way to ensure her silence. X had no plans to speak up in that moment, but she also had no interest in taking anything else from him. He insisted that if she changed her mind, she should reach out. She reassured him she wouldn’t and left. Now that she had left the church on good terms, she felt she could finally tell her closest friends about the alleged rape.

She couldn’t bear to have the conversation over and over, so she made a conference call and told her friends in tandem what had happened to her. She needed them to be there for her in the days she could not have been there for herself. She wanted to be the girl who was bold, who took down the bad guy, but there were so many other people in the story, people who would question the validity of her story because of her proximity to the Fatoyinbo family, people on the internet who would reduce her pain to funny gifs. She was convinced that if her friends knew, that would be enough for her.

But Busola Dakolo coming forward to talk about her experience with Pastors Biodun and Modele Fatoyinbo brought a number of things into stark focus for her. First, that there was a pattern where Modele either deliberately or inadvertently drew young women into her orbit and groomed them into a complacency that Biodun Fatoyinbo allegedly exploited to allegedly rape and segxwally assault them. Second, there were pastors who were aware of the violence and exploitation that Fatoyinbo was accused of wreaking and either kept quiet about it or enabled it. He called them ‘The COZA 12’, pastors and religious leaders within and outside the church to which Fatoyinbo publicly defers to. Third, she had to tell her story and free herself of the burden of shame.

X had devoted her life to COZA from 2009 to 2018, and suffered for it. To truly free herself of its hold, she had to speak her truth.
83  Forum / Politics / Senator Elisha Abbo Is a Serial Abuser -Young Photojournalist Reveals How He Assaulted Him In 2014 on: 4-07-2019 12:06 AM

following the speech made by the accused Senator, Elisha Abbo of beating a lady at a store in Abuja, which has a video recording as evidence where he apologize for the treatment melted on the lady, a Photojournalist who has worked for the Senator in 2014, Owolabi Olumuyiwa Tayo has revealed that it is not surprising that the Senator was caught on camera beating the lady because he is a serial abuser and he is so hot tempered. this is what he sent to us:

The viral video of senator Elisha cliff ishiaku Abbo assaulting a young lady isn't a new thing to me. As I was one of his victim of assort 6 years back precisely October 14, 2014 after the gubernatorial election of former governor, Fayose.

I met him during the electioneering campaign of Former Gov. Of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose, while I was the official photojournalist to Fayose during the electioneering campaign and head of photojournalist to his deputy after the election.

I moved with him immediately after the election to work with him in Osun state governorship campaign of Senator Iyiola Omisore, while I head his (sen. Elisha cliff Abbo) media team in july 2014.

I had a contract of #2.8million naira with him, to work as a media personnel to him, to cover all his movement for the election and for his campaign as senator, in Mubi North, under ACN in 2014.

On August 13, 2014, I traveled with him to Yola Adamawa State, from Abuja by air and we lodged at Lelewa hotel for weeks while campaigning for the primary election.

We traveled from Adamawa to Mubi, Vintim muchala back to mubi and later to Yola after he lost the Senatorial ticket.

In preparation for the inauguration of Former Governor of Ekiti state Gov. Fayose, in October 2014, I decided to come back to Ekiti in other to attend his inauguration being his official photojournalist during the campaign.

On approaching Sen. Ishiaku of the contract agreement we had together, he refused to pay. Despite so many persuasion in other for him to just give me part of my money, he refused to attend to me. On the faithful day we wanted to travel together to Mubi for the last campaign, but Bokoharam invaded Mubi prior to the day we ought to have travel. Due to the invasion of Bokoharam I began to plead with him that I needed to leave the state.

It was around 5pm that I have been waiting for him to attend to me, after series of text messages and calls, in which he refused to attend to me, I was force to go and seat at the doorstep of his room waiting for the time he would come out at Dansoho Hotel in Yola.

As soon as he came out, I began to plead with him that I have to go, the next thing he said is that I was embarrassing him, he leaped on me and started beating and slapping me. To the extent of telling his orderly to put me inside the pickup. He told them to cock the gun at me that he will kill me and tell people am a member of Bokoharam.

When I heard that statement I was shocked because I don't know anybody there and I can't speak their language fluently. No one could come to my rescue as everybody was just dumbfounded at the way he brutalised me and broke my ankle.

I was begging him to just leave me and let me go that I will leave the money for him because of his action.

That very night at around 2am. I was driven along quiet area telling his orderly that they should shoot me if I dear shout again. On that fateful night, one of his orderly begged that they should take me to Police station.

I was driven to kaliwa police division at that the dead of the night.

He broke my phone I couldn't contact anybody he tore my cloth and naked me.

That very night. On getting to kaliwa police station, I begged the IPO to please let me use his phone to talk to one of my family. That was how I called one of my brother that pleaded with the IPO to assist me out of the situation.

The DPO came the following morning and begged him to give me transport fare to go back to meet my family.

Till date, he didn't pay me the money.

I plead with Nigerians to confirm my story and help me to get my money and Justice.

I'm not surprised to see the video of how he assaulted the lady, he's a narcissist.

Owolabi Olumuyiwa Tayo
84  Forum / Politics / BREAKING: Buhari Reportedly Suspends RUGA Settlement Scheme on: 3-07-2019 03:17 PM

Barely 48 hours to the planned mass action and following public outcry against the RUGA Settlement Projects, President Muhammadu Buhari is said to have suspended the idea pending further notice.

RUGA settlement scheme, according to presidency, was an idea designed to stem the tide of herdsmen/farmers clashes across the country. But many states affected and members of the public had misconstrued it as another form of the proposed cattle colony by the federal government.

Some members of the public and civil society groups had also planned mass action in Abuja against the scheme, on Friday, 5th July, 2019. But a source close to the presidency hinted newsmen on Wednesday, that President Buhari may have resolved to suspend the scheme till further consultations.

The source said, after consultations with stakeholders, Buhari has resolved to put away the idea for a thorough review and well-accepted approach to the menace constituted to national security by the constant clashes between herdsmen and farmers. According to the source, the announcement would be made any moment from now with detailed explanations, going forward.
85  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / AUDIO & PHOTOS: Massive Protest Against Senator Elisha Abbo As He Denies Beating Lady In The Video on: 3-07-2019 12:53 PM

Embattled Senator Elisha Abbo has said the video showing him assault a woman in a sex toy shop is an old video, insisting that the clip did not reflect the actual sequence of the incident. The assault, which was first reported by Premium Times, had sparked outrage with many Nigerians calling for his prosecution, urging the senate to sanction him. A protest to the IG of police was organized this morning by concerned Nigerians

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86  Forum / The Buzz Central / First Fight Witness In #BBNaija House Just 2Days Into The Reality Show As SymplyTacha Fights Thelma on: 2-07-2019 05:12 PM

Just two days into the big brother reality show, the first fight is been witnessed between two dominating female personalties, SymplyTacha and Thelma, the cause was as usual food, the show has always been plagued with series of fights expecially between the female housemates. Tacha was heard telling Thelma to phyuk Of after she pissed her off and Thelma was heard telling other housemates that she intentionally provoked Tacha.

87  Forum / The Buzz Central / Video: Nigeria Youngest Senator, Sen. Elisha Abbo Caught Assaulting Lady At Adult Toy Store In Abuja on: 2-07-2019 04:31 PM

Nigeria’s youngest senator has been caught on camera physically assaulting a woman at an adult toy shop in Abuja. Elisha Abbo, representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, descended on the woman after she pleaded with him not to physically assault the shop owner whom the senator had accused of insulting him and calling him a drunk.

PREMIUM TIMES exclusively obtained the video of the assault, which occurred on May 11 — nearly three months after Mr Abbo became a senator-elect and a month before he was sworn-in on June 11.

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88  Forum / Education / Prepaway - Enter Your Favorite Law School with LSAT Test on: 2-07-2019 09:56 AM

What is LSAT?
The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is the most recognized entrance exam taken by prospective law school candidates around the world. This test assesses a student's logical reasoning, analytical reasoning and reading comprehension skills. It is the only exam accepted for admission purposes by ABA-accredited law schools and Canadian common-law law schools.

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Structure of LSAT Test
LSAT consists of five 35-minute sections of multiple-choice questions (3 main sections plus an Unscored section and Writing Sample. The 3 main sections are:

Reading Comprehension
This section will include a total of 27-28 questions divided among 4 sets. In a single set, there will be either a single passage (which is most common) or a pair of passages with a total word count of about 460. Each set will be followed by a series of questions about the passage(s). According to the LSAT RC specifications, you do not require any specialized knowledge in a particular field to answer the questions in this section.
Analytical Reasoning
This section consists of a total of 23 questions divided among 4 sets. Each set comprises of a passage that describes a scenario and a set of rules that apply to it. You need to demonstrate the ability to draw conclusions depending on the guidelines and comprehend relationships between consequences.
Logical Reasoning (2 sections)
This test is split into 2 sections. They consist of short (about 20-100 words) argumentative passages followed by a question for each passage. Each section consists of approximately 25 questions and you will have a total of about 50 questions for both sections in LR. Here too, LSAT emphasizes that no specialized background is needed to understand the content of the passages.

Apart from these sections, for LSAT to collect information to pretest new questions etc., there are Variable Unscored and Writing Sample sections. The Writing unit will contain a decision-making problem where you will have to make a choice and argue to back up your opinion. This section cannot be taken for granted, even though it is unscored. A copy of your writing will be sent to the schools that you apply. Schools generally do take your Writing Sample into consideration during the admission process.

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89  Forum / The Buzz Central / Toke Makinwa Shares Bold Beautiful Photos To Mark The New Month on: 1-07-2019 05:07 PM

Media Personalty, Toke Makinwa ushers the new month with these fierce beautiful photos and her fans have not stop commenting on how glowing she is.

90  Forum / Religion / Head Pastor Of Convenant Christain Center, Pastor Poju Oyemade Reacts To Rape Case Against Fatoyinbo on: 1-07-2019 03:17 PM

Poju Oyemade, head pastor of Covenant Christian Centre church has shared his thoughts on the scandal that has seen to the temporary resignation of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA from his duties as leader of the church. In a recent post shared on the Instagram of Pastor Oyemade, he expressed his sadness of the turn of events and revealed that the right step is for Fatoyinbo to step aside and sort out the case before continuing as the pastor of the famous church. Oyemade stated that he had tried watching the clip of Busola Dakolo speaking her truth and it was very difficult for him to go through it. He however shared the steps he took in ensuring that the case is handled and certain decisions are made in order to prevent the body of christ from suffering. this is what he has to say:
“My position on the case. I have been asked by many well-meaning people about my position concerning the accusation of rape made against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

I could only watch the tape by Busola Dakolo for a few minutes, it was difficult to sit through it. From what I heard it is impossible not to be heartbroken and sympathise with her. She must have gone through a lot and then to sit to tape her experience must have been very painful.

She is today a wife and mother of three to have to relive a 20yr old experience.

I immediately contacted the spiritual leader in the Body of Christ I believe Pastor Biodun defers in authority to, to wade into the issue and bring about a decision.
He informed me his position. It was that Pst Biodun should first step down from the pulpit indefinitely, suspend 7days of glory and make a public statement. These he made known to him directly in an hour.
This should serve as the first step. He informed me that was the position and asked my opinion.

We had 3 objectives in mind.
1. Justice
2. Healing
3. Redemption.

I have been informed that the decision to step down and cancel the 7 days of Glory have been made.
It is apparent that the manner in which our Pentecostal Churches were/are born with an individual receiving a call directly from God and we all operating largely as independent bodies, our governing structures are not as strong as in the orthodox church settings with the exemption of Pentecostal denominations where you are appointed a pastor and can be easily sanctioned.
This, however, makes it imperative that we go an extra mile to show a high level of compassion and sense of responsibility for people placed under our care or else what has brought our great growth may be what will destroy us.

For those who have been abused and exposed in our independent pentecostal structures, I deeply apologise and we will seek to build stronger structures through peer reviews and in our relationships.
Thank you and God bless you”
91  Forum / The Buzz Central / Video: Davido And Wizkid Show Love To Each Other At Festival In Amsterdam, Holland on: 1-07-2019 12:52 PM

Davido and Wizkid performed at a festival in Amsterdam over the weekend and it was all a show of love between the two music superstars as Wizkid went over to support him, singing his songs word for word. Also, prior to the day of Davido’s performance, Wizkid launched another clothing line in conjuction with Daily Paper in Amsterdam and Davido was there to show support.

This reciprocative action by the two music Wizards to each other have suggested there is love present between them as against what is being reported by the media there all love is lost between them. However, fans shouldn’t get carried away as it isn’t the first time both artistes would be having a shortlived reconciliation.
92  Forum / The Buzz Central / IG Comedian, LizzyJay Accuses Yoruba Producer, Abbey Jimoh Of Molestation, See His Response on: 1-07-2019 12:44 PM

Instagram comedian, Lizzy Jay has accused Yoruba movie director, Jimoh Abiodun of segxwally abusing her, but didn’t have his way.

She wrote:

‘you segxwally abused me and you do this to many people’s daughters while you instill fear in them not to speak out. Will you be happy if anyone segxwally abused your daughter?’.
As seen in the screenshot below, she expressed gratitude that the movie director didn’t succeed in molesting her. According to her, the movie director is trying to destroy evidence she has against him.

In reaction to the allegations from Lizzy Jay, Jimoh Abiodun shared the below message and screenshots.

“@iamlizzyjay RAPE and ATTEMPT TO RAPE are two serious allegations that should never be trivialised because the real victims are out there and they need help and people’s voice. Lizzy you don’t have to work with me to be successful in life, neither do I have to work with you to be great. If I say I can’t work with you in my team anymore, that doesn’t mean you should take your bitterness to this level. You can move on my dear and you can do great. You threw all cautions to the wind and mention my name publicly in a slander. Lizzy, you have a father, you have a brother, how would you feel if someone did this to them? I’ve got my family and people who look up to me. I have a file on every single publications you’ve made with my name in it but I’ll still stretch out this hand of alternative resolution, asking you to retract and apologise. NB: Anyone who I have had segxwal intercourse with, WITHOUT their consent should speak up!”
93  Forum / Religion / BREAKING! COZA Senior Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo Steps Down After Rape Allegations on: 1-07-2019 10:30 AM

Biodun Fatoyinbo, the senior pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), says he has decided to step aside from the pulpit of the church. In a statement released on Monday, he said the move was the advice of his mentors.

94  Forum / The Buzz Central / Jude Ighalo's Wife and Brother Fight Dirty On Social Media Over a Party At The Ighalo Mansion on: 1-07-2019 09:58 AM

trouble seems to be in the household of Super Eagles Striker, Idion Jude Ighalo as evidence of a rift between his beautiful wife and his brother finds its way to the social media, Ighalo who is still away with the super eagles in Egypt has his wife fighting his brother over the use of his apartment for a party organised by the brother.

95  Forum / The Buzz Central / Dbanj's Inlaw, Do2dtun Speaks Out On How His Aunty Molested Him At 11 on: 1-07-2019 09:46 AM

It looks like it’s the season to break the chains of rape and segxwal abuse. OAP/Hypeman Do2dun wants people to know that its not only girls that are been molested as he Speaks Out About How He Was also molested By Their House Help At 11 Years Old.

this is his story:
Yall see Kings, Mentors & Queens in a Regalia wit crowns filled with stars. U all see tough people who are meant to be robots to you, meant to walk around with armors, save their faces no matter what, not meant to share what you all see as a show of weakness .. I laugh coz you all sometimes don’t know what it takes to be the king of your soul. A soul that can be snatched by a person’s filthy hands, bad habits, unprincipled mind & devious mind. I come from a very religious background where I attend church, Monday bible study, Thursday miracle revival, Sunday worship service, go to Ayobo for retreats on Easter, days before Christmas, Gbagada for combined services as a routine for a better part of my life, 20 years of my life. I was a Deeper life member and so if you want to speak to me about religion, think again cos I have seen it all. I got all the spiritual training, physical upbringing but one question is what happens when daddy and mummy decides to go to work? or hustle? drops you off at school or in church or the mosque.. who is in charge? The maid, the gateman, your uncle, your aunty, your brother, siblings, your pastor, your imam, your teacher etc .. who is in charge when they are not there? Folake was our maid for over two years who completely adored me way more than my siblings, serves my meals specially, never beats me when I do wrong, never reports me and sometimes makes my mum wonder as much say things like “sho fe like omo mi ju mi lo ni” meaning (do you want to like my child more than me) .. it was a fun gesture and we all would laugh it off but the price and adverse effect of whatever those advances were had a cost that would linger for a long time. Folake would want me to bath with her all the time, in the process asked me to fondle her Bosom , stick my fingers in her honeypot, sometimes when she isn’t satisfied, she gives me things to stick in countless times, pulls my peepee, she will masturbate and make me watch and after the whole process, she will threatened never to tell anyone or else she will kill me. I started to get fond of it so much that I’ll refuse to take a bath with my siblings, refuse to eat any food except she serves it. i didn’t know what it all meant to me but I started to get fond of going through that process. She eventually left, I became very withdrawn from other kids in school, I was very angry, I started to struggle with getting along. In my JSS especially, I developed a defensive mechanism of lashing out almost before anything was altered cos I felt in my head I was bigger than anyone coz I had done what they haven’t done before. Sex conversations was a taboo and so they were not in my league. I lived through school as a pretty stubborn one, not so bad in my studies but could have been better. my parents went through the hell of correcting me for everything, I and a few other kids started to love porn books like Lolly, Nackson, Hints & hearts. I actually paid a guy (Seun surname withheld).. if you attended Mayflower School Ikenne, you all will know who that is. At some point I became so withdrawn, I couldn’t talk to women that were my age, I just wasn’t fitting in and then I only subscribed to only women who liked me and told me anything else.. naaah!... Folake was all was in my head and I rode with this till my university days then I started to masturbate a lot, I had a withdrawal mechanism, I wanted to be loved so badly, I started to lose my self confidence In relationships I managed to have, nothing mattered, I was always seeking for validation, I was too hard on myself, I had to question myself many times if I am normal or not, I came across as a confident kid for those who know me but it was a front hence why I started to get too loud so I can be noticed, or too crazy so I would be the cheer of the moment but deep inside I still wasn’t fine. I built walls so much that you have to be as clean as snow for me to believe or trust you. I knew something wasn’t right and so I masked it with dance for starters. I knew I could swoon any woman who didn’t to hear me speak but loved the way I dance. I never told a soul. I started to read about these things, I was privileged to date women who recounted their stories of rape and you will be amazed the sort of traits they’ve developed as a result of this. I started to learn & read a lot on these things. I started to probe people i date and pay more attention to details & their emotions. If you know you’ve dated me before, comment.. they know... I’ll probe on that level so much that I am almost quick to offer solutions, counseling and advice on what to do even when I see someone trying to be that way. I was very curious. Rape & molestation alters your sense of reasoning, increases your level of paranoia, anger issues, mood swings, disregard for your body, withdrawal tendencies, affects your self esteem, self confidence, you seek validation all the time, you are empty no matter how full, you will mask a lot, you will be suicidal, you will be unhappy, you will have no love for even the most precious things, you might be very promiscuous or you will totally hate sex .. very very withdrawn from a loved one, start investing your happiness in the wrong things or wrong people. I started to channel my energy into my work, my everyday activities. I am very passionate. I grew into a more defined person cos I was more aware and I saw what it did to others. I met Mrs Ibru of @warif_ng and she gave me a more concrete basis of what these things causes in our lives. She said “if you don’t speak up, speak to someone or get therapy, it will continue to alter a better part of your life. I started to get therapy from @emotionsdoctor cos something else triggered the flashes I always had and it just stuck to me that you might think these things go away, it doesn’t except you speak up and fight it. I fight now for every Tom dick and Mariah. “THIS IS A FACT” all my colleagues and friends and the true fans know that “OLADOTUN OJUOLAPE KAYODE” WOULD FIGHT TILL HE GETS BURNT FOR ANYTHING, ANYONE, ANYBODY and lose his earnings as long as that person gets justice or stays happy. This is who I am. I got sacked twice from work only coz I spoke up and fought for people. You all think Busola is crazy or stupid? The system have grown so many myopic men and women who ask questions “why now” “why did she take this long” “touch not my anointed” bla! bla!!... listen women are wired to take their secrets to the grave and for her to come out, she did what most of you can’t. Some will say “don’t show weakness”
Some will say to themselves “it will go away” .. some will say “it didn’t happen” my gee, it did and please fix it. It never goes away. Start loving & recognizing those who truly love you and tell you the truth cos one of the adverse effects is you only will start looking for satisfaction instead of fulfillment. The reason why you see so many crazy men and women out there is cos they are so unaware that this is their issue. I am still healing, I am never scared of repercussions of living my truth anymore and I am in a much better place. As for the Pastor, listen this whole story might even be a lie but I wanted to see a better handler. I don’t know Biodun Fatonyibo and I can swear I have never taken a dime from him but as a man of God, he is in the highest position of knowing what he stands for and the mantle he holds to be a better handler. It is all I wanted to see and maybe meet someday. I don’t fight for any reason. When I fight for something, know that it is only coz I am in the best position to and it would even carry more weight for others to learn from. Who celebrity help? It is only a bloody title. I AM A HUMAN BEING. I don’t do it for money or clout. I love kids that I met over my lifetime, Fiore, Fifemayo, Lapo, Kalhani, Dapo Jnr, Mofe, Timi Jayden, Josh etc that I have grown to love so dearly. They are make my heart leap when I see them. They are the ones I think about all the time when i am on stage doing my thing. I will do it for anyone or any child. I have been there and done that. For all who now know the philosophy of the Energy gAD, this was created out of my love for MY type of ENERGY, David in the Bible, Sango methodlogy as a god and Raiden as a peacemaker. One thing you should all know “they are all powerful, still very weak, they are an embodiment of strength, loving and will die for the truth and even when it is lie, humanity still comes first” that is who I have become. I love you all and happy new month

96  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Video: Man Destroys All His Sapphire Scents Product After CEO, Wale Jana Supports Pastor Fatoyinbo on: 28-06-2019 04:18 PM

CEO Of Sapphire scents, Wale Jana was one of the first individuals that spoke out in solidarity for under-fire pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA. Wale Jana questioned the validity of Busola Dakolo allegations and called for people to wait till they hear pastor Fatoyinbo's side of the story.
This stance has already made many people very enraged and some are already boycotting his Sappire scents products, they are mostly luxury product, perfumes and watches, you can see a video of an enraged customer boycotting Wale Jana below:
97  Forum / The Buzz Central / Bobrisky Pitch His Tent With Pastor Fatoyinbo Over Rape Allegation on: 28-06-2019 03:00 PM

Nigerian male babie, Bobrisky comes for the defense of COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo after been accused by Timi Dakolo’s wife, Busola over alleged rape.

Read his post below…
98  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Florida Woman Allegedly Squeezes Boyfriend’s Testicles Until They Bleed on: 28-06-2019 12:51 PM

21-Year-Old Florida woman, Katie Lee Pitchford, has been arrested and charged for allegedly assaulting her live-in boyfriend until he bled. Speaking with Daily News, the Indian Harbour Beach Police Department said they arrived at the scene upon receiving a call from a man who reported that his girlfriend had attacked him during a disagreement in the early hours of Tuesday last week. According to reports, Pitchford struck her boyfriend (unnamed) hard on the face with her fists and scratched the left side of his face, grabbed him by his testicles and squeezed them until they were bleeding. He told the officers that he was finally able to escape after she put her hands around his throat, leaving him gasping for breath and forcing him to wrestle her by the arms. Pitchford was charged with domestic violence battery. Online records show that she was already on felony probation for resisting an officer with violence and battery on a firefighter in November 2017.
99  Forum / The Buzz Central / "This Means War!" - COZA Member, Wale Jana Defends Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Against Busola Dakolo on: 28-06-2019 12:46 PM

A business man and avid member of COZA the church of Pastor Fatoyinbo who Singer Timi Dakolo's Wife, Bisola accused of molesting her at the tender age of 16, Wale Aladejana has come out to lambaste the artist and his wife for fabricating lies against the man of God who he believes is innocent of the charges. this is what he posted online:

Celebrities however called him out, saying it’s shameful of him to write such

100  Forum / The Buzz Central / “If We Need To, Let Us Scatter The Place” – Actor, Akah Nnani on Rape Allegation Against Fatoyinbo on: 28-06-2019 12:33 PM

Actor and YouTuber Akah Nnani has reacted to the Busola Dakolo interview where she revealed that she was raped by Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) Senior Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo. She alleged that Fatoyinbo raped her twice in one week when she was 16. Busola is the second woman to openly talk about her abuse in the hands of Fatoyinbo. First was media personality Ese Walter. Busola is a photographer and wife of singer Timi Dakolo who had always spoken out against an “Abuja Pastor” who assaults his members, including minors.

Read Akah’s statement below:
I woke up to several missed calls, and text messages. My friends know my relationship with @cozaglobal.
Let me say this. COZA is my church. I love my pastor… But rape, is a serious issue. My stomach churns as I write this. I spoke with @timidakolo a week ago and tried to understand why he had taken a stance against my pastor. I had just come back from honeymoon when all my friends sent me his attacks to my pastor a few weeks ago.
I sought to understand, not to attack. I was under so much turmoil too because this is my church, my pastor, and I cannot go around like nothing is happening and the church isn’t addressing anything or re-assuring the members.

We must not see evil and cover it. We must not see evil and turn the other way. You all know me. I attack and speak out against corrupt political leaders everytime. Well, this has hit home. Our leaders and our fathers must be held accountable. And they must deem us worthy to be answerable to. If we cannot clean in the church, forget it. We cannot clean the country. I am tired of hearing so much, so much rubbish about my church and leadership over the years especially cos of the industry I belong to, nothing passes our ears behind the scene.

My pastor @biodunfatoyinbo has to say something this time. If the rest of the church does not need it, I need it. For my sake, sir… Speak on this.
I stand with @busoladakolo as she has spoken her truth. I stand with the body of christ also. I ask that my pastor come out and speak his own truth.

I am praying for the church. Please let us pray for both the Dakolo and the Fatoyinbo families. (wife and kids). In the end, if we need to, let us scatter the place… Then the truth will stand up.
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