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I guess you might have seen the advert posted by a member of this forum on a Tyre Protector Seminar with Ambassador John Fashanu in Abuja.I was a participant at one of these seminar in Lagos and i will like to clarify a few things here.
Tyre Protector is a tyre sealnat that seals and protects your tyre from punctures, blow-out, bullet shots, etc. of course there are a lot of sealant out there but TYRE PROTECTOR stands out to be the best. I am not saying this because i am an agent but because i have personally tested and tried all known tyre sealant in the market and discovered Tyre Protector to be the better than all these. i rate it 95% efficient. You need to know that this product is non-toxic(note that it is not a chemical, it is made from food particles and that is why it is certified by NAFDAC),evironmentally friendly, withstand temperatures of up to 180 degress, and acts as a coolant in the tyre.
Know that Ambassador John Fashanu is not the inventor of this product. The product was invented by an English Chemist(Paul Butterworth) and he invited John Fashanu to promote this product in Africa. According to John Fashanu, he said he told the inventor to send him to a country where the product is being used so that he can witness and see practically the efficiency of this product. So John Fashanu was sent to Mexico(which is hotter than the hottest part in Nigeria) to investigate how the product has been working.After 2 weeks of stay in Mexico, John Fashanu was satisfied with the performance of the product and accepted to promote the product in Nigeria.
John Fashanu after bringing the product to Nigeria, decided to install the product in cars of prominent companies in Nigeria like Dangote cars and trucks, Glo company's cars, and some banks and to tell you the truth, the product is performing well. He also made a live demonstration for the boss of F.R.S.C. and he was happy about the product and recommended it for every car users in Nigeria because it reduces accident on our roads because 80% of accidents are as a result of blow-out and tyre punctures.
John Fashanu, after being satisfied with the acceptance and performance of the product in Nigeria, decide to train serious minded Nigerians on becoming agents representing this product. By doing so, he is creating jobs for the people as there is money to be made from this business.
To protect the authenticity and credibility of these product, John Fashanu has made it in such a way that before you can have access to this product, you must be certified as an agent and you must have a Tyre Protector I.D Card and all these can be gotten only if you attend a seminar where you will be trained as an agent. Know that John Fashanu himself and other certified agents handles this seminar and you will be taught all you need to know about this business. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT MARKETING ANY PRODUCT OF TYRE PROTECTOR WITHOUT A CERTIFICATE AND I.D CARD, YOU STAND THE RISK OF BEING ARRESTED(pls don't joke with Fash about this one, he is protecting his business and has the right connections)
All i will just tell you is that there is money to be made in this business.SIMPLE. I have said a lot here. Tyre Protector Agents are just like one big family so you need not worry about anything. If you have a contract and no money to pursue it, you are guaranteed a collatarel-free loan(but on the condition that you really have the contract)by a M.F.B and the one i like most is the free consultancy with Amb. Fashanu.He has really helped changed my life.Infact i just took a break to make this post because i have been busy on a contract(hope there are no thieves here because i am working on a contract of 20 cars with a profit of N230,000 and i will be through before the week runs out.) and the reason why i am making this post is that i saw the post on a seminar holding in Abuja and decided to educate this forum on what they stand to gain. They are not paying me for real for this.
So i will advise my dear naija brothers and sistas, this is for real, why not make out time to attend this seminar and you will never regret it. He that has ears let him hear ooooooooooooo.
i guess you can check the seminar info on
and if you feel you need more info, mail me - [email protected] .

looking forward to welcome you as an agent.
bye bye make i go finish my installation abeg. e don do.

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summary bros
dinho4lyf at 04:17 PM, 4/04/2009 (10 years ago)
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or nutshell
Recoverd at 05:41 PM, 4/04/2009 (10 years ago)
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Pls u people shld read n tell me wat it says... Brb
ezecyyyy at 11:34 PM, 13/07/2011 (8 years ago)
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Too long no time to check time


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