The Invisible Threat That Pulls Apart DNA, Causing Genetic Disorders and Cancer

Date: 20-06-2012 10:51 am (11 years ago) | Author: benti Adex
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(NaturalNews) We are all exposed to electromagnetic radiation constantly on a daily basis from mobile phones, Wifi hot spots, power lines and electrical appliances. The sources of this pollution are many and varied, each having its own range of wavelength, frequency and intensity. How does the artificial electromagnetic soup that we bathe in every day affect our most precious gift, our DNA?

Our DNA is a polar molecule which is affected by charged particles and electromagnetic fields, much in the same way as other polar molecules. Put simply, a polar molecule such as water has predominantly negative and positive regions. The charge on the molecule will align itself with the direction of an electromagnetic field. When the field oscillates then the molecule will switch from one direction to the other resulting in increased temperature, this is essentially the workings of the microwave oven.

The issue with DNA, however, is not merely one of increasing temperature. Many studies into mobile phone frequency EM radiation have only studied the heating effects. Whilst heating of the brain does occur, this is not the only cause of concern. The internal components of the DNA structure are rotated at different frequencies and different rates and the external ribbons of deoxyribose and phosphate are rotated and pulled.

Unzipping DNA
With so many differing EM fields being transmitted by so many different sources, the DNA components attempt to turn to align with their respecting fields. This causes rotational and tensile stresses on the molecule. The base pairs of the molecule are held together down the middle by weak hydrogen bonds, much the same as a zipper. These weak hydrogen bonds are used in replication, but are weak enough to be broken by the physical stresses put on the structure of the molecule. The result is damaged DNA structures that are unable to function in the way they are designed to do so. Damaged DNA results in many diseases such as genetic disorders, infertility and cancer.

The many studies into mobile phone use and overhead power lines have come to different conclusions depending on who has carried out the studies; however some results are universally proven. DNA is damaged by EM radiation. Heating of the brain occurs when a mobile phone is used and cases of cancer have been observed in areas of the body consistently exposed to mobile phone frequency radiation.

Despite evidence of the dangers, the use of EM devices is still rapidly on the increase, with smart meters, Wifi, and more powerful next generation mobile communications. This is in addition to the already numerous sources from electrical appliances, TV and radio signals, body scanners, overhead power lines and even the wiring in the walls of your home. There is no doubt that more research needs to be done. But whilst the dangers are ignored in the search for profit, no amount of research will change the daily onslaught of this silent and invisible danger.

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