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After the death of Cynthia in the hands of her fellow Igbo brothers,  A 23-year-old lady in Awka Etiti, Idemili South Local Government of Anambra State was killed on July 29. Miss Francisca Okoli was killed after she resisted attempts by a five-man armed robbery gang to rape her in the presence of her parents.

NDI IGBO, why do we Rob, Rape, Destroy and kill ourselves?, Igbo people commit a lot of atrocities against themselves  in Nigeria today. Are we one people?, Boko Haram are recently killing Hundreds of thousands of Igbo people plus the ones they have slaughtered years back. How can we be united to fight those that are fighting against us? since we have made it a duty to be killing ourselves. Of course wherever something like this happen among people, definitely one don’t need to be told there are no Love and peace existing, NDI IGBO  do not like one another because  we kill one another and this means that we will never like one another. There are many factors among us, States were created by the Federal government is the sense to make sure federal allocation gets to the reach of everyone but NDI IGBO in particular thought States creation were to separate us NO, it is never  so at all, NDI IGBO please this is getting too much, OHANEZE NDI IGBO please what are those of you in the leadership of this Forum are saying about this?  Something has to be done quickly to put an end to this hopelessness. IGBOS use their own hands to destroy themselves wherever they live both in abroad, why are we like that?, dose the Yoruba and Hausa people kill themselves?.

It is the IGBO people who rob their fellow IGBO people travelling on a bus from  ALA IGBO {Igbo land}  to Lagos, IGBOs Rape and Kill their sisters, IGBOs kidnap their own fellow IGBO family and will be in demand for ransom from the victims family or else they kill the victim. IGBO people betray one another just because of money,  IGBO people poison one another in a gathering of celebration and went ahead to poison another person to death where they gather for a burial or funeral ceremonies why?.

IGBO people brings out more one candidate during any Federal election in Nigeria, instead of being one united people, the hate rate  amongst them will never allow it to occure to their minds that it is very impossible for any of the candidates they select to win the election forgetting that other tribes of people contesting for the same post present only one candidate which they all support but never the same in  case of NDI IGBO.

IGBO people are never among the the list of richest people in Nigeria still yet, IGBO are the people who dose anything to get rich, the question now is, with all these zeal and quest to become rich, why are we not among the richest at least in Nigeria not to talk of Africa or the World in general or can we say that the people who conduct this poll hate the IGBOs?  or do we say that they are correct in their conducts?

If you want to talk about other things like setting up a place of worship, IGBO people are far behind  the pace setters of places of Worship in the history of Nigeria but yet, majority of NDI IGBO claim to be Christians. NdI IGBO claim to come from Israel but the present and previous Israelites never lived their lifes as NDI IGBO of this present generation are living, I will say that NDI IGBO of Old never lived life the way it is now because IGBOS are people that fear GOD but reverse is the case now, We do not fear to destroy what our hands cannot make. I am sad because these atrocities has been going on and on again while the perpetrators were going about living their normal life and if anyone there to point those who commits such evil crimes, he or she must loose their life because from how everything goes,  we discovered that some of the Kidnapping kingpins are members of the high society group which makes it too difficult to arrest them, Imagine a Traditional Chief wil be Kidnap by who, an ordinary people can never and will never perform such acts on their own, this is to tell you that any accusation against the truth, there is definitely a lie against it. In a Society that have love for each other, people least thought of harming one another. NDI IGBO what is wrong with us?, I remembered those days when an IGBO person runs to fight to defend his fellow IGBO person from attack of other tribal person but reverse is the case today, IGBOs attack and kill themselves then, who will rescue them?.

IGBO people, please let's think before we do. Let us not forget that he who kills must be killed, IGBO people, How can you feel when an armed person entered your home and threaten to rape your Daughter, Sister, Wife or Mother before your presence?, how those it seem to you as a person to kill a fellow human being, A BROTHER/SISTER for that matter? that fellow who begs you not to kill him or her but you insist and go ahead to rape her and later kill her, union IGBO who dose this, what was your inner mind telling you, dose your mind ask you what the out come of this evil am about to commit will turn to? ONYE IGBO, How dose is it irritate you when you put gun in your Brother or Sister’s head threaten to shoot and kill just because of AKU NKE UWA {Material Things} how do feel? NDI IGBO, Why do we sell our conscience, whom did we sell it to and why did we sell it?

It's very unfortunate to see that it is only NDI IGBO that commit a hilarious crime against themselves in this manner please my people, it is high time we sit down and evaluate all these crimes we do against ourselves. The quest of money has lead us astray, Money has ever taken anybody to heaven or  do we not want to go to Heaven?. OHANEZE NDI IGBO,  please call all your Sons and Daughters, talk to them and advice them so that they should stop these evils against each other because this has made us to be the 3rd class Citizen in a country we owed together with others. We must put an end to this immoral behaviors.

In Conclusion, Let me quote the Bible because I believe that at least 75% of NDI IGBO are Christians. Proverbs 14 vs 34: Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to nation or sin condemns any people. Thank you and Be Blessed as you follow they of LIFE which is Jesus Christ Amen.
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