GOAT!!! Father Jailed 7 Years For Defiling His 12-Year-Old Daughter In Benin

Published 7 years ago by: Charles colins
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at 30-11-2012 11:18AM (7 years ago)

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A Benin Chief Magistrate’s Court has sentenced a 47-year-old father, Godwin Allu, to seven years imprisonment with hard labour for having unlawful carnal knowledge of his 12-year-old daughter.

Allu was accused of sleeping with his daughter on Nov. 20, at 19 Omono Street, off Stadium road, Benin City.

The little girl had testified that her father had unlawful carnal knowledge of her three times at different occasions. The victim, who had blood stains on her uniform, informed her headmistress at Obaseki Primary School, Benin of the incident.

The headmistress later reported the case at the Airport Police Station, also in Benin. When he was arraigned before the court, the accused admitted committing the crime and pleaded for leniency.

Delivering judgment, yesterday [Nov. 29], the Chief Magistrate, Mr. Peter Obaseki, described the crime as bestial for which the accused deserved no mercy.

He said:

That the accused had carnal knowledge with a 12-year-old child on three separate occasions is bad enough. It is heart rendering that he was doing it with his own daughter, who even had blood stains on her uniform on the day this incest was reported.

For this reason, the convict must be put out of circulation for sometime so that he would not be able to continue with his bestial activities. ‘It is my prayer that God will forgive and change him for the better while in prison.

In the circumstance, the convict is sentenced to seven years imprisonment with hard labour. There shall be no option of fine.

The court also ordered the victim be taken to an orphanage for care and protection.

fdmagret at 30-11-2012 11:53AM (7 years ago)
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Dat man na Dog

kekere1996 at 30-11-2012 12:28PM (7 years ago)
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He is a mad man to even do it wit his own dota.
Sophyrocks at 30-11-2012 12:49PM (7 years ago)
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Real dog! Wat kind of man sleeps wit his own daughter?

chicco77 at 30-11-2012 12:57PM (7 years ago)
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foolish father
arsenal123 at 30-11-2012 01:01PM (7 years ago)
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 Shocked Shocked :javascript:void(0);o Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
santex at 30-11-2012 01:07PM (7 years ago)
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7 Years is not enough. That's why d issue of rape case keeps on increasing daily. Rapists should be hanged so that they will feel the pain before they die
Unikly at 30-11-2012 01:13PM (7 years ago)
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Quote from: santex on 30-11-2012 01:07PM
7 Years is not enough. That's why d issue of molest case keeps on increasing daily. Rapists should be hanged so that they will feel the pain before they die
mary11 at 30-11-2012 01:33PM (7 years ago)
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At 54 he can still be doin it o!

aso4life1 at 30-11-2012 01:49PM (7 years ago)
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na wetin be this?  I pass jeje...stupid old fool

cocoeni at 30-11-2012 02:32PM (7 years ago)
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shameless father
Neglito at 30-11-2012 02:34PM (7 years ago)
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He is insane
Noble12 at 30-11-2012 02:41PM (7 years ago)
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Dem 4 castrate d Man b4 jail na.
osarobo62 at 30-11-2012 02:55PM (7 years ago)
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where her mama dey? look for her relatives instead of orphanage.
prosperos at 30-11-2012 02:57PM (7 years ago)
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ah... people strong ooooo...... your own daughter too?..... God help us all
winace at 30-11-2012 02:58PM (7 years ago)
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Dis world is indeed cuming to an end.
torrejon_men at 30-11-2012 03:05PM (7 years ago)
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The best thing to do is to put him out of circulation for life
naturalqueen at 30-11-2012 03:12PM (7 years ago)
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serves him right. By the way, what happened to his wife?
okuboye at 30-11-2012 04:37PM (7 years ago)
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Quote from: fdmagret on 30-11-2012 11:53AM
Dat man na Dog
naђ mad dog, naђ life sentence  dε̲̣γ̲̣  suPporse giv ham
okuboye at 30-11-2012 04:38PM (7 years ago)
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Quote from: Unikly on 30-11-2012 01:13PM

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