President Kim Jong-il of North Korea's Body Becomes Tourist Attraction

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The body of Kim Jong-Il  , North Korea’s dictator and champion golfer who was laid out in a state mausoleum has become a tourist attraction.

The former ruler, who died in December 2011, was seen by a group of Western tourists last week in the recently reopened Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in the capital city of Pyongyang.

His body is laid out and dressed in his army uniform that he so often wore and then covered ina  red sheet. Next to him a pair of his favorite platform shoes, sunglasses and an Apple MacbookPro laptop that he was thought to have been using when he had the heart attack that killed him.

The embalmed bodies of former communist leadersmake great tourist attractions, bringing in the the big money carried by capitalist running dogs. Lenin’s body is still a Red Square attraction despite the fall of the Soviet Union and Mao’s brittle carapace brings in Tianeman hordes.

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Na their biz