MJ !!! Michael Jackson Remembered Four Years After

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It’s been four years since the demise of Michael Jackson on June
25, 2009 from an overdose of anaesthetic propofol and for
Jackson’s thousands of fans it looks like yesterday, with the
memory still fresh.
To remember the king of pop, “hundreds of his fans gathered in
front of his final resting place – the Great Mausoleum at Forest
Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale”, reports the Los Angeles Times.
It is said that fans from all over the globe gathered in front of the
famed mausoleum chanting “Michael” and leaving behind
thousands of red roses in respect to a man that was loved till
Although nothing has changed with the manner the fans keep
showing their support and expressing their love, a lot of changes
have taken place in Michael’s family and among his children,
Prince, Paris and Blanket.
While Paris tried to kill herself few days back and wouldn’t have
been alive to mark his anniversary, Prince has been tipped to
stand in court as a witness to testify and give testimony
regarding the last days of his father.
Below is a summary of their life, four years after Michael’s
Prince, now 16, is Jackson’s eldest son. E! News said that the
growing young man has an interest in Entertainment business
and works as a correspondent for the Entertainment Tonight; has
a car and a girlfriend named Remi Alfalah.
15-year-old Paris seems to be the one visibly dealing with the loss
of their father as she attempted suicide only recently and is being
locked away for a long time to get treatment.
Remember Blanket, the baby Michael held upside down from a
hotel window in Berlin some years back? Well he’s now 11-
years-old and the one lively child sources told E! News now
attends family related events and “only speaks to the people
he’s close with.”

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MJ really lived a controversial nd complicated life style nd dats y his kids are findn it difficult 2 cope