I represented Nigeria very well –BBA Housemate, Beverly Osu

Date: 01-09-2013 1:58 pm (10 years ago) | Author: Oga Ade
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Beverly Osu, Big Brother Africa Housemate, tells about her stay in the reality show and her relationship with Angelo, the South African housemate

How was your experience like in the Big Brother house?
It was very good. It was great getting to know people in the house. My 91 days there are days I will never forget.

How did you get into the reality show?
I have always been a fan of the BBA. I got the form this year and everybody told me I should try and be a part of it. I went for the audition and I was successful.

How did you manage the whole 91 days without a mobile phone?
It was very hard but I had to bear it.

Were you surprised that you were the first to be evicted during the finals?
I wasn’t surprised. I knew Nigeria had won it so many times and it might be difficult winning it again. But I still prayed and wished that God would make it happen. But as it didn’t happen, I was still very okay. I am still okay with the person that won. Dillish is a princess. She is my friend in the house.

How come it was Angelo you fell in love with in the house?
I had so many options to choose from in the house but I wasn’t attracted to any of them. But for some reasons I still do not understand, I fell in love with Angelo. I got attracted to him from the first day I saw him. For now, I will see where the relationship will take us.

So, you don’t mind the difference in nationalities?
There is no race when it comes to love. I can always go there and he can come here.

How come you had sex with Angelo in the house?
Angelo and I never had sex.I didn’t have sex in the house. I never had sex in the house.

But we saw the two of you in the bath tub, making love
We didn’t have sex. It was not an option for us. I don’t know where the people outside got the story from. I was shocked when I came out of the house and learnt that we had sex. I cannot take my bath with a swimming suit. We all take our bath naked. I shouldn’t be singled out because I went for a reality show. I am not different

What of all the other intimate things you did with Angelo? Didn’t you mind that the whole world was watching?
Whatever I was doing with Angelo, I didn’t even think I was on TV. It was just the two of us. We didn’t plan anything, we were just happy. No matter how people will look at it, I don’t regret anything I did with Angelo. I didn’t bring out the video and said everybody should look at me. Big Brother brought out the video.

Don’t you think you embarrassed Nigeria in the house?
I was in the house to represent Nigeria. Of all the people that went for the audition, I was chosen. If anybody feels he can do better, he should go and get BBA form next year and apply and get in the house. I know I represented Nigeria very well.

Now that you didn’t win, what is nex?
I am a model. I have a show also. And before I even push my career forward, I have to finish school. I have to get a degree. I was in the National Open University. I was in my second year.

You said so many things in the house. Were they all true or were you looking for sympathy?
I am a shy person. I shy away from a lot of things. But I was ‘open’ in the house. I say what is on my mind. For me to reveal myself to the world, I was just talking to my housemates. I don’t regret anything I said about myself or my family. People have to know the real me.

You mentioned something about a boyfriend that abused you. Were you referring to 2shots?
No. I wasn’t referring to him. For me, 2shots is history. Thank you for reminding me about him.

Is your mother happy with you?
Even if the whole world rejects me, my mother cannot reject me. I love her so much. I am her only daughter and last born. She has always been there for me. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my mum intentionally.

Were there things you did in the house you regret?
Nothing. I don’t have any regrets. I was in a beautiful house. I loved Melvin. He was the best in the house. Meeting everybody in the house was a blessing. I don’t regret anything.

Given a chance, would you go back to BBA?
I must go with my phone. Inasmuch as people were watching us from outside, it wasn’t easy. But then, I just came out of the house. I am just getting used to seeing so many people around me after staying in the show for 91 days.

What would you have done with the prize money if you had won?
I would have finished school. I would have started my make-up line. Trust me; I would have done a lot of things. Everybody has a degree. I must get a degree. With my degree, I can go further and do anything I want to do.
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Ok beverly. We don hear.
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u didnt make luv with angelo, bt i watch u and u wie unclad wit ur ass throwin up and down.
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Mtchewww, Get a life!!! Next!
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Wtf is all these nonsense?

on one hand, you see a story that says "she's sorry for disgracing Nigerians and on the other you see a story like this one that say " she represented Nigeria well"

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I don't care weather you represent or you no represent

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