Kate Henshaw finally Reveals Why She Dumped Her Oyibo Husband

Published On: September 30, 2013, 7:31 am
Author: sunday Kayode
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She looks very young like a lady in her early 30s, but actress Kate Henshaw is 42 years old and she is single again after she was married for several years. Below is what she said about her collapsed marriage:

    I just decided that, ok, it didn’t work. Next, I had to move on. There is no need holding on to the past – no need holding on to something if it’s not working any more. There is no need flogging a dead horse since it is already lifeless. And when you decide to bury the horse, would you not leave the grave site afterwards? You would go now.

    Anything that happens to you now, that sun would still set, another day would come. So, it’s your choice to either be part of the living or be in the grave yard.

And I choose to be alive, enjoy my life and smile at everything that is happening – good or bad. As long as God is with you, things would always be fine with you.

I’m not thinking about anything. At the moment, I’m facing my career. If it comes, fine. If it doesn’t come, that’s okay. It’s not the end of the world because I’m convinced that God loves me. Love has given me more than enough. I have the most gorgeous daughter in the whole world. That’s enough for me.


-- ThoRam (m) at 30-09-2013 07:55AM
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ok  Embarrassed  

-- merion (f) at 30-09-2013 08:00AM
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-- Noble12 (m) at 30-09-2013 08:17AM
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And so? make we begin Clap for yu?
-- jcoSPY (m) at 30-09-2013 08:20AM
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-- ebiteck (m) at 30-09-2013 08:22AM
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i see
-- marylang (f) at 30-09-2013 08:24AM
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Now a single parent, wat a life. Its ur life sha na u dey run am.
-- wcollins (m) at 30-09-2013 08:55AM
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na lie na because the oyinbo penis no strong.... Grin
-- asigwe (m) at 30-09-2013 10:01AM
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Quote from: wcollins on 30-09-2013 08:55AM
na lie na because the oyinbo joystick no strong.... Grin
But Viagra and joystict dey go together Kate.
-- BlueIxora (f) at 30-09-2013 11:13AM
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Goodluck sister
-- Austinjack (m) at 30-09-2013 11:14AM
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If u like devious 100 times na ur life
-- jcrown1985 (m) at 30-09-2013 11:16AM
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wetin concern me,na she get her life,it's a shameful things
-- ZION7ZION (m) at 30-09-2013 11:39AM
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most of them deceive them selves in the name of happy single mothers, every woman needs a man in her life, they all cry in their closets yeye people Angry Angry Angry Angry
-- newtoncruz (m) at 30-09-2013 11:56AM
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weather na kate dump him or na him dump kate
all i know is that, their was dumped
-- dareper (m) at 30-09-2013 12:28PM
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Her problem
-- Larry28 (f) at 30-09-2013 12:31PM
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lik ur courage but...
-- Simon123 (m) at 30-09-2013 12:38PM
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Quote from: jcrown1985 on 30-09-2013 11:16AM
wetin concern me,na she get her life,it's a shameful things
Stupid fool stop this...Kate has been a responsible lady.... marriage is not easy and you don't what happened between them....divorce is not easy but some times there some things which you can not bear and if you don't leave it will take your life....you don't know what she has endured before she call it a quit..... White-men are very difficult control even their woman because their mind is like baby...things which you will take serious to them they will see it that they are enjoying their life....i have a friend from USA some times she and his wife will go out for sex...the wife will get man for herself and him will get a woman for himself....Asians are worst because they will do it and come home and tell you that they had sex ...
Don't judge her...okay....stop destroying people when you don't know the truth about their situation......you have your own personal problems please deal with it first....idiot...
-- paulohking (m) at 30-09-2013 01:08PM
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pele dear  Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
-- softhils (m) at 30-09-2013 01:56PM
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wish u well
-- Kechywillz (m) at 30-09-2013 02:13PM
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you havent revealed why she dumped her husband

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