Pastor Impregnates Teen Because 'Her Waist & Private Parts Need Deliverance'

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«§» 23 January 2013

A pastor’s sexual urges may have landed him in serious trouble with the police.

Kingsley the pastor and general overseer of  Zion International Christian Church, Idah, Kogi State was alleged to have slept with an 18-year-old girl identified as Mary after deceiving her into thinking she was possessed with demons which could only be exorcised through sex.

The pastor was said to have had carnal knowledge of the girl who is the daughter of his Sunday School teacher and according to the police, the suspect was arrested after the girl had refused to abort the pregnancy which belonged to the Pastor.

According The Sun reports, the state Commissioner of Police, Seidu Madawaki who paraded the suspect before newsmen,  he said: “After impregnating the girl, he attempted to abort the pregnancy by giving her some liquid substances mixed with olive oil which she refused to drink”, he said.

Speaking with Crime Watch, the victim said she came to join her parent from the village around November last year when the pastor spotted her in the church on the pretext that she had ‘a wild demonic spirit’ in her and then ordered her to see him after the church service for deliverance.

Frightened, she said she went to meet the pastor immediately after the service. “He told me that my waist and private parts have been ravaged by demons and until deliverance was carried out, I may not be able to have any child in life. “The Man of God’ frightened me and said he would only cast out the demons from me through sexual intercourse but he warned me not to tell anybody on the mode of deliverance.

“After praying into an olive oil, he asked me to undress while he rubbed my waist and private parts with the anointing oil mixed with some substances, he then undressed himself and used the same oil  on his private part before he descended on me and started to do the thing.”

“But I discovered that I was pregnant last week when my mother noticed my conduct and I had to reveal everything to her even though he warned me not to tell anybody,” She revealed.

However, the 37-year old pastor denied the allegation saying, that all he did was to cast out the demons in her, using the anointing oil.

He said that some church members who were envious of his spiritual rise were the one who ganged up against him because his ministry was experiencing ‘exponential growth’

The CP warned parents to put more attention on their female children even in religious centres,  saying there are many fake pastors outside there.

cherishp (f) at 23-01-2014 05:26PM
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May God have mercy on His children!
Archymath (f) at 23-01-2014 05:33PM
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Another pastor again. May God deliver us. When the people that should be of high integrity behave in the worst ways possible.
DRraze (m) at 23-01-2014 05:38PM
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Father God, why u no just end this world?
proly (f) at 23-01-2014 05:44PM
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Pastor indeed
emekaeneh (m) at 23-01-2014 05:50PM
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This one na spiritual conji
Eneh say so via nokia 3310
Chylove247 (f) at 23-01-2014 05:53PM
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Mercy lord
rosco4luv (m) at 23-01-2014 06:11PM
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Eleyii bad gan oooooooooo.................
dickman2 (m) at 23-01-2014 06:40PM
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very big lie..
bigtoto_1 (f) at 23-01-2014 07:01PM
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Good developement
benbellabiz (m) at 23-01-2014 07:04PM
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 Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry  for the people that looks up to the pastors.
dreyb (m) at 23-01-2014 07:06PM
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Eleyi gidi gan
reddish (f) at 23-01-2014 07:18PM
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stil shaking my head
chicco77 (f) at 23-01-2014 08:23PM
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na wa oh
osamabinladin (m) at 23-01-2014 08:40PM
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Wysetots (m) at 23-01-2014 08:45PM
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realluva (m) at 23-01-2014 08:49PM
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Omo dis kind deliverance na best. Spiritual highness
elmatado (m) at 23-01-2014 08:56PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
malamy (m) at 23-01-2014 09:19PM
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ok  na
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