Kano Residents Protest Over Selecting Sanusi Lamido As New Emir

6 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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-- (m) at 8-06-2014 07:24PM

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Reports have it that some residents of Kano state have taken to the streets to protest the announcement of Nigeria's former Central Bank Governor, Lamido Sanusi Lamido as the new Emir of Kano.

The protest started at the Kofar Kudu area, near the Emir’s palace when residents of the neighbouring streets trooped out to the palace area in opposition to the choice.

Tyres were set on fire and few roads blocked as they shouted, "Ba muso, ba muso’’, meaning, "we don’t want, we don’t want" in apparent reference to the choice of Sanusi by the state government.
Security forces have however been mobilised to disperse the crowd.

-- arsenal123 (m) at 8-06-2014 07:37PM
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Must everything be politicized in this Country?... If the chosen one is denied this, then I pity this generation in Kano and environs, because this singular act must attract a very serious curse on the stakeholders, especially the game-players..Selfish politics now taking over the long-held Tradition..Abomination!
-- spiridion (m) at 8-06-2014 07:58PM
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I thought they would jump to accept him what with all his Islamic banking, anti GEJ stuff and all
-- wolexbookie (m) at 8-06-2014 08:20PM
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Dats wat am saying,ds country of ours has been governor wif same pple since 1960. Former cbn governor now d emir of kano.his he d only 1 in nigeria dat can mount d position? E tire me
-- chicco77 (f) at 8-06-2014 08:26PM
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-- emekaeneh (m) at 8-06-2014 08:33PM
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According to what pple said sanisi is the hire to throne but he was denied after is father`s death,but he has come back to claim it.
-- Larry28 (f) at 8-06-2014 08:37PM
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Must everything about this so called country be politics?? Nawa oh
-- pauldinnie (f) at 8-06-2014 08:37PM
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This man sld go and rest na Huh?
-- dywhyte (m) at 8-06-2014 08:38PM
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Make them vote nah

-- tankNZ (m) at 8-06-2014 08:44PM
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-- beejaybabs (m) at 8-06-2014 09:19PM
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I think Nigeria shuld try to "purge" sometimes

-- nobleladyG (f) at 8-06-2014 09:31PM
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed

-- Wysetots (m) at 8-06-2014 09:33PM
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Sanusi is a bad somebory
-- cyone (m) at 8-06-2014 09:35PM
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Quote from: beejaybabs on  8-06-2014 09:19PM
I think Nigeria shuld try to "purge" sometimes

lol... I think say na only me don watch the movie.
-- Olamilekank (m) at 8-06-2014 09:52PM
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he deserve it joo if u are not satisfy go kiss transformer! CONGRATULATION NEW EMIR
-- osamabinladin (m) at 8-06-2014 10:35PM
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 Roll Eyes
-- beneno (m) at 8-06-2014 10:41PM
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warever  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
-- okuboye (m) at 8-06-2014 10:46PM
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Quote from: Olamilekank on  8-06-2014 09:52PM
he deserve it joo if u are not satisfy go kiss transformer! CONGRATULATION NEW EMIR
-- okilo101 (m) at 8-06-2014 11:24PM
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Congratulations 2 d new emir
-- dareper (m) at 8-06-2014 11:50PM
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I think say na another sanusi be the new emir.
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