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The Edo State Police Command has arrested a 19-year-old boy in Iguosa community, Ovia North East Local Government Area, for allegedly having sex with a dog.

The young man, identified simply as Osagiator, was said to have taken the dog to an uncompleted building where he had sex with it.

It was learnt that earlier, the residents had gathered at the palace of the head of Iguosa community when the news of the incident spread within the length and breadth of the area.

A resident in the community, George Ogbonmwan, while narrating how the teenager was caught, said he had saw the suspect with the dog and had thought that he wanted to steal it.

He added that he decided to call the attention of the owner, Garuba Samari.

Ogbonmwan said when he and the owner of the dog traced Osagiator to the uncompleted building; they were surprised to see the suspect having segxwal intercourse with the dog.

“When I saw the way the young man carried the dog like a baby, I decided to tell the owner. We went to the uncompleted building and caught the boy sleeping with the dog,” he said.

However, the suspect, who claimed that he resided in Uselu in Benin, said he was a regular visitor to Iguosa community, where he sought menial jobs.

He explained that he did not know what came over him.

He claimed that the dog followed him as he walked along a street in the community. He added that he took the animal to the uncompleted building, but did not know what made him to have segxwal intercourse with it.

He said, “I was walking along the street. I saw a dog following me and I carried it like a baby. I just went into the uncompleted building where I did what I did to it. I don’t know what came over me.”

Samari, who quickly disowned his pet, insisted that the boy should be handed over to the police to decide what to do with him.

“The dog has to follow him. I have nothing to do with the dog again,” Samari added.

The Odionwere of the community, Pa Clifford Igiehon, and the scribe, Festus Obadiaru, described the act as an abomination. They added that the suspect had been handed over to the police.

Igiehon said, “It is an abomination against the community. The young man came from Uselu community in Benin City. I don’t know why he decided to commit the act here in the community. We don’t want to see him here again.”

The Edo State Police Public Relations Officer, Noble Uwoh, said the suspect had been arrested and taken to the state police headquarters for further investigation.

He added that the dog had since been killed by the community.

“The boy has been arrested and transferred to the state headquarters for further investigation. The community killed the dog because the people said that it was an abomination,” Uwoh said.

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Na in sabi I wan go sleep
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abomination of the highest level
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na waoooo!!!!! wonders shall never  end.. lord have mercy
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na waoooo!!!!! wonders shall never  end.. lord have mercy
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