T.B. Joshua is not of Jesus Christ , Even his people are aware - George Essien

Date: 14-09-2014 7:49 am (9 years ago) | Author: franco ola
- at 14-09-2014 07:49 AM (9 years ago)
I once said on this platform that T.B. Joshua is not of our GOD, not of Jesus Christ.I said that he is a clever charlatan who has and is still deceiving the elect with lying wonders and prophesies.He studied ancient Egyptian mysticism, hand movement and hypnotism.

Even his people are aware!

The T.B. Joshua we used to watch in 1993-1997 is not the same we see today. There has been a lot of cover ups and packaging

The recent 6 storey collapse in his church should give any spiritual person a hint. It is the mber month and sacrifices are demanded. Also, it is been years since he made a major sacrifice.This one renews the covenant.

Mark my word.Not much would be said of that event. His church will continue as usual.

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- Judeana at 14-09-2014 08:51 PM (9 years ago)
who is this guy n what is he talking about?how does he know all these things he's talking bout,unless he's the 1 studying it.God have mercy.
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