CRAZINESS: Man Stabs Another To Death Out Of Jealousy Over Wife

Published On: November 15, 2014, 9:33 am
Author: Mister Jay Wonder
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At the age of 22, Wasiu Kadiru thought he had it all, especially when he won the love of a woman of his dream, Barakat, whom he de­scribed as the most beautiful gift of God in his life. Little did he know that the passion he had for her would destroy his life in the nearest future.

Trouble started barely a year into their marriage, when he discovered that he was about to lose his wife, Barakat to his best friend, Tunji Bello with whom she had been entan­gled in a secret romance. Moved by rage caused by a possible loss of his wife to his friend, Wasiu allegedly slaughtered
another man simply identified as Segun on the last Eid-el-kabir day (October 4) who he claimed conspired with Tunji to snatch his wife, Barakat.

According to Saturday Sun, after the reality dawned on him, Wasiu fled their base in Eredo community, Epe Local Gov­ernment Area of Lagos and went into hiding till he was re­cently fished out by operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, at the Lagos Police Command, Ikeja.

Sad and yet to come to terms with the consequence of his action, Wasiu in police custody, told Saturday Sun that it was the love that he had for Barakat that made him dead­ly jealous.

    “I could not live with the fact that my friend snatched my wife from me. To make matters worse, he would always remind me of my loss. I can’t believe that I am now known and tagged a murderer. In fact, my eyes opened as soon as I stabbed that man,” he said.

Going down memory lane, Wasiu narrated that he met his wife, Barakat in Ikorodu while he was on a visit to the town.

    “She is black and very beautiful. She was actually selling recharge cards by the roadside. Pretending I wanted to buy a card, I chatted her up and we became friends. I visited her severally till she agreed to be my friend after six months of wait. The delay in convincing her, made me to fall so much more in love with her. She later got pregnant and I quickly visited her home and paid her bride price.

    All was well till I relocated her to Epe. To make ends meet, I would travel down to Lagos Island to hustle and return by weekend with goodies for my family. I intro­duced Tunji to my wife and he assured that he would take care of her while I was away. I never knew that he had plans.”

According to Wasiu, he found it hard to believe when he started hearing rumours that his friend had taken over his wife who just gave birth.

     “I did not believe it but when I confronted her, she confirmed that Tunji was toasting her but denied that they had an affair. Since she was a nursing mother, I thought it was not possible. Days before the Ileya fes­tival (Muslim celebration), I gave my wife N1500 to make her hair and another N1500 to take our child to Ikorodu for treatment. He had rashes and my mother-in-law requested that the baby should be brought to her.

    I was shocked when I called her mother and she told me that Barakat was yet to get to Ikorodu. When she finally picked my call, she claimed that she had gone to see a friend. It was then that I realised that Tunji was not also in town. I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me where she was. When she finally returned a day to Ileya, she said that she was with Tunji. I was heartbroken but my rage took over my soul when Tunji saw me the next day and dared me. He said that he would not only have sex with my wife but will marry her as his second wife. I was mad and tried to control myself from killing him.”

Determined to toe the path of peace, Wa­siu claimed that he reported the matter to the elders of the village but Tunji refused to stay away from his wife.

     “It was just a waste of time and energy because the matter became worse”, he added.

On the day of the incident, Wasiu spe­cifically asked God to help him erase the thoughts of Barakat from his mind but he never knew the reverse would be the case.

    “I was devastated and my emotions badly hurt. While we were preparing the ram that would be eaten, Tunji came on a bike with one heavily built man. They kept driving past me making jest of me. I had to draw the attention of Baba Ade (his uncle) to their behaviour. He advised me to drag one of them to him, so that he would ask the person what the issues were. I heeded his warning and tried to drag Segun to see Baba Ade. He gave me a sicken­ing blow on the head, it was so painful that I picked up the knife that they used to slaugh­ter the ram and stabbed him.

    My initial plan was to give him a mark that he would not forget but I mistakenly stabbed him on the neck and he bled profusely. I knew he would die and the community might set me on fire, so I ran into the bush and escaped to Lagos Island”
, Wasiu further narrated.

When reminded that he might be hanged or sentenced to life imprisonment for mur­der, Wasiu burst into tears and said:

    “Tunji has succeeded in taking over my wife, whom I love so much. I am ready to die for the love of my wife. It is unfortunate that I can no longer be there to fight him. I am finished”.

Last Monday, when Saturday Sun visited Eredo community, in Epe Local Government Area where the incident happened, Tunji was seen hanging out with some of his friends during which he was arrested by SARS op­eratives who had been trailing him. He told Saturday Sun that it was not his fault that Barakat chose to start a relationship with him.

    “I met her last year and never knew that she was married to my former friend. That time, she was heavily pregnant. She com­plained bitterly that her husband was not tak­ing care of her and her unborn child. I started assisting her before I knew that Wasiu is the husband. When she gave birth, she contin­ued the friendship since I was still giving her money. I don’t know how Wasiu got to know about our affair. The truth is that if Barakat still likes him, she would not come back to me after she had been warned severally.

    I never knew that he would go as far as killing someone because of her. I thank God that I was not close by. It was my dear friend, Segun that was killed. He decided to kill him because he thought that I was making mock­ery of him.”

When asked where Barakat was, Tunji alleged that he relocated her to Ijebu Ode where he rented a room apartment for her.

    “Ijebu Ode is close by and I normally go there to work. I kept her there for her own good since her husband will be sent to jail for the rest of his life.”

When contacted on Wasiu’s claims on what happened on the day of the incident, Baba Ade, who was mentioned as an eyewit­ness, said that he and others made efforts to convince Tunji to stay away from his friend’s wife.

    “I am not Wasiu’s father or blood rela­tion but I took him as my own son. I was in the house preparing to go to the mosque when I heard people shouting outside that Wasiu had killed someone. It happened at the spot where some young men were assisting me to kill ram for the last muslim festival,” Baba Ade said, pointing at a spot around his house.

He lamented that it was the fear of losing Barakat to another man that led to the ugly incident.

    “I have been aware since the in­ception of this marriage that Tunji had been meddling in that relationship. He is not from this area; it was Wasiu that introduced him to his wife. I even pleaded with Wasiu to report the matter to the village head, Olotu, but he could not resolve the matter.

    This issue dragged on till Barakat who is a nursing mother, got pregnant for Tunji. She aborted the baby. It got to a point that she eloped with Tunji. I even advised Wasiu as an elder to let go. It was during the recent Ileya festival when Tunji was deliberately jeering at him that Wasiu came to me and I advised him to drag one of them to me if they repeated it. Minutes later, I heard people shouting that Wasiu had killed someone.

    I don’t know why he decided to waste his life in such a way. As a Muslim, he is entitled to at least four wives. Why didn’t he choose another woman? It’s unfortunate,”
Baba Ade said.

Confirming the incident, Lagos State po­lice command spokesman, DSP Kenneth Nwosu said that investigation was still ongo­ing and that Wasiu would be charged to court at the end of investigation.

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-- angesco (f) at 15-11-2014 09:46AM
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This story is LONGER than the marriage.

A very sad story!
-- Raphaeltaiwo (m) at 15-11-2014 10:04AM
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Very unfortunate
-- winace (f) at 15-11-2014 10:10AM
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Too bad. D lady in question is evil. And why will a frd go to dat extent jt to make Wasiu miserable. Some pple are not suppose to be born (Tunji)
-- Ritabrenice (f) at 15-11-2014 10:18AM
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Soo sad
-- freethinker (m) at 15-11-2014 10:57AM
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His wife or his girlfriend cos Yorubas call girlfriend wife?
-- kemija (m) at 15-11-2014 11:43AM
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The tunji of a guy I'd a crass, he's deranged and should be meted with same fate as wasiu. Jew men!
-- Wysetots (m) at 15-11-2014 11:51AM
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-- steveoneal (m) at 15-11-2014 11:57AM
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Quote from: winace on 15-11-2014 10:10AM
Too bad. D lady in question is evil. And why will a frd go to dat extent jt to make Wasiu miserable. Some pple are not suppose to be born (Tunji)
you are right, the lady is a pure devil.. i hope she gets what she deserves very soon.
-- dareper (m) at 15-11-2014 12:24PM
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The baba ade is an "agbaya" and all this things happened cuz of him ordering wasiu to drag someone to him(he be police?) And tunji is a stupid small boi, person wey never chop belle full dey cary woman join body not to talk of impregnating her. I don talk am say na wetin dey for under pant go kill all yoruba people if them no change their ways.
-- zeigbo (m) at 15-11-2014 02:05PM
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hehehehehehehehehehe thank God they re not biafrans I for no hear word from Yoruba people anyway na their way

-- allenspike (m) at 15-11-2014 02:07PM
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Wicked frnd
-- elchymo (m) at 15-11-2014 02:12PM
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Sad story of love Sad Sad Sad Sad Cry Cry
-- Foxtroft (m) at 15-11-2014 02:21PM
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Quote from: zeigbo on 15-11-2014 02:05PM
hehehehehehehehehehe thank God they re not biafrans I for no hear word from Yoruba people anyway na their way
But do you remember  a Biafran woman who was 7 month heavily pregnant died in an hotel during a marathon sex with another man in Onitsha? In case you can't remember, just to remind you to check yesterday's forum. Before you remove a speck in someone's eye, first remove the log wood in your own eyes first
-- echeeche (m) at 15-11-2014 02:54PM
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-- Ritabrenice (f) at 15-11-2014 03:33PM
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Soo sad
-- zeigbo (m) at 15-11-2014 04:00PM
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Roll Eyes

-- zeigbo (m) at 15-11-2014 04:03PM
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-- frank741 (m) at 15-11-2014 04:27PM
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People should respect humanity and do the right thing.
Impregnating someone's wife in his front and believing he can't do anything is disrespect to humanity.
Wasiu Kadiru it is a pity seeing you going through all this pains because of love, while your wife busy doing nonsense.
God will see you through Wasiu Kadiru and nothing will happen to you. Be strong and put your faith in God.
I'm praying in your name and God will hear your cry for justice.
To be poor is very expensive to maintain, than being rich.
I'm from Biafran, but tribes has nothing to contribute here my people.
-- Ik30 (m) at 15-11-2014 05:28PM
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I don't want to coment on this, the so call wife, and his friend did wasiu is very bad to hear,..  very bad...why some men are so animalistic, and why some women, are soch heartless to men dat loves them,. aaaaaah is so painfull.. .. am anoyed..
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