CRAZINESS: Man Stabs Another To Death Out Of Jealousy Over Wife (Page 2)

Published On: November 15, 2014, 9:33 am
Author: Mister Jay Wonder
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-- Foxtroft (m) at 15-11-2014 06:14PM
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Quote from: frank741 on 15-11-2014 04:27PM
People should respect humanity and do the right thing.
Impregnating someone's wife in his front and believing he can't do anything is disrespect to humanity.
Wasiu Kadiru it is a pity seeing you going through all this pains because of love, while your wife busy doing nonsense.
God will see you through Wasiu Kadiru and nothing will happen to you. Be strong and put your faith in God.
I'm praying in your name and God will hear your cry for justice.
To be poor is very expensive to maintain, than being rich.
I'm from Biafran, but tribes has nothing to contribute here my people.
Thank you my brother from Biafran father and mother. You are too much and you make sense. Am a yoruba man, but I support you 100%. Let us all say no to tribalism and face reality. In case anyone think am a tribalist, yes I am when you attack my tribe first
-- beneno (m) at 15-11-2014 10:06PM
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-- morgrawl231 (m) at 16-11-2014 12:30PM
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-- slimmyshaddy (f) at 17-11-2014 07:01PM
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So sad, God will see u thru IJN
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