Redeemed Church pastor, Prof. Yemi Osibajo Selected As Buhari's Running Mate

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APC Presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has chosen erudite scholar, former Attorney General of Lagos state, and Pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Prof. Yemi Osibajo as his running mate for next year's general election. Professor Yemi Osinbajo is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN and Senior Partner in the Law firm of Simmons Cooper Partners. Yemi Osibanjo is a professor of law and was the head of department of Public Law at the University of Lagos (1997-1999).

His tertiary education was at the University of Lagos and the London School of Economics and Political Science obtaining the LLB and LLM degrees respectively.
Previously served as the Special Adviser to the Attorney General of Nigeria (1988-1992), he later became the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Lagos State in 1999 reappointed for a second term in 2003. During the period of his public service, he commenced the Lagos State justice reform project. A prominent feature of that project was the establishment of the Directorate for Citizens’ Rights (DCR) which provides free legal services and legal representation to indigent citizens of the state. This initiative gave a voice to many who would otherwise not have a way to access their rights.
Prior to that appointment, Osinbajo, a Professor of Law, was the Head of Public Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos.
He is also the Ethics Adviser to the Advisory Board of the African Development Bank and is a non-executive Director of Citibank. He has served in various roles within the United Nations, United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, the United Nations African Institute for Crime Prevention, the International Criminal court for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania, the department of Peacekeeping operations and the United Nations Peace Operations in Somalia.
Prof. Osibajo is Co-founder & Board Member Convention on Business Integrity and the Justice Research Institute Ltd. In 2007, Prof. and his wife Oludolapo founded “The Orderly Society Trust”, a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to the promotion of Christian ethics and orderliness.
Professor Osibajo has authored, co-authored and edited several books and publications including “The Unification and Reform of the Nigerian Criminal Law and Procedure Codes” ; “Law Development and Administration”; “The Annotated Civil Procedure rules of The Superior Courts in Nigeria”; and “Cross Examination: A Trial Lawyer’s Most Potent Weapon”.
He also pastors at Olive Tree House of Prayer for All Nations, Banana Island, a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and lives in Lagos with his wife and three children.

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both of them will fail woofly   
-- benandy47 (m) at 17-12-2014 12:17PM
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They have my vote already.
-- Ritabrenice (f) at 17-12-2014 12:25PM
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-- mjay05 (m) at 17-12-2014 12:26PM
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Whether they will fail or not, let 2015 election decide.  Change
-- dickman2 (m) at 17-12-2014 12:28PM
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-- kemija (m) at 17-12-2014 12:30PM
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I was thinking it would av been a staye governor, but its okay..... 2015?
-- bebmigared (m) at 17-12-2014 12:35PM
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-- ChineduBlessing (m) at 17-12-2014 12:41PM
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They will fail woefully, gbam.  Johnathan is our President come 2015.
-- femjay (m) at 17-12-2014 12:57PM
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Let wait and see : all wot we need is change !
-- TABONTE (m) at 17-12-2014 02:29PM
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Amarchi is a comfirmed MUGU Cool he has been scammed by tinubu
-- Pepesy (f) at 17-12-2014 02:33PM
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There is no harm in trial sha... But, JONATHAN all the way...
-- morgrawl231 (m) at 17-12-2014 02:39PM
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-- agbodour (m) at 17-12-2014 02:58PM
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All this titles and position will it give Nigeria 24 hours electricity ? Good road? walter and shelter for my mum and grand mum? i don't care who become president all i ask for are those services
-- Foxtroft (m) at 17-12-2014 03:08PM
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Quote from: agbodour on 17-12-2014 02:58PM
All this titles and position will it give Nigeria 24 hours electricity ? Good road? walter and shelter for my mum and grand mum? i don't care who become president all i ask for are those services

Whether you care or not, you still need to make your vote count for the right candidate of your choice. Only you can do it.
-- eric2000 (m) at 17-12-2014 03:09PM
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-- eric2000 (m) at 17-12-2014 03:10PM
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-- eric2000 (m) at 17-12-2014 03:12PM
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Nigerian don't want pastors or any other cult members as their vice president....
-- Amibomatc (m) at 17-12-2014 03:19PM
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Every well meaning Nigerian should be resonable enough on which candidate they vote for, or else Nigeria will become a sharia country. They spoke openly about it and they are very serious on their mission.
-- Idowut (m) at 17-12-2014 04:16PM
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