I Use To Hawk Plantain Chips And Pure Water In Port Harcourt Before I Became Rich - Timi Dakolo

Published On: June 23, 2015, 11:36 am
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Just because his songs aren’t on the charts every week and he isn’t on the hottest shows doesn’t mean Timi Dakolo isn’t stacking paper. Don’t get it twisted the West African Idol winner is making bank just by performing at corporate events. In a recent interview with Us, the vocal powerhouse gave us an insight into how he earns money as a music artiste. Revealing
I make my money from shows. Because you don’t see me on these publicized music concerts doesn’t mean I don’t get shows. I make money performing at corporate events. I get paid well for performing at birthday and private parties….
The father of three also goes on to reveal how he used to hawk pure water and plantain chips while growing up in Port Harcourt
I grew up with my grandmother in Port Harcourt. I grew up to know that my grandmother was my only parent. She used to have a shop at Mile 3 market in Port Harcourt. After school, I would join her at the market. I hawked pure water, plantain chips etc. I did a lot of hustling as a young boy. But the truth is, what I went through while growing up made me who I am today, the experience taught me that hard work pays.

He also discloses that after winning the West African Idol singing competition in 2007, life was still very tough for him and he didn’t even have money to pay his producer,
The big break didn’t come immediately after Idol. Despite the fact that I won the competition, it was very tough for me when I started my career. I had problems such that I didn’t know my left from right. It was very tough for me and winning the competition put a huge pressure on me, people were expecting me to hit the ground running but nothing was happening. I wasn’t releasing songs; I didn’t even know where to go from there. I later met Cobhams, I told him I may not have money to pay you now but I will pay you someday, let’s start making music and that was how my story changed.

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Nice change
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Nice.....one of Nigeria's finest voices.
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Good for you bro, congrats
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God bless Cobhams for believing in you
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You'll forever remain blessed.
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God bless Cobhams
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Such is life
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Hard work real pays, remain blessed.
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 I Use To Hawk Plantain Chips And Pure Water In Port Harcourt Before I Became Rich - Timi Dakolo

Timi, Could you please make available the photos you took at that period you were hawking plantain chips and pure water
Who are you fooling

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wasted generation
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My manest man
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